The Anatomy of Melancholy: What it Is, with All the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, and Several Cures of It. In Three Partitions. With Their Several Sections, Members, and Subsections, Philosophically, Medically, Historically Opened and Cut Up, Том 3

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Стр. 357 - By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep His commandments.
Стр. 224 - When thou seest a fair and beautiful person, a brave Bonaroba, a bella donna, qu<e salivam moveat, lepidam puellam et quam tu facile ames, a comely woman, having bright eyes, a merry countenance, a shining lustre in her look, a pleasant grace, wringing thy soul, and increasing thy concupiscence; bethink with thyself that it is but earth thou lovest, a mere excrement, which so vexeth thee, that thou so admirest, and thy raging soul will be at rest. Take her skin from her face, and thou...
Стр. 253 - It lies not in our power to love, or hate, For will in us is over-rul'd by fate. When two are stript, long ere the course begin, We wish that one should lose, the other win; And one especially do we affect Of two gold ingots, like in each respect. The reason no man knows; let it suffice, What we behold is censur'd by our eyes.
Стр. 97 - Malo me Galatea petit, lasciva puella, et fugit ad salices, et se cupit ante videri.
Стр. 256 - Collige virgo rosas dum flos novus et nova pubes, Et memor esto aevum sic properare tuum.
Стр. 12 - Tantalus' gold, described by Homer, no substance, but mere illusions. When she saw herself descried she wept, and desired Apollonius to be silent, but he would not be moved, and thereupon she, plate, house, and all that was in it, vanished in an instant. Many thousands took notice of this fact, for it was done in the midst of Greece.
Стр. 429 - There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour.
Стр. 436 - Our life is short and tedious, and in the death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave. For we are born at all adventure: and we shall be hereafter as though we had never been: for the breath in our nostrils is as smoke, and a little spark in the moving of our heart...
Стр. 275 - Let those love now, who never loved before ; And those who always loved, now love the more.
Стр. 129 - Rumney yields, Or the sands in Chelsea fields, Or the drops in silver Thames, Or the stars that gild his streams, In the silent...

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