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“ Blue were her eyes, as the fairy flax,

Her cheeks like the dawn of day."

PAÑOn a country far away, many hundreds Si of miles over the sea, there lived a

A little golden-haired girl ; her name was Grace Ogilvie. Her home was in a land where the skies are bluer and brighter than in England, where the days are warmer and more sunny; where the moon shines so clearly, and the stars twinkle so brightly, that they look like diamonds glittering in the sky. It is a land of fruits and flowers, where the luscious pine-apples, melons, and mangoes grow in rich profusion, and where

Gis happy who dearherb she

the most gorgeous and luxuriant flowers bloom. Gracie's home was a very happy home, quite as happy as any English girl's, for she had a mamma who dearly loved her, and an ayah or nurse who, although she was black, tended her as gently and as kindly as any nurse in England could do.

The Ogilvies lived in a large white house that stood in the centre of a beautiful garden, where the flowers bloomed more splendidly than here, and where the sweet-scented roses filled the air with their perfume. Such a pretty place it was! and little Gracie loved it very much ; she loved to wander early in the morning, before the sun's rays were too strong, among the flower-beds, and gather the roses and the lilies—not the little tender lilies of the valley that we have here, but a far more gorgeous flower, with large white petals as soft as velvet; such a flower as our Saviour might have seen on the plains of Palestine, when he said that Solomon in all his glory was not comparable to one of these. This lily she would mingle with the balafull, the gunderaage, the champa flower, and many others whose names sound very strange to English ears. It was a very pretty sight to see the golden-haired little fairy wreathing a chaplet of flowers in

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