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been seen to smile. He now superintended her studies; it was to him a source of neverfailing pleasure to watch the gradual development of her mind. The studies, too, were more agreeable when they talked them over together, and the difficulties that beset them vanished away.

They often made excursions into the neighbouring districts, and found constant interest in observing the various appearances of the people. Those who have never visited India often think of the Hindoos as being all alike. The truth is that there are many nations in India, as different from one another as Italians are from Englishmen, or Spaniards from Russians. Colonel Ogilvie would point out to his little daughter the differences of their dress, complexion, and habits of life, and amuse her by descriptions of his adventures when living in the districts from which these various travellers came.

Her papa had travelled much-had seen many lands, and noticed the manners and customs, the dress and the habits, of their inhabitants. He generally could tell something more about them than the old sailor, who, when asked to give an account of the people of & certain town, replied, "Manners none, and

customs nasty !” And so, while reading in her geography-book, she learnt many valuable lessons from him about it-something that invariably stamped it upon her mind. Sometimes he told anecdotes of his travels there, and sometimes interesting facts he himself had read or heard, all of which made the lesson: hour a very delightful one.

One day the subject was South America. They read together of the lofty ranges of mountains in that land, the summits of which are continually covered with the eternal snow.

“Papa," asked Grace," have you ever been in South America ? ”

“Yes; I was there many years ago, Grace; I was much younger then-not much older than our friend Ensign Fanshawe.”

“Were you with any soldiers ?”

“Yes. We were stationed at a small town in British Guiana; and it was so slow and dull there that a number of us young fellows thought we would like a few days' hunting.”

“Oh, papa, you were always fond of hunting."

“And many a hair-breadth escape I have had, and many an awkward adventure. Well; some of us got leave, and started with four natives as guides. I had another dog then, not Carlo; his name was Wolf, and a noble fellow he was, Grace; you would have liked him, I know. He had saved my life, and I was very fond of him."

“ Was he at all like Carlo ?”

No; he was quite black, with such a curly coat!”

“Where is he now, papa ?”

“He is dead, poor fellow! We buried him in a forest, at the foot of a tall bay-tree.

“Well; we started off, and had some capital sport, and enjoyed it famously. As we were chasing some game, we came suddenly upon a great river, dashing along so rapidly that no one could swim it, for fear of being carried away and drowned. It was a beautiful river; on the banks grew immense trees, whose huge branches swept right across, and formed a kind of arbour. So green and shady it was that we were quite pleased to sit down in the shade and rest. But the river seemed to have put an end to all our sport, and we Englishmen began to speak of returning. The Indians shook their heads, and pointed to the farther bank, as if to intimate that we must cross.

“ All very well,' I said ; but how in the world are we to get over?'

“Ah, tell us that, old Tomahawk!' shouted the others in chorus.

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