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Compass and view thy holy ground,

And mark the building well :

4 The orders of thy house,

The worship of thy court;
The chearful songs, the solemn vows;

And make a fair report.
5 How decent, and how wise !

How glorious to behold!
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes,

And rites adorn'd with gold.

6 The God we worship now,

Will guide us till we die;
Will be our God, while here below

And ours above the sky.


The last Judgment.
Psalm 1.

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HE God of glory sends his fummons forth,

Calls the fouth nations and awakes the north: From eaft to weft, the fov'reign orders spread, Thro' diftant worlds, and regions of the dead. The trumpet founds; hell trembles; beav'n rejoices :

Lift up your heads, ye faints, with chearful voices. 2 No more shall Atheists mock his long delay;

His vengeance Nceps no more: Behold the day! Behold the judge descends! his guards are nigh! Tempests and fire attend him down the sky!


When God appears, all nature fall adore him :
While finners tremble, Saints rejoice before him.


“ Heav'n, earth and hell, draw near : let all things


To hear my justice, and the finner's doom ; “ Butgather first my saints,"? (the judge commands) “ Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands." When Cbrift returns, 'wake ev'ry chearful pasion : And fout, ye faints! he comes for your salvatron.


« Behold my cov'nant stands for ever good; “ Seal'd by th' eternal sacrifice in blood, “ And fign'd with all their names, (the Greek, the

Jew) “ That paid, the antient worship, or the new." There's no distinction here, join ALL your voices; And raise your heads, ye faints, for heaven rejoices.


“ '
Here (faith ye Lord) the angels spread their

" And near me feat

favourites and


fons, " Come my redeem'd, poffefs the joys prepar'd • E're time began, 'tis


divine reward.” When CHRIST returns, 'wake ev'ry chearful paffrono And shout ye faints, he comes for your salvation.


6 " I am the Saviour, I th' Almighty God :
“ I ain the Judge; ye heav'ns proclaim abroad

My juft, eternal sentence, and declare
“ Thofe awful truths that sinners dread to hear "


When GOD appears, all nature fall adore him :
While finners tremble, faints rejoice before him.

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7 “ Stand forth, thou bold blasphemer, and prophane;

“ Now feel my wrath, nor call my threat’nings vain
“ Thou hypocrite, once drest in saint's attire ;
“ I doom the painted hypocrite to fire.”
Judgment proceeds ; hell trembles ; heav'n rejeices :
Lift up your beads, ye faints, with chearful voices,

8 “ Not for the want of goats or bullocks slain

“ Do I condemn thee: Bulls and goats are vain
6. Without the flame of love : In vain the store
« Of brutal off'rings that were mine before."
Earth is the Lord's; all nature shall adore him :
While finners tremble, saints rejoice before him.


If I were hungry, would I ask the food ?
“ When did I thirst, or drink thy bullocks blood ?
“ Mine are the tamer beasts, and savage breed ;
“ Flucks, herds, and fields, and forests where they

66 feed."
All is the Lord's; he rules the wide creation ;
Gives finners vengeance, and the saints salvation.

10 “Can I be flatter'd with thy cringing bows?

ss Thy solemn chatt'rings, and fantastic vows ?
Are my eyes charm'd thy vestments to behold,
• Glaring in gems, and gay in woven gold ?"
God is the judge of hearts : No fair disguises
Can screen the guilty when his vengeance rises.


P A USE the SECOND. 11 “ Unthinking wretch ! how couldst thou hope to

please “ A God, a spirit, with such toys as these ? " While with my grace and statutes on thy tongue, “ Thou lov'st deceit, and doft thy brother wrong." Judgments proceeds; hell trembles; heaven rejoices; Lift up your beads, ye faints, with chearful voices.

12 “ In vain to pious forms, thy zeal pretends;

“ Thieves and adult'rers are thy chosen friends : " While the false fatt'rer at my altar waits, • His harden'd roul divine instruction hates." God is the judge of hearts; no fair disguises, Can screen the guilty when bis vengeance rifes.

13“ Silent I waited with long-suff'ring love:

“ But didst thou hope that I should ne'er reprove ? « And cherish such an impious thought within, “ That the All-Holy would indulge thy fin?" See God appears; all nations join t'adore him; Judgment proceeds, and finners fall before him.


Behold my terrors now; my thunders roll,
" And thy own crimes affright thy guilty soul.

Now, like a lion, shall my vengeance tear
“ 'Thy bleeding heart, and no deliv'rer near."
Judgment concludes; hell trembles; heav'n rejoices;
Lift up your heads, ye faints, with chearful voices.


Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise :

Awake before this dreadfal morning rise :
Change your vain thoughts, your crooked works

Fly to the Saviour; make the Judge your friend.
Then join, ye faints, 'wake ev'ry chearful pafsion :
W ben Cbrift returns, br.comes

for your salvation.

CLXXX. Praise for

for Protection, Grace and Truth. Pfalm. lvii.


Of boundless love, and grace unknown; Hide me beneath thy spreading wings,

Till the dark cloud is overblown.

2. Up to the heav'ns I send my cry; .

The Lord will my desires perform ;. He sends his angel from the sky,

And saves me from the threat'ning storm.

3 Be thou ezalted O my God,

Above the heav'ns where angels dwell : Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad,

And land to land thy wonders tell.

4. My heart is fix’d; my fong shall raise

Immortal honours to thy name : Awake, my tongue, to found his praise : : My tongue, the glory of my frame.


5. High

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