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Partakers of the Saviour's grace,

The same in mind and heart;
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place,

Nor life, nor death shall part,

8 O let us haften to the day,

Which shall our flesh restore, When death shall all be done away,

And bodies part no more.

CXXXVIII TheChriftian's Portion

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row great the christian's portion is !

What endless joys, what worlds of bliss, The Lord for them prepares ! Their boundless treasures who can know? For all above, and all below,

And GOD in CHRIST, is theirs.

2 There's nothing round the heav'nly throne,
But what the saints may call their own,

And at their pleasure ufe;
The angels who excel in praise,
Attend and guard them in their ways,

Lest they their feet should bruise.

3 The hand of God fupplies their wants,
And supersedes their deep complaints,

With mercies still renew'd :
Tho' they are hurry'd up and down,
And thro’a fea of troubles run,

Yet all things work for good.

4 Jefus,

4 Jejus, and all in him is theirs :
They are adopted fons and heirs

Of God, thro' grace divine :
Jesus has wash'd them in his blood,
And with his grace, their souls endow'd :

They in his image shine.

5 Why talk we now of earthly things,
The wealth of empires, crowns of kings ?

Or aught below the skies?
Can crowns or soeptres be compar'd
With that exceeding great reward,
On which we fix our eyes


6 God is our own, the God of love, And endless stores in heav'n above ;

What can we covet more? Poffefs'a of this, what can we want? Away all carnal discontent !

We have an endless store.

CXXXIX. Jesus admired by his

RETHREN, what is your desires ?

After what do you afpire ?
Where do all your labours tend?

To proclaim the finner's friend ?


2 Jesus, full of truth and grace :

Jesus, author of our peace :


Who has bought us with the price
Of his bloody facrifice :

3 Jesus' love is ever new,

Who can give him praises due ?
Gladly shall our tongues proclaim
Jesus' lovely, glorious name.

4 Here alone our hopes are built:

He alone has borne our guilt :
He alone our debt hath paid :
He hath suffer'd in our stead.

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RISE, my soul, my joyful pow'rs,

And triumph in my God :
Awake, my voice, and loud proclaim

His glorious grace abroad.

2 He rais'd me from the deeps of fin,

The gates of gaping hell;


And fix'd my standing more focure

That 'twas before I fell.

3 The arms of everlasting love,

Beneath my soul he plac'd ; And on the rock of


fet My flipp'ry tootsteps faft.

The city of my

bleft abode; Is wall'd around with grace : Salvation for a bulwark stands,

To shield the sacred place.

5 Satan may vent his sharpest (pite,

And all his legions roar s Almighty mercy guards my life,

And bounds his raging pow'r.

6 Arife, my foul, awake, my voice,

And tunes of pleasure fing: Loud Hallelujah Thall address

My Saviour and my king.


Wondrous Grace.


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Ow shall I praise that love divine,

Which manifest in Jefus is ? Who bore my curse and all my fin,

To bring me to eternal bliss ;

2 I was a traytor doom'd to fire,

Bound to sustain eternal chains :


He flew on wings of strong defire,

Affum'd my guilt, and took my chains.

3 Infinite grace ! almighty charms !

Stand in amaze ye earth and skies : Jefus my God, with naked arms,

Hangs on a cross, for me, and dies !

4 Did pity ever stoop fo tow,

Dreft in divinity and blood ? Were ever rebels courted fo,

In groans of an expiring God?

5 And now he lives and spreads his hands, Those hands that did such smart sustain

; And now my advocate he stands,

Pleading his wounds, his death, and pain.


6 Glory to thee, eternal king,

By all the sons of men be giv'n
Thy grace, thy matchless grace we fing,

While angels found thy praise in heav'n.

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WAKE, my soul, and praise my God

Let all within me shout aloud
Of his victorious grace :
He freely pardons all my fin,
Relieves my wants, and makes me clean.
And heals my fore disease.


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