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4 My willing foul would stay,

In such a frame as this,
And fit, and sing herself away,

To everlasting bliss.

CXXVIII. God's Eternity

'R ,

Stretch all my thoughts abroad ;
And rouze úp ev'ry tuneful found,

To praise th' eternal God.

2 Long e'er the lofty skies were spread,

Jehovah fill'd his throne ;
Or Adam form’d, or angels made,

The maker liy'd alone.

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease,

But still maintain their prime ;
Eternity's his dwelling-place,

And ever is his time.


While like a tide our minutes flow,

The present and the past ;
He fills his own immortal NOW,

And see our ages waste.

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5. The sea and sky must perish too,

And vast deftru&tion come!
The creatures, look how old they grow !
And wait their fiery doom.

6 Well,

6 Well, let the sea fhrink all away,

And flame melt down the skies; My God shall live an endless day..

When th' old creation dies.

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CXXIX. The Offices of Chrift, W

E bless the prophet of the Lord,

Who comes with truth and grace ; Fefus, thy spirit and thy word,

Shall lead us in thy ways. 2 We rev'rence our high-priest above,

Who offer'd up his blood, And lives to carry on his love,

By pleading with our God.
3 We honour our exalted king:

How sweet arc his commands !
He guards our fouls from heif and fin,

By his Almighty hands.
4 Hosanna to his glorious name,

Who saves by diff'rent ways ; His mercies lay a fou'reign claim

To our immortal praise.

cxxx. Celestial Aid invoked for
the Propagation of the Gospel.

ESUS, by all in heav'n ador'd,
Glorious Jehovah, source of light;


Whose sov'reign, all-producing word

Call'd forth the day from darkeft night;
Now propagate the gospel-found,
To the benighted world around.
2 Shine forth, thou fun of righteousness,

In ev'ry land, thy beams display ;
With light divine, the nations bless,

And mists, and darkness chaferaway:
Each drowsy, thoughtless roul alarm,
And thew the world thy saving arm.
3 O send the blessed tidings forth,

On swiftest pinions may they ily,
From east to west, from south to north,

To ev'ry kingdom far and nigh.
O let them travel with the fun,
And round the globe with mercy run.

4 Soften the hearts of harden'd jewus;

Pity the gentiles, dark and blind ;
Send forth thy heralds with the news

Of grace and love, to all mankind.
Give them a trumpet's voice, O Lord,
Wherewith to found thy gospel word.
5 Haften the much de fired day,

When knowledge shall the earth o'erflow,
As waters do the spacious sea;

And all the Lord 'their God Mall know : Then shout ye ifles his grace proclaim, And fing the great Redeemer's name.

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CXXXI. Praise the Redeemer.

Y soul, let all thy nobler pow'rs 'M"

in harmony combine ; Awake, and fing my Saviour's love,

So matchless, fo divine.

2 Let all within me bless and praise,

My high-exalted king;
When he's the subject of the song,

Who can forbear to sing?

3 Holy and rev'rend is his name,

How glorious and how sweet! All greatness and all goodness too,

In our Redeemer meet..

4 The spotless Lamb resolves to fall

A bloody facrifice,
To rescue rebels doom'd to death,

The prince of glory dies !

5 So, conq’ring fin, and death, and hell, Arose, and left the

grave; And to the highest heav'n ascends,

Completely there to save.

6 Thence in due time, he will return,

With a celestial train of saints and angels, and amidst

Those shining troops shall reign.


CXXXII. The Brazen Serpent.

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HEN Ifrael's grieving tribes complain'd,

With fiery serpents greatly pain'd,
A serpent ftrait the prophet made
Of molten brass, to view display'd.

2 Around the fainting crowds attend,

To heav'n their mournful sighs ascend;
They hope, they look, while from the pole,
Descends a pow'r that makes them whole.

3 But, 0, what healing to the heart,

Doth our Redeemer's cross impart !
What life, by faith, our souls receive !
What pleasures do his sorrows give !

4. Still may I view the bloody cross;

And other objects count but lofs :
Here still be fix'd my feasted eyes,
And see, with joy, the sacrifice.

5 Jesus the Saviour ! balmy name !

Thy worth my tongue would now proclaim ;
By thy atoning blood set free,
My life, my hope, is all from thee.

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