Des Gervasius von Tilbury Otia Imperialia in einer Auswahl neu herausgegehen ...

Лицевая обложка
Felix Liebrecht
Rümpler, 1856 - Всего страниц: 274

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Стр. 122 - Her shirt was o' the grass-green silk, Her mantle o' the velvet fyne ; At ilka tett of her horse's mane, Hung fifty siller bells and nine. True Thomas, he pull'd aff his cap, And louted low down to his knee, " All hail, thou mighty queen of heaven ! For thy peer on earth I never did see." —
Стр. 201 - The mountain's height, and all the ridges round, Yet not one trace of living wight discerns, Nor knows, o'erawed, and trembling as he stands, To what, or whom, he owes his idle fear, To ghost, to witch, to fairy, or to fiend ; But wonders, and no end of wondering finds.
Стр. 201 - There oft is heard, at midnight, or at noon, Beginning faint, but rising still more loud...
Стр. 171 - For the purpose of regeneration, it is directed to make an image of pure gold of the female power of nature ; in the shape either of a woman or of a cow. In this statue the person to be regenerated is enclosed and dragged through the usual channel.
Стр. 4 - Vidimus enim frequenter in Anglia per lunationes homines in lupos mutari, quod hominum genus Gerulfos Galli nominant, Angli vero wereuilf dicunt ; were enim Anglice virum sonat, wlf, lupum.
Стр. 251 - Nam et si ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis, non timebo mala, quoniam tu mecum es.
Стр. xix - EARLY TRAVELS IN PALESTINE, Comprising the Narratives of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf, Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De la Brocquiere, and Maundrell ; all unabridged.
Стр. 64 - ... imprudenter se quoque bestiam profitetur, et statim jumento interfecto et frustatim in aqua decocto, in eadem aqua balneum ei paratur. Cui insidens de carnibus illis sibi allatis, circumstante populo suo et convescente, comedit ipse. De jure quoque quo lavatur, non vase aliquo, non manu, sed ore tantum circumquaque haurit et bibit. Quibus ita rite, non recte completis, regnum illius et dominium est confirmatum.
Стр. 220 - Je te salue mille fois ô étoile plus resplendissante que la Lune. Je te conjure d'aller trouver Beelzebuth ... et lui dire qu'il m'envoye trois esprits, Alpha, Rello, Jalderichel, et le Bossu du Mont Gibel .... afin qu'ils aillent trouver N.
Стр. 192 - On the morning of this day, called Ganging-day, a great number of young men assemble in the fields, when a very active fellow is nominated the leader. This person they are bound to follow, who, for the sake of diversion, generally chooses the route through ponds ditches, and places of difficult passage. Every person they meet is bumped, male or female ; which is performed by two other persons taking them up by their arms, and swinging them against each other. The women in general keep at home at...

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