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3 "Call upon me when trouble's near;
My hand shall set thee free;
Then shall thy thankful lips declare
The honor due to me.

4 "The man that offers humble praise,
He glorifies me best,

And those that tread my holy ways
Shall my salvation taste."


L. M.

Holiness and Grace.

1 SO let our lips and lives express
The holy gospel we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine.


2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad
The honors of our Savior, God,
When the salvation reigns within,
And grace subdues the power of sin.

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,
Passion and envy, lust and pride,
While justice, temperance, truth, and love,
Our inward piety approve.

4 Religion bears our spirits up,
While we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on his word.



C. M.


1 HAPPY the man, whose cautious steps Still keep the golden mean,

Whose life, by wisdom's rules well formed, Declares a conscience clean.

3 To sect or party his large soul Disdains to be confined;

2 What blessings bounteous Heaven bestows,
He takes with thankful heart;
With temperance he both eats and drinks,
And gives the poor a part.

The good he loves of every name,
And prays for all mankind.

4 His business is to keep his heart;
Each passion to control;
Nobly ambitious well to rule
The empire of his soul.

5 Pure is his zeal, the offspring fair
Of truth and peaceful love;
The bigot's rage, can never dwell
Where rests the heavenly Dove.



C. M.

True and false Zeal.

1 ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame The fire of love supplies;

While that which often bears the name

Is self in a disguise.


2 True zeal is merciful and mild,

Can pity and forbear;

The false is headstrong, fierce, and wild,
And breathes revenge and war.

3 While zeal for truth the Christian warms, He knows the worth of peace;

But self contends for names and forms,
Its party to increase.

4 Self may its poor reward obtain,
And be applauded here;
But zeal the best applause will gain
When Jesus shall appear.


S. M.

Watching, Prayer, and Perseverance.
1 A CHARGE to keep I have,
A God to glorify;

A never-dying soul to save,
And fit it for the sky;
To serve the present age,
My calling to fulfil;

O, may it all my powers engage,
To do my Master's will!


2 Arm me with jealous care,
As in thy sight to live;
And, O, thy servant, Lord, prepare
The strict account to give;
Help me to watch and pray,
And on thyself rely,
Assured, if I my trust betray,

I shall forsaken die.


L. M.

Steadfastness and Watchfulness implored.

1 GREAT God, my Father and my Friend,
On whom I cast my constant care,
On whom for all things I depend,
To thee I raise my humble prayer.

2 Endue me with a holy fear;

The frailty of my heart reveal; Sin and its snares are always near; Thee may I always nearer feel.


3 0 that to thee my constant mind

May with a steady flame aspire, Pride in its earliest motions find,

And check the rise of wrong desire! 4 0 that my watchful soul may fly

The first-perceived approach of sin, Look up to thee when danger's nigh, And feel thy fear control within!


5 Search, gracious God, my inmost heart;
From guilt and error set me free ;
Thy light, and truth, and peace, impart,
And guide me safe to heaven and thee.

C. M.
Christian Watchfulness.

1 AWAKE, my drowsy soul, awake,
And view the threatening scene;
Legions of foes encamp around,
And treachery lurks within.


2 Now to the work of God awake;
Behold thy Master near;
The various, arduous task pursue,
With vigor and with fear.

3 The awful register goes on;

The account will surely come ; And opening day, or closing night, May bear me to my doom.

4 Tremendous thought! how deep it strikes! Yet like a dream it flies,

Till God's own voice the slumbers chase
From these deluded eyes.


S. M.

The active Christian.

1 YE servants of the Lord,
Each in his office wait,
Observant of his heavenly word,
And watchful at his gate.

2 Let all your lamps be bright,
And trim the golden flame;
Gird up your loins, as in his sight,
For awful is his name.


3 Watch, 'tis your Lord's command;
And while we speak, he's near;
Mark the first signal of his hand,
And ready all appear.

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4 O, happy servant he

In such a posture found!
He shall his Lord with rapture see,
And be with honor crowned.

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