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4 Ye planets, to his honor shine,
And wheels of nature, roll;
Praise him in your unwearied course
Around the steady pole.

5 The brightness of our Maker's name
The wide creation fills,
And his unbounded grandeur flies
Beyond the heavenly hills.

[blocks in formation]

1 ALMIGHTY Maker, God!
How wondrous is thy name !
Thy glories how diffused abroad
Through the creation's frame !


2 Nature, in every dress,

Her humble homage pays,
And finds a thousand ways to express
Thine undissembled praise.

3 In native white and red

The rose and lily stand,

And, free from pride, their beauties spread, To show thy skilful hand.

4 The lark mounts up the sky

With unambitious song,

And bears her Maker's praise on high
Upon her artless tongue.

5 My soul would rise and sing To her Creator too;

Fain would my tongue adore my King, And pay the worship due.


1 GOD of my life! through all its days
My grateful powers shall sound thy praise;
The song shall wake with opening light,
And warble to the silent night.

L. M.

Perpetual Praise.


2 When anxious cares would break my rest,
And griefs would tear my throbbing breast,
Thy tuneful praises raised on high
Shall check the murmur and the sigh.

3 When death o'er nature shall prevail,
And all its powers of language fail,
Joy through my swimming eyes shall break,
And mean the thanks I cannot speak.

4 But, O, when that last conflict's o'er,
And I am chained to flesh no more,
With what glad accents shall I rise
To join the music of the skies!


5 Soon shall I learn the exalted strains
Which echo o'er the heavenly plains
And emulate, with joy unknown,
The glowing seraphs round thy throne.

L. M.

Hymn to the Deity.

1 GREATEST of beings! Source of life! Sovereign of air, and earth, and sea! All nature feels thy power, and all

A silent homage pays to thee.


2 Waked by thy hand, the morning sun
Pours forth to thee its earlier rays,
And spreads thy glories as it climbs,
While raptured worlds look up and praise.

3 The moon to the deep shades of night Speaks the mild lustre of thy name; While all the stars, that cheer the scene,

Thee, the great Lord of light, proclaim. 4 And groves, and vales, and rocks, and hills, And every flower, and every tree, Ten thousand creatures warm with life, Have each a grateful song for thee.

But man was formed to rise to heaven;

And, blest with reason's clearer light, He views his Maker through his works, And glows with rapture at the sight.

6 Nor can the thousand songs that rise,
Whether from air, or earth, or sea,
So well repeat Jehovah's praise,
Or raise such sacred harmony.


L. M.

Ps. 47.

1 O, ALL ye people, clap your hands, Shout unto God with holy mirth; In fearful majesty he stands;

He is the Monarch of the earth: Before us nations he subdues,

And prostrates kingdoms at our feet; For us a portion he shall choose

In favored Jacob's chosen seat.


2 God, with a shout, to heaven ascends; Sing praises to our God and King: Hark! the loud tempest ether rends;

Sing praises, praises, praises sing.
His power Creation's orb sustains ;

Sing hymns of praise to him alone :
Jehovah o'er the nations reigns;
He sits upon his holy throne.

3 See gathering princes, men of might,
In crowds from earth's remotest shore,
With us in worship all unite,

And Abraham's God with us adore:
The shields of earth are all his own,
And, far o'er human ken sublime,
Eternal pillars prop his throne,

Beyond the bounds of space and time.


L. M.


Praise for Protection, Grace, and Truth. Ps. 57. 1 MY God, in whom are all the springs

Of boundless love and grace unknown, Hide me beneath thy spreading wings Till the dark cloud is overblown.

2 Up to the heavens I send my cry;

The Lord will my desires perform; He sends his angel from the sky,

And saves me from the threatening storm.

3 Be thou exalted, O my God!

Above the heavens, where angels dwell; Thy power on earth be known abroad, And land to land thy wonders tell.

4 My heart is fixed, my song shall raise
Immortal honors to thy name;
Awake, my tongue, to sound his praise,
My tongue, the glory of my frame.
5 High o'er the earth thy mercy reigns,
And reaches to the utmost sky;
His truth to endless years remains,
When lower worlds dissolve and die.

6 Be thou exalted, O my God,

Above the heavens, where angels dwell; Thy power on earth be known abroad, And land to land thy wonders tell.


L. M.

Praise to God from all Nations. Ps. 117.
1 FROM all that dwell below the skies
Let the Creator's praise arise;
Let the Redeemer's name be sung
Through every land, by every tongue.


2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;
Eternal truth attends thy word;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise and set no more.


S. M.

Ps. 117.

1 THY name, almighty Lord,

Shall sound through distant lands; Great is thy grace, and sure thy word; Thy truth forever stands.


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