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3 Why should this anxious load
Press down your weary mind?
Haste to your heavenly Father's throne,
And sweet refreshment find.

4 His goodness stands approved
Down to the present day;
I'll drop my burden at his feet,
And bear a song away.


L. M.

"As thy Day, so shall thy Strength be."

1 AFFLICTED saint, to God draw near; Thy Father's gracious promise hear; His faithful word declares to thee,

That "as thy day, thy strength shall be.”


2 Let not thy heart despond, and say, "How shall I stand this trying day?" He has engaged, by firm decree, That "as thy day, thy strength shall be."

3 Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong;
And if the conflict should be long,
The Lord will make the tempter flee;
For "as thy day, thy strength shall be."

4 When called by him to bear the cross, Or sore affliction, pain, or loss,

Or deep distress and poverty,

Still "as thy day, thy strength shall be."

5 When death at length appears in view, His presence shall thy fears subdue; He comes to set thy spirit free;

And "as thy day, thy strength shall be."


7s M.

Welcome, Cross.

1 'TIS my happiness below
Not to live without the cross,
But the Savior's power to know,
Sanctifying every loss:
Trials must and will befall;

But with humble faith to see
Love inscribed upon them all, ·
This is happiness to me.



2 God in Israel sows the seeds
Of affliction, pain, and toil:
These spring up, and choke the weeds
Which would else o'erspread the soil:
Trials make the promise sweet;

Trials give new life to prayer;
Trials bring me to his feet,

Lay me low, and keep me there.

C. M.

Assurance of the divine Presence and Help.

1 AND art thou with us, gracious Lord, To dissipate our fear;


Dost thou proclaim thyself our God-
Our God forever near?


2 Doth thy right hand, which formed the earth, And bears up all the skies,

Stretch from on high its friendly aid,
When dangers round us rise?

3 On this support my soul shall lean,
And banish every care;

The gloomy vale of death must smile,
If God be with me there.


4 While I his gracious succor prove 'Midst all my various ways, The darkest shades, through which I pass, Shall echo with his praise.

S. M.

The Discipline of Providence merciful.

1 HOW gracious and how wise
Is our chastising God!
And, O, how rich the blessings are,
Which blossom from his rod !

2 He lifts it up on high

With pity in his heart,
That every stroke his children feel
May grace and peace impart.


3 Instructed thus they bow,

And own his sovereign sway;
They turn their erring footsteps back
To his forsaken way.

4 His covenant love they seek, And seek the happy bands,

That closer still engage their hearts
To honor his commands.

5 Dear Father, we consent

To discipline divine,

And bless the pains that make our souls
Still more completely thine.


C. M.

God's merciful and constant Protection.

1 WHEN all thy mercies, O my God,
My rising soul surveys,
Transported with the view, I'm lost
In wonder, love, and praise.


2 Unnumbered comforts on my soul
Thy tender care bestowed,
Before my infant heart conceived
From whom those comforts flowed.

3 When, in the slippery paths of youth,
With heedless steps I ran,

Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe,
And led me up to man.

4 When worn with sickness, oft hast thou
With health renewed my face;
And when in sin and sorrow sunk,
Revived my soul with grace.

5 Ten thousand thousand precious gifts
My daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart,
That tastes those gifts with joy.

6 Through every period of my life,
Thy goodness I'll pursue,
And after death, in distant worlds,
The glorious theme renew.


L. M.

Deliverance celebrated, and good Resolutions formed.

1 GREAT Source of life, our souls confess
The various riches of thy grace;
Crowned with thy mercy, we rejoice,
And in thy praise exalt our voice.

2 By thee heaven's shining arch was spread;
By thee were earth's foundations laid;
And all the charms of men's abode
Proclaim the wise, the gracious God.


3 Thy tender hand restores our breath,
When trembling on the verge of death;
Gently it wipes away our tears,
And lengthens life to future years.


4 These lives are sacred to the Lord;
Kindled by him, by him restored;
And, while our hours renew their race,
Still would we walk before his face.

5 So, when by him our souls are led
Through unknown regions of the dead,
With joy triumphant shall they move
To seats of nobler life above.

And praise him for his Son.

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C. M.

Deliverance celebrated.

1 LOOK back, my soul, with grateful love, On what thy God has done;

Praise him for his unnumbered gifts,


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