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Grateful and humble Praise.

1 Up to the Lord, who reigns on high, And views the nations from afar, Let everlasting praises fly,

And tell how large his bounties are.

2 God, that must stoop to view the skies,
And bow to see what angels do,
Down to our earth he casts his eyes,
And bends his footsteps downward too.
3 He overrules all mortal things,
And manages our mean affairs;
On humble souls the King of kings
Bestows his counsels and his cares.

4 0, could our thankful hearts devise
A tribute equal to thy grace,

To the third heaven our songs should rise, And teach the golden harps thy praise.


C. M.


The Greatness of God. Ps. 145.

1 LONG as I live I'll bless thy name,
My King, my God of love;

My work and joy shall be the same,
In the bright world above.

2 Great is the Lord, his power unknown;
And let his praise be great;

I'll sing the honors of thy throne,
Thy works of grace repeat.

3 Fathers to sons shall teach thy name,
And children learn thy ways;
Ages to come thy truth proclaim,
And nations sound thy praise.

4 The world is managed by thy hands;
Thy saints are ruled by love;
And thine eternal kingdom stands,
Though rocks and hills remove.


C. M.


Ps. 95.

Psalm before Prayer.

1 SING to the Lord Jehovah's name,
And in his strength rejoice:
When his salvation is our theme,
Exalted be our voice.

2 With thanks approach his awful sight, And psalms of honor sing;

The Lord's a God of boundless might,
The whole creation's King.

3 Earth, with its caverns dark and deep, Lies in his spacious hand;

He fixed the seas what bounds to keep,
And where the hills must stand.

4 Come, and with humble souls adore ;
Come, kneel before his face;
may the creatures of his power
Be children of his grace!

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C. M.


Blessing of the Lord's Day.

1 BLEST day of God! most calm, most bright! The first and best of days;

The laborer's rest, the saint's delight,
The day of prayer and praise.

2 My Saviour's face made thee to shine;
His rising thee did raise,

And made thee heavenly and divine,
Beyond all other days.

3 The first fruits oft a blessing prove
To all the sheaves behind;
And they who do the Sabbath love,
A happy week will find.

4 This day I must to God appear,
For, Lord, the day is thine;
Help me to spend it in thy fear,
And thus to make it mine.


C. M.


God holy, just, and sovereign.

1 How should the sons of Adam's race


pure before their God!

If he contend in righteousness,

We fall beneath his rod.

2 Mountains, by his almighty wrath,
From their old seats are torn;

He shakes the earth from south to north,
And all her pillars mourn.

3 He bids the sun forbear to rise; The obedient sun forbears!

His hand with sackcloth spreads the skies, And seals up all the stars.

4 He walks upon the stormy sea; Flies on the stormy wind;

There's none can trace his wondrous way, Or his dark footsteps find.


L. M. 61.


The Soul panting for God. Ps. 42.
1 As, panting in the sultry beam,
The hart desires the cooling stream,
So to thy presence, Lord, I flee,
So longs my soul, O God, for thee;
Athirst to taste thy living grace,
And see thy glory, face to face.

2 But rising griefs distress my soul,
And tears on tears successive roll;
For many an evil voice is near,
To chide my woe and mock my fear;
And silent memory weeps alone

O'er hours of peace and gladness flown.

3 For I have walked the happy round
That circles Zion's holy ground,
And gladly swelled the choral lays
That hymned my great Creator's praise,
What time the hallowed arches rung
Responsive to the solemn song.


4 Ah, why, by passing clouds oppressed,
Should vexing thoughts distract thy breast?
Turn, turn to Him, in every pain,
Whom suppliants never sought in vain-
Thy strength in joy's ecstatic day,
Thy hope when joy has passed away.

570. L. M.

DRYDEN, altered.

"Creator Spirit, by whose aid."

1 ОH! Source of uncreated light!

By whom the worlds were raised from night;
Come, visit every pious mind;
Come, pour thy joys on human kind.

2 Plenteous in grace, descend from high,
Rich in thy matchless energy;

From sin and sorrow set us free,
And make us temples worthy thee.

3 Cleanse and refine our earthly parts,
Inflame and sanctify our hearts,
Our frailties help, our vice control,
Submit the senses to the soul.

4 Thrice holy Fount! thrice holy Fire!
Our hearts with heavenly love inspire;
Make us eternal truths receive,

Aid us to live as we believe.

5 Chase from our path each noxious foe,
And peace, the fruit of love, bestow;
And, lest our feet should step astray,
Protect and guide us in our way.

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