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3 'T is like the sun, a heavenly light,
That guides us all the day;

And through the dangers of the night,
A lamp to lead our way.

4 The starry heavens thy rule obey,
The earth maintains her place;
And these thy servants, night and day,
Thy skill and power express.

5 But still thy law and gospel, Lord,
Have lessons more divine;
Not earth stands firmer than thy word,
Nor stars so nobly shine.

6 Thy word is everlasting truth;
How pure is every page!

That holy book shall guide our youth,
And well support our age.



Excellence of the Scriptures. Ps. 119.

1 LET all the heathen writers join
To form one perfect book,

Great God, if once compared with thine,
How mean their writings look!

2 Not the most perfect rules they gave
Could show one sin forgiven,
Nor lead a step beyond the grave;
But thine conduct to heaven.

3 I've seen an end of what we call
Perfection here below;

How short the powers of nature fall,
And can no farther go!

4 Our faith and love, and every grace, Fall far below thy word;

But perfect truth and righteousness
Dwell only with the Lord.


C. M.


The Word of God our Portion. Ps. 119.

1 LORD, I have made thy word my choice, My lasting heritage;

There shall my noblest powers rejoice,
My warmest thoughts engage.

2 I'll read the histories of thy love,
And keep thy laws in sight,
While through the promises I rove
With ever fresh delight.

3 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknown,
Where springs of life arise;
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown,
And hidden glory lies.

4 The best relief that mourners have;
It makes our sorrows blest:

Our fairest hope beyond the grave,
And our eternal rest.


C. M.


Divine Instruction implored. Ps. 119.

1 INSTRUCT me in thy statutes, Lord!
Thy righteous paths display;
And I from them, through all my life,
Will never go astray.

2 If thou true wisdom from above
Wilt graciously impart,

To keep thy perfect laws I will
Devote my zealous heart.

3 Direct me in the sacred ways
To which thy precepts lead;
Because my chief delight has been
Thy righteous paths to tread.

4 From those vain objects turn my eyes
Which this false world displays;

But give me lively power and strength
To keep thy righteous ways.


L. M.


Desire of Instruction. Ps. 119.

1 TEACH me, O teach me, Lord! thy way; So to my life's remotest day,

By thy unerring precepts led,
My willing feet its paths shall tread.

2 Informed by thee, with sacred awe
My heart shall meditate thy law;
And, with celestial wisdom filled.
To thee its full obedience yield.

3 Give me to know thy words aright,

Thy words, my soul's supreme delight; That, purged from thirst of gold, my mind In them its better wealth may find.

4 O turn from vanity mine eye;

To me thy quickening strength supply;
And with thy promised mercy cheer
A heart devoted to thy fear.


C. M.


Excellence of the Scriptures.

1 FATHER of mercies! in thy word
What endless glory shines!
Forever be thy name adored
For these celestial lines.

2 Here may the wretched sons of want Exhaustless riches find;

Riches, above what earth can grant,
And lasting as the mind.

3 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice Spreads heavenly peace around, And life and everlasting joys

Attend the blissful sound.

4 O may these heavenly pages be
My ever dear delight;

And still new beauties may I see,
And still increasing light.

5 Divine Instructer, gracious Lord,
Be thou forever near;

Teach me to love thy sacred word
And view my Saviour there.


L. M.


Excellence of the Gospel.

1 GOD, in the gospel of his Son, Makes his eternal counsels known; 'Tis here his richest mercy shines, And truth is drawn in fairest lines.

2 Wisdom its dictates here imparts,
To form our minds, to cheer our hearts;
Its influence makes the sinner live;
It bids the drooping saint revive,
3 Our raging passions it controls,
And comfort yields to contrite souls;
It brings a better world in view,
And guides us all our journey through.
4 May this blest volume ever lie
Close to my heart, and near my eye,
Till life's last hour my soul engage,
And be my chosen heritage.

[blocks in formation]

Searching the Scriptures.

1 IMPOSTURE shrinks from light,
And dreads the curious eye:
But sacred truths the test invite,
They bid us search and try.

2 O may we still maintain
A meek, inquiring mind;
Assured we shall not search in vain,
But hidden treasures find.

3 With understanding blest,
Created to be free,

Our faith on man we dare not rest,
Subject to none but thee.

4 Lord, give the light we need;
With soundest knowledge fill;
From noxious error guard our creed,
From prejudice our will.

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