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Charles Hare, M.A., Archdeacon of Lewes, Rector of

Herstmonceaux, and late Fellow of Trinity College. Second

Edition. 1847.

2. The Mission of the Comforter, with Notes. By Julius

Charles Hare, &c. Second Edition, revised. 1850.

3. Sermons preached in Herstmonceaux Church. 2 vols.

By Julius C. Hare, &c.

4. Essays and Tales. By John Sterling. Collected and

Edited, with a Memoir of his Life. By Julius C. Hare, &c.

2 vols.

5. The Contest with Rome: a Charge to the Clergy of the

Archdeaconry of Lewes, delivered at the ordinary visita-

tion in 1851; with Notes, especially in answer to Dr

Newman's recent Lectures. By Julius C. Hare, &c.


6. The Means of Unity: a Charge delivered at the Visitation

in 1842; with Notes, especially on the Anglican Bishopric

at Jerusalem, and on the need of an Ecclesiastical Synod.

By Julius C. Hare, &c.

7. The True Remedy for the Evils of the Age: a Charge

delivered at the visitation in 1849; with Notes, especially

on the Educational, Matrimonial, and Baptismal Questions.

By Julius C. Hare, &c.

8. The Unity of the Church: a Sermon, with Introductory

Remarks on Uniformity. By Julius C. Hare, &c. 1845.

9. The Unity of Mankind in God: a Sermon preached on

the occasion of the Jubilee of the Church Missionary So-

ciety, 1848. By Julius C. Hare, &c.

10. A Few Words on the Rejection of the Episcopal Bill to

Amend the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal. By Julius C.

Hare, &c. 1850.

11. Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers. First Series, Fourth

Edition, revised. 1851.

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1. A History of the Church of Russia. By A. N. Mouravieff,

Chamberlain to his Imperial Majesty, and Under-Procurator

of the Most Holy Governing Synod, St Petersburgh. 1838.

Translated by the Rev. R. W. Blackmore, formerly Chap-

lain in Cronstadt, now Rector of Donhead, St Mary, Diocese

of Sarum. Oxford, 1842.

2. Biblical Researches and Travels in Russia; including a

Tour in the Crimea and the Passage of the Caucasus. By

Rev. Dr Henderson. London, 1826.

3. The Present State of the Greek Church in Russia; or, a

Summary of Christian Divinity. By Platon, late Metro-

politan of Moscow, with a Preliminary Memoir on the

Ecclesiastical Establishment in Russia, and an Appendix on

the Sects. By Robert Pinkerton. Edinburgh, 1814.

4. Dissertation on Subjects relating to the "Orthodox" or

Eastern "Catholic " Communion. By William Palmer,

M.A., Fellow of St Mary Magdalene College, Oxford, and

Deacon. London, 1853.

5. Sketch of the Religious History of the Slavonic Nations.

By Count Valerian Krasinski. Edinburgh, 1851.

6. The Independent Eastern Churches. A Lecture by John

Wilson, D.D., F.R.S. Edinburgh, 1845.

7. The Lands of the Bible Visited and Described. By John

Wilson, D.D., F.R.S. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1847.

8. A Wayfarer's Notes on the Shores of the Levant and the

Valley of the Nile. By Cuthbert G. Young, B.A. Edin-

burgh, 1848.


1. Nineveh and its Remains. By Austen Henry Layard.

In two volumes. London, 1849.

2. Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon; with

Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan, and the Desert being the

result of a Second Expedition, undertaken for the Trustees

of the British Museum. By Austen H. Layard, M.P.

London, 1853.

3. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. X., Parts I.,

II., III. The Persian Cuneiform Inscription of Behistun

Deciphered and Translated; with a Memoir. By Major

H. C. Rawlinson. London, 1846.

4. A Commentary on the Cuneiform Inscriptions of Babylon

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