Experiential Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Manual

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The book is about love, not sex, but that good kind. Oh you know, that warm feeling you get inside when you pull someone out of a burning building, or when you hold your first born child in your arms.

Slavery in the United States has been gone for almost 150 yrs but there are people who would kill their fellowman just because his skin was dark. And they say hurtful things like “Man you look like your lips was ran over by a freight train.” But that’s nothing. Did you know there’s more blood spilled over religion. They will kill you while thinking they do God a favor, or he needs someone to do his dirty work. It seems no mater how civilized we get, we are always at one another’s throats. There’s no tenderness in humanity. Oh but sometimes there is, and that’s what this story is all about. You know that special sometime.

Sabado ~ Lubere


Seventh~ Love

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