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The first of these discourses was preached at the consecration of St. Bartholomew's Chapel at Sydenham : the remainder followed at some intervals, and not exactly in the order in which they are now prepared for a wider circulation. The author has not scru. pled to retain some allusions to the circumstances under which they were composed, as being calculated to afford rather greater local interest, without offending the general reader.

This volume will be found to contain little of research, or of curious enquiry into the origin of our Church service. Such investigation is a very pleasing task, and well worthy of being exhibited in a popular form ; but does not fall within the intention of the writer in the present publication. Enough for him, if


he can excite in his readers a greater love of that liturgy, the use of which is one of the privileges enjoyed in our church ; and thereby lead them to the exercise of a warm, elevated, but sober piety. One portion of his subject, that of Baptism, will be found to be discussed at rather a disproportionate length; to which he has been led by a persuasion that much of error may be traced to the want of a right understanding of the nature of that ordinance.


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