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Arrived at home, I immediately betook myself to gardening ; and began by transplanting my cucumber plants from the wooden box in the window, which I had carefully reared during the winter.

It was from Colonel Krzyzanowski that the inhabitants of this town first learnt to construct conservatories and glass-houses for rearing and preserving vegetables and plants. During his banishment here, he had the been tenant of the lodgings now occupied by us; and I found in the garden a small wooden conservatory constructed by him, and three glass windows belonging to it.

About the middle of June, our landlord set out at eleven o'clock at night-for in the summer there is no difference between night and day—on the usual fishing excursion to the Oby Gulf. On such occasions, it is customary that the family and acquaintances of the voyager should accompany him to the place of embarkation. The more he is respected or connected, the greater is the number of his attendants. This custom is observed towards all travellers, whether by land or by sea. In winter, they are

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accompanied by a number of sledges, and in the summer by boats. Those who are nearly related go with them on board the vessels; friends and acquaintances usually take leave on the shore.

There is such a dearth of incidents here, that the commonest event of every-day life is invested with importance, and any change, however trivial, becomes a solemn act. Birthdays, name's-days of every member of the family to the most distant relatives, days of confession, anniversaries of defunct persons, arrivals and departures, are all celebrated with particular rites and observances.

Josephine and myself gladly offered to accompany the train of old Kozlow, our landlord, to the place of embarkation. Several boats attended him, and ours was among the number. On our arrival in the middle of the river, a gun was fired thrice-a signal of farewell to the town. Most of our party then returned home ; but we went on with the vessel, and proceeded to the Little Ostiak. Here we observed a beautiful island, on which we landed

I discovered a raspberry-bush,

which was not yet in foliage, and dug it out, in order to transplant it to my garden. Dr. Wakulinski, who accompanied us, went to shoot ducks; but not being successful, we were not encumbered with a load of game, and our boat took us the speedier home.



An examination at a school-St. Peter's féto-Ostiak

dance-Patron Saint's festival-Solemnity of the procession — Another sporting excursion – FishingBathing.

THE 29th of June at Berezov is devoted annually to two public acts—namely, the closing of the district school, and the annual promenade on the banks of the Waygulka.

Before breaking up at the school for the holidays, there is a public examination of the pupils. But this examination, instead of being as it ought, a report to the public of the progress the pupils have made, has degenerated into mere formality and empty ceremonial.


The whole scholastic body of Berezov consists only of an inspector, and two teachers. On the day of examination, one of the principal conditions is, that all the functionaries of the town, and the principal inhabitants, should assemble at the school, and that the pupils should in their presence be examined by the teachers.

But this most distinguished assembly, the learned jury, instead of listening to the interrogatories of the teachers, or taking any interest in the answers of the pupils, either enjoy a siesta matinale, or, in most cases, do not even comprehend a single syllable of what is taught, and often wonder of what earthly use such trash as the grammar, or the higher branches of arithmetic, can be to their children. The most important part of the usual programme is a déjeúner à la fourchette, and not until that is served up do the company begin to shake off the nightmare of somnolency, by which they have been enchained.

An occurence, which happened at the examination, was ludicrous enough, and will suffice to show to what extent learning prevails among

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