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tical and idolatrous every where, and schismatical also in this kingdom. The church in the city of Rome calls herself the mother and Mistress of all churches; but the Holy Spirit by the pen of S. John calls her, most truly, the Mother of HARLots; that is, that she is not the chaste spouse of Christ but an adulterous strumpet, and a persecutor of Christ's brethren. But the ground and truth of the church of England is the same as they were received from Christ and from His universal church before she was infected by the corruptions of popery; she is the same church that was planted by S. Paul, but purified from the diseases contracted by her former connection with the seven-hilled harlot. The church of England is now suffering a direct persecution under the hidden and insidious influence of those papal presbyterian and latitudinarian agents that surround the throne and direct the government. All the government offices in Ireland are filled by papists—an ominous circumstance which has given a rampancy to the adherents of the “lawless man” to oppress the faithful members of that branch of the catholic church; and the same system is extending to England by the appointment of papists to embassies and colonial governments, and by the immigration of Irish papists into England. Papal bulls would be empty threats, mere “sound and fury, signifying nothing,” were they not backed by the blind obedience and the obstinate support of her confederated hierarchy, which have transferred their allegiance from their own sovereign to the Man of sin, of lawlessness, and of perdition. Well and truly has the pope earned these awful titles from the Holy Spirit; for he compels his adherents to sin by the imposition of sinful terms of communion; he is lawless by setting aside and trampling under foot all laws, human and divine, which interfere with his ambition; and he leads them by open apostacy from that faith which in S. Paul's day was the admiration of the world.

It is now time for the Church of England to put forth her strength and to rouse up her vitality by every man reforming himself, and attending more closely in the house of God, and in worshipping God with his substance-not only in alms and oblations, but in contributions towards the erection of churches in desolate places, and in educating the children of the poor in the principles of the purest, the most tolerant, and the most anti-popish church in the world. With the assistance of our respected contributors and with divine help, we will do our best to spread scriptural knowledge and church principles among our industrious brethren, whose time and opportunities do not admit of studying the more elaborate works of more profound writers. And we earnestly entreat the clergy to help on this work of really church principles, which they may circulate with good effect from cottage to cottage. 'Trusting to the kindly assistance of our old friends in recommending the CHURCH WARDER to their neighbours and in procuring new subscribers for us, the Editor bids them farewell for this year; and the enjoyment of many happy New Years.

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