Paracord Bracelets & Projects: A Beginners Guide (Mastering Paracord Bracelets & Projects Now

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Speedy Publishing LLC, 27 авг. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 27
Persons are always seeking new ways to be creative and "Paracord Bracelets and Projects: A Beginners Guide" explains just how individuals can get involved in a new and exciting hobby. This text explains how the resilient parachute cord can be used to make bracelets and other items that can not only serve as a piece of fashion but also serves as a survival tool of needed. The text goes through the basics, explaining what exactly the Paracord is and then going into exactly how it can be used to make pieces of jewelry. The text is ideal for the consummate hobbyist that is always seeking new and fun things that they can do in their spare time. The author herself has tried all of the methods of using the paracord that she has outlined in the text and that can be seen from the way she is able to break everything down and explain it to the reader.

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Well this book was interesting and my daughter and I have tried a few projects in the book and had lots of fun trying to do them. So yes a fun book for you and the kids and I would be very happy to recommend this wonderful book to my friends. So keep smiling and have some fun. Читать весь отзыв

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Janet Evans might be young but she has learned quite a lot about a myriad of topics speed which she has written about in books. She loves hobbies and has taken quite an interest in Paracord projects. She did her research and has learned to make quite a number of things including bracelets and necklaces. Janet even spent the time sharing her new skill with her friends and they found it to be quite an interesting task and loved the fact that it was functional jewelry. From the response that she got from her friends she made the decision to put together a beginner's guide to help others get started on Paracord projects. Janet is aware that as long as the information is current and relevant, others will find useful and that is what she aims to do in all of her texts. That is how she was taught by her parents.

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