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Observation and inattention contrasted

A taste for Natural History requires cultivation

Singular habit of the butcher.bird

Fact witnessed by Mr. Selby

Extraordinary enthusiasm of Wilson . .

Reasons for adopting the title. .

Birds described as mechanics by Aristophanes

Outline of the system of Willughby and

Outline of the system of Linnæus.

Outline of the system of Cuvier .

Outline of the system of Temminck

Quinary system, with the orders and families of birds, by

Mr. Vigors . . . . . . . . .


Inventions said to be derived from the lower animals

The mining of the bank-swallow

White's account of this corrected

How the holes are circular.

Holes sometimes abandoned

Shifting quarters and sub-colonies

Sociality of the bank-swallow

White's denial of this corrected by facts

Bank-swallow accused of robbing tủ
The mining of the bee-eater,

Similar babits of the petrel
Wilson's account of the petrel at sea .
Superstitions of mariners accounted for
Petrels do not carry their eggs under their wings
Account of their nésts, by Mr. Drosier .

Nests of the blue petrel
The mining of the puffin

Puffin said to appropriate rabbit-burrows . . .

Battles with the raven
The mining of penguins . . . . .

The borrowing-owl (Strix cunicularia)

Whether it digs its own hole
Account by Say and Charles Bonaparte . . . .

Its sociality with the prairie dog :
Jackdaws sometimes burrow .

Similar anomaly in rooks .

The kingfisher described by Aristotle . .

Fabulous acconnt froin Pliny

Supposed to be a bird of song

Wilson's account of the belted kingfisher

Plutarch's account of the bal

n's nest

Probably referred to the sea-urchin (Echis

Similar mistake of Aristotle
Belon's account of the kingfisher mining
Colonel Montagu's account corrected by facts .
Social and solitary habits of the kingfisher . .

Modern superstitions about the kingfisher . .
The green tody a mining bird . . . .
The miner-lark (Alauda fussor)

Alleged drainage by the sky-lark
Accounts of the sky-lark's nest by Syme and Grahame.

Requisites of a bird's-nest.

Internal heat of the earth important
Temperature known to birds
Moisture not always injurious to hatching
Eggs of the snake and the earth-worm .
Care of the Virginian rail to keep its eggs dry
Eggs of thrushes and blackbirds destroyed by wet . .
Nest of the dabchick of moist grass

Similar nest of the American stilt
The eider-duck (Somateria mollissima

Localities chosen for nestling
Preference for islands,
Down plucked off her own brea
Elasticity of the down.

Illustration from the rabbit and from moths : : :
The summer-duck (Anas sponsa)

Anomalons mode of nestling
Wilson's account of one

c ' . . , . . .
Similar anomalous nest of the b
The redbreast (Sylvia rubecula)

Redbreast's nest at Christmas
Fanciful account of redbreast's nest
Dr. Mason Goods's inference corrected
Some redbreasts remain near houses in summer
Grahame's sketch of their habits.

Variations in nestling illustrated in th song-sparrow
The blue-hawk, or hen-harrier .
The heron building on the ground
The pea-hen's nest

Barricade of the nuthatch . .

Its probable design
Barricade of the ring-necked
Illustrated from the hive-bee
Embankment on the Nile ascribed to swallows

Mistake accounted for
American cliff-swallow
Preparation of mortar by swallows, according to Pluche and

Objections to this
Account by M. Montbeillard
Illustration from the masonry of the earth-worm .

Mistake of White corrected by facts

Masonry of the window-swallow

Nésts destroyed by rains .
Mutual assistance of swallows mistaken . . . .

The foot the centre of zyration . . . . . .

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The swallow a favourite of the poets

Disliked by some people, and prevented from building.
The barn-swallow enticed by the Americans to build ,

Account of a pair of barn-swallows, by Wilson

The chimney-swallow

Sometimes builds in wells and

Nests on garden-shears, and on a stuffed owl

Chain of nests in a chimney

Illustrated from mason-bees

CHAPTER VI.-Mason-Birds, continued.

The flamingo .

Its singular pyramidal nest . .

Account of, by Dampier .

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The masonry of the crested penguin .

Its nest similar to that of the alligator

Bartram's account corrected by Descourtilz

The masonry of the song-thrush.

Fanciful accounts, by Aldrovand,

, and

Accounts by Turner, Montagu, and Jennings

Foundation of the nest

Interior plaster-work.

Locality chosen for the nest

One built on a harrow

Concealment of the nest

Nest of the blackbird
The baker-bird of America

The term carpenter applied to several species

The toucan.
The tomtit hews out holes to nestle in
The wryneck and the nuthatch .

A nuthatch's endeavours to escape from a cage
The bill of one worn away with hewing

Illustrated by the proceedings of gall-Hies and of rats .

Woodpeckers misrepresented by Buffon

Life compared with that of the squirrel .

Defended by Wilson .

Wilson's history of a wounded woodpecker

His account of the downy woodpecker

Carpentry of the downy woodpecker

Carrying off chips for concealment
Direction of the excavations
Caution of the redheaded woodpecker
Its nest assailed by the black snake
Bedding of chips in some nests .
The pileated woodpecker an excellent carpenter
The ivory-billed woodpecker

History of one by Wilson

Nest and eggs found in the centre of a growing tree .

Illustration of this from a tree at Brockley . .


Nests not necessarily hollow

Platform nest of the ringdove

The platform.pest distinguishes the ringdove from the domestic

Pigeon .

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Nest of the rockdove .

Domestication of the stockdove

Carolina pigeon
Passenger-pigeon of America

Immense assemblage when bu
Extent of their colonies
Astonishing flights. .


. . .

Platform nests of some birds of prey

The griffard, or martial eagle

Variation in building .

Nest of the bald eagle.

Bald eagle partial to cataracts

Golden eagle's nest in Derbyshire

Descriptions of this bird, from various authors

Aristotle's account confirmed

vious authors

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The bird of Washington

Narrative froin Audubon

Nest of the Washington eag

The osprey.

Its breeding colonies . .

Similar in manners to the rook

Americans fond of the bird .

Herons are platform builders

Belon's account of the old French heron ries
Old English laws respecting
Heronries now in Britain .
Supposed friendship of the crow and heron
Heronry and rookery in Westmoreland
Plumes of the heron used for ornaments
Breeding places of the great heron .
Breeding-place of the night-heron.

Breeding-place of the little white heron

The stork and the crane

Storks' pests on the columns of P


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