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member it's the fword of THE SPIRIT, and therefore can only be handled by THE SPIRIT; whomsoever therefore makes use of it any other way, and attempts to handle it only with the wi. thered hand of carnal reason and worldly wise dom, will, whilf 'he is aiming to stab his enemy, only wound his own soul, and slay himself. Because he must unavoidably wrest the scriptures to his own destruction. May the Lord, therefore, my dear brethren, not only give you the sword; but the SPIRIT of TRUTH also, to handle it. Which he has graciously promised to do, unto every one that asks him,* And should


be desirous (as perhaps they may! to know under what nams í pals in the Christian world, and what are my religious sentiments.

To the first question, I would answer," that I am no partizan,. neither have I any outward connection with any sect or party. now going. And therefore, do in the face of the whole world, difown and renounce, every particular name; (by which the profeffors of the Christian religion, are denominated) but that very antient one, given to the firft diseiples of Jesus Christ at Antioch, viz. CHRISTIANS.t And yet at the same time I love all, and every one, of every denomination, without the least distinction, that take the whole bible for their creed, that hold THE FAITH in the unity of the Spirit, and who own and confess by the Holy Ghost, that poor mean MAN, and defpifed Nazarene, Jesus of Nazareth, to be their LORD and their GOD, &c. &c. And secondly, in regard to my religious senti

ments * Mat, vii, ii. + A&s xi. 26. * John xx. 28.--Col, ii. g.

ments should any be desirous of knowing, I would refer them to the first hymn in this collection, where they will see all the fundamental truths of the Christian religion (some part of which is expressed in the very words of scripture) the real sentiments

, of my heart, and the fubftance of which, J, in a feeble plain manner, endeavour to teach and enforce in the name of the Lord.

Thus having delivered the sentiments of my heart, and the principal reasons for publishing this colle&tion of hymns, which I trust were done in singleness of heart to the Lord alone, from a clear convi&ion of his will (otherwise they would never have been printed by ipe) which I think was fully made manifest, by many remarka: ble concurring providences, before I attempted to put them to the press, And still farther, to corroborate the same, have had throughout the whole, a testimony within my own breat, that the Lord did look with a gracious smile, and was not displeased with this weak and feeble attempt to advance his honour and glory, which yields me a peace of mind, I value above thousands of gold and silver; yea, millions and millions of worlds.

I shall now conclude the whole with calling upon you my deareft brethren, in the name of Jesus our Great High Priest, that you would join me in fupplicating his gracious throne, for a blesfing upon these precious hymns, in the few following petitions ; which I trust spring from, and speak nothing but the real and genuine feelings of my unworthy breaft.

O LORD GOD! Thou most dear and precious IMMANUEL! Behold! from thy mercy's seat !


thy poor vile, unworthy worm, who humbly begs leave to fall prostrate before thy dear bleeding feet, earnestly deliring to present to Thee, this little book of hymns, for whose fake alone they. were published, beseeching Thee to take them into thine own hands, and give them thy special blessing, and sprinkle every page, verse and line, with thy most precious heari's blood : and make them sweet and falutary food, to the souls of all thy dear people ; and, an universal blefling to thoufands, wherever they shall come, more efpecially to the little flock thou hast called me to labor a. mongst and watch over.-And all the praise fhall be ascribed to thy name O Lord! For thou only art worihy to receive glory and honor, and pɔwer, for thou wast slain and halt redeemed US to GOD by thy blood ; to whom be praise and dominion


for ever.

I remain, most dearly beloved brethren,
Your souls fincere well-wisher,
And ever willing lervant,

Under the cross of Chrift.

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M N s.

Η Υ Μ Ν Ι.

A brief confession of THE FAITH, of a true

Difciple and follower of Jesus CHRIST.

SHE do&rine of our dying Lord,

The faith he on mount Calv'ry fealid,
We sign; and ev'ry stedfast word

Within his testament reveald,
We firm believe ; and curft are they
Who add thereto,

or take

away. 2 And now, before this awful crowd

Of brethren militant on earth! Before the first-born Church of God!

We hearty own the second birth : We constantly consent to this, Who hath not Chrift, is none of his.


3 Alle


3 Also to blood, we this maintain,

That none are righteous, no not one, But those for whom the Lamb was slain,

Who're juftify'd by faith alone; And, whoso in his name believes,

Himself and all Christ hath receives.
Our works and merits we disclaim,

We trample on our righteousness;
Our holiest actions we condemn

As dung and drofs : and this confess,
They are but sand, who build thereon,

Deny and fight the corner stone.
No other doctrine dare we hear,

But, Christ alone our Saviour is,
To all beside we stop our ear,

And shun as dangerous heresies:
This truth to death we will proclaim,
There is no Saviour but the LAMB.

6 He is the only Lord and God!

The fulness of the Three in ONE :
His name, death, righteousness, and blood,

Shall be our glory, this alone :
His Godhead, and his death shall be
Our fong to all eternity!.

7 On him we venture all we have,

Our bodies, fouls, and spirits too:
None will we ask beside to save,

Nought but the Saviour will we know:
This we subscribe with heart and hand,
Resolv'd thro' grace, by this co itand.

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