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8 This now, with heav'n's resplendent hoft,

We echo thro’ the church's bounds;
And ’midst the Heathen make our boat,

Of our Redeemer's blood and wounds:
And loud like many waters join,
To fhout the Lamb, the Man divine!

9 By this our mark will we be known,

In heav'n, and in the earth abroad,
That ev'ry doctrine we disown,

And ev'ry faith, and ev'ry God,
But Chrift EMMANUEL, and that faith
Which apprehends his blood and death.

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The real and genuine fruits and effe&ts of Saving Faith.

HE finner that truly believes,

• And trusts in his crucify'd God, His justification receives,

Redemption in full thro' his blood : Tho' thousands and thousands of foes

Against him in malice unite, Their rage

he thro' Christ can oppose, Led forth by the Spirit to fight. 2 Not all the delusions of sin

Shall ever seduce him to death : He now has the witness within, United to Jesus by faith,


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This faith fhall eternally fail

When Jesus shall fall from his throne: For Hell against both must prevail;

Since Jesus and he are but one.

The faith that unites to the Lamb,

And brings such falvation as this,
Is more than mere notion or name ;

The work of God's Spirit it is. A principle active and young,

That lives under pressure and load; That makes out of weakness more strong;

And draws the soul upward to God.

It treads on the world and on hell,

It vanquishes death and despair :
And (what still is stranger to tell)

It overcomes heav'n by pray'r ; Permits a vile worm of the dust

With God to commune as a friend; To hope his forgiveness as just;

And look for his love to the end.

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5 It says to the mountains, depart,

That stand betwixt God and the soul; It binds


the broken in heart,
And makes their sore consciences whole; , -
Bids fins of a crimson like dye

Be spotless as snow and as white;
And makes such a sinner as I

As pure as an angel of light.

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Η Υ Μ Ν III. -C. M.

The fame.
HEREVER faith does justify,

It purifies the heart :
The pardon and the purity

Join hands and never part.


2 The happy state of pardon doth

An holy life infer;
In subjects capable of both,

They never funder'd were.

z From precious faith, a precious strife

Of precious virtues flow,
A precious heart, a precious life,

And precious duties too.

4 A happy finner I remain,

But sin hath lost its pow'r ;
Sin, still I have, but Christ doth reign,

His wounds my strength and tow'r.

No heavy yoke his precepts prove,

No tiresome load impose;
My heart now fillid with sacred love,

His will with pleasure does.
6 To boast of faith in bonds of fin,

Blafphemes thy Jesu's name;
Believers still enslav'd within,
Put thee to open



6 Those

7 Those souls, whom faith with Christ unites,

Are poaceful, calm, ferene,
His Spirit in such hearts resides

And keeps his temple clean.



H Y M N IV.C. M.

The fame.
ISTAKEN souls! that dream of heav'n'

And make their empty boast
Of inward joys, and fins forgy'n,

While they are flaves to lust. 2 Vain are our fancy's airy flights,

If faith be cold and dead ; None but a living pow'r unites

To Christ the living head. 3 'Tis faith that changes all the heart;

'Tis faith that works by love, That bids all finful joys depart,

And lifts the thoughts above.
4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and hell,

By a celestial pow'r;
This is the grace that shall prevail

In the decisive hour.

5 True faith obeys her author's will,

As well as trust his grace ; A pard’ning God is jealous still

For his own holiness,

6 When from the curse he sets us free,

He makes our natures clean;
Nor would he lend his Son to be,

The minister of sin.
7 His Spirit purifes our frame,

And seals our peace with God;
Jesus and his salvation came

By water and by blood.


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H Y M N v.

The Christian's happy life.
OW happy are the men who know

The Lamb and walk with him below ?
How happy they who calmly bear
All griefs and persecutions here ?
And fix iheir steady minds on him,

Who them did from the world redeem. 2 They trust the Lord, whose vocal blood

Saith, All things work together for good ;
Nor murmur they when cross’d or wrong'd,
When like to die, when life's prolong'd;
But quiet under all go on,

And fing, Thy will, my God, be done. 3 In these our Saviour dwells, and is

Their strength, and righteousness, and bliss;
The dove spreads here prolific wings,
And here the peaceful olive brings:
In hearts like these, the Father God
Is pleas'd to 'stablish his abode,

A 4

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