Letter to Doctor A. Brigham, on animal magnetism: being an account of a remarkable interview between the author and Miss Loraina Brackett while in a state of somnambulism

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George Dearborn & Co., 1837 - Всего страниц: 66

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Стр. 53 - Cromwell :—'Eggs of Charity, layed by the Chickens of " the Covenant, and boiled by the waters of Divine love. Take ye " and eat.' " I subjoin the answer sent by Miss B. through an intimate friend:— ' The following is a title, equally amazing (or amusing) " and quaint, of a book published in England in the time of " Oliver Cromwell :— " Eggs of Charity "
Стр. 65 - That's it : that's what I saw for the stomach." 1 then conversed with her in relation to the other viscera ; and she gave a very correct description of them, as she had done in her sleep. I asked her if she had conversed upon the subject, or seen any plates of the internal organs. She declared she never had. Seven days after this, the patient was taken more seriously ill, and died on Saturday, the third day following. On Monday, a post-mortem examination took place ; previous to which I invited all...
Стр. 65 - No." Well, examine the whole intestinal canal, and see if there is any disease there. " I do not see any," said she. Examine the kidneys. " Nothing is the matter with them." Not knowing what other part to call her attention to. I requested her to look at every part of him. After some little time, she says, " His spleen is swelled: it is enlarged.
Стр. 29 - Hall, on the Park Place front — the figure of Charity dispensing her favors to several orphan children. It was this group that attracted the attention of my somno-loquial companion. " Can I not come and look at it again? " said she, and we resumed our walk. * * * * " That," said I, " is the College Green. " How beautiful ! " she exclaimed. " I must go and walk there." " But will you not step into my house first ? It is close by.
Стр. 42 - Oh, it was a curious picture. It represents three Indians sitting in a hollow tree, which looks as though it had been dug out on purpose. And the tree is filled with marks." [Hieroglyphics.] This was the most wonderful reply we had had yet. The picture is a composition landscape, by Hoxie, containing the portrait of the decaying trunk of an enormous sycamore tree, standing...
Стр. 63 - She could tell correctly the time by a watch, though enveloped in a cloth, and at the same time having a bandage over her eyes. The doctor had a patient, sick, as was believed, of the liver complaint, and bade the girl, who was sitting near him, go (in spirit) to the man's house. Arrived, she, at the doctor's request, described the house that there might be no mistake and then entered. What do you see? asked Dr. B. 'A man sick.
Стр. 53 - I have already remarked, that I was in great haste at the time of preparing the note, yet I was determined to leave something so much out of the ordinary track as to puzzle the lady if possible. Accordingly, having the odd title of a queer old book in my pocket, printed in a small Italic letter, I wrote a part of the note with a pencil, and stuck on two and a half lines of the small Italic printing, with a wafer. The note, written and printed, as I left it, was in these words : — "The following...
Стр. 57 - When awake, and in our perfect mind," says Dr. Beattie. " we never mistake a reality for a dream. Realities are perceived intuitively. We cannot prove by argument, that we are now awake, for we know of nothing more evident to prove it by; and it is essential to every proof to be clearer than that which is to be proved...
Стр. 52 - I have to say the package came to hand yesterday. The sentence had been written by a friend, and sealed by him at my request, and in such a manner as was supposed could not have been read by any human device without breaking the seal.
Стр. 21 - how I like to travel in this way — it is so easy, and we go so quick." " Yes," I answered, " and here we are at New-York. Come, we will descend at the north end of the Battery." She then grasped my hands more closely, and bore down exactly as though descending from a height. " Safely down," said I. " There is the dock where the Providence steam-boat comes in." " Indeed! " she replied; "but it is not so good a place as where they came in before.

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