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Class Registers. For marking the Attendance of Scholars.

SMALL (demy 16mo), ruled for 15 names on page, stiff wrapper, price 2d.
MEDIUM (post Svo), ruled for 21 names on page, and containing Liturgy for

opening and closing school, bound in cloth, price 4d.
Ditto, ditto. Dated for the year, bound in cloth or linen, price 4d.
LARGE (demy 8vo), ruled for 30 names on page, bound in cloth, price 6d.

Ditto, ditto. Ruled for 50 names on page, bound in cloth, price is. Admission Book. Large post 4to, cloth boards. Price 35. 4d. Roll Book and Journal. For marking the attendance of Teachers and Scholars,

&c. This work is now to be had in three sizes.

The first size, foolscap folio, half-bound, cloth sides, containing 96 folio leaves, and 48 lines upon each leaf, price 5s.

The second size, foolscap folio, cloth boards, containing 48 leaves, 48 lines upon each page, price 3s. These two sizes are ruled for six months.

The third size, large post 4to, cloth sides and roan back, containing 60 leaves, 37 lines upon each page, price 4s. This size can be had ruled for either three

or six months. The Star Register and Scholars’ Attendance Card. A Weekly Record of

the Attendance of each Scholar, designed with the object of securing early and

punctual attendance. Price 5s. per 100. Pad, stamps, and ink, in box, is.6d. Conduct Card Register. With space for registering the Attendance, Lessons,

Conduct, &c., of each Scholar, and corresponds in every respect with the

Conduct Card. Price 5d. each. Conduct Cards. Price 35. 4d. per 100. The Conduct Card is an exact counterpart

of the Conduct Card Register and is intended to be shown to the parents, and thus

to keep them acquainted with the character borne by their children at school. Report of Scholar's Attendance. Showing the number of early and late

attendances; also the number of times the School has been opened.' On toned

paper, price is. per 100. Scholar's Lesson and Conduct Report. Price is. 6d. per 100. Absentee Register. Fifty Checks, with Counterpart, in Cover. Price 6d. Quarterly Return Papers. 2s. per 100. For particulars respecting the attendance

and conduct of each Scholar, with any other information likely to be useful to

the Superintendent or to the Teacher to whom a Scholar may be transferred. Admission Application Form, to be filled in by the Parents or Guardians on

their desiring their Child to be admitted as a Scholar. Price is. 6d. per 100. Library Catalogue and Register. 4to, cloth boards. Price 35. 4d. Library Tickets, with spaces for the numbers of the books required. Price 2s. Liturgy for Opening and Closing Church Sunday-schools. Price 5s. 4d. per

100. Ditto 8vo, cloth boards, for Superintendent's desk, with Musical Responses

in both notations. Price 8d. Ditto, small size, paper covers. Price 2d. each. Liturgy for Schoolroom and Separate Services and Cottage Lectures.

By the Rev. Prebendary KITTO, M.A., Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

Cloth. Price 3d. Prayers for Teachers. Prayers and Litany for use of Teachers' Meetings. On

Card. Price id. each. Prayers for Children. A series of Prayers for the use of Children, Morning and

Evening, and on going into and leaving Church. Printed on Card. Price 4s. Catechism of the Church of England. Price 5s. 4d. per 100. Collects of the Church of England. Price id. each. Form of Service for the admission of a Sunday-school Teacher. Price

td. each; 4s. per 100. Medal for regular attendance, good conduct, &c. New design, made from best

white metal. Size it in. Price 3d. each, net. CHURCH OF ENGLAND SUNDAY SCHOOL INSTITUTE,


per ioo.

per 100.

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