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those pages; for, being less imbued than he with the antiquarian spirit, I have sometimes ventured not to follow where he seemed to lead me. For example, when he tells me that the first governor of Salem, under the Massachusetts corporation, wrote himself John Endecott, I can not doubt the fact, yet I leave the name in the form in which it has passed into history and poetry—John Endicott. In regard to any more important matter of fact, I should not dare to reject the advice of a friend so learned and so accurate.

L. B. NEW HAVEN, July 1, 1874.

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St. Alban's Hall, OXFORD (Penry's COLLEGE). ........

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O God! beneath Thy guiding hand,

Our exiled fathers crossed the sea ; And when they trod the wintry strand,

With prayer and psalm they worshiped Thee. Thou heard'st, well pleased, the song, the prayer

Thy blessing came; and still its power Shall onward to all ages bear

The memory of that holy hour.

What change! through pathless wilds no more

The fierce and naked savage roams; Sweet praise, along the cultured shore,

Breaks from ten thousand happy homes.

Laws, freedom, truth, and faith in God

Came with those exiles o’er the waves ; And where their pilgrim feet have trod,

The God they trusted guards their graves.

And here Thy name, O God of love,

Their children's children shall adore, Till these eternal hills remove,

And spring adorns the earth no more.

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