A Tour to Alet and La Grande Chartreuse, Том 2

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Стр. 168 - Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel ; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
Стр. 331 - The king was then conducted to chapel. They afterwards conversed together for an hour. James joined in the evening service, by which he appeared much edified and consoled. The king's supper was served by the monks, and consisted of roots, eggs, and vegetables. He seemed much pleased with all he saw. After supper, he went and looked at a collection of maxims of christian conduct, which were framed and hung up against the wall; he perused them several times, and, expressing how much he admired them,...
Стр. 43 - Jansenism, and may be considered as the last of that brilliant constellation, whose genius and piety had shed so splendid and beneficent a light over the end of the seventeenth, and beginning of the eighteenth century.
Стр. 221 - In the cellar we have concealed forty cows. Our court-yards and out-houses are stuffed full of fowls, turkeys, ducks, geese, and asses. The church is piled up to the ceiling with corn, oats, beans, and peas, and with caldrons, kettles, and other things belonging to the cottagers.
Стр. 256 - Believe me, my dear children," said she to her nuns, " no one knows how unspeakably awful is death ! nor can any person, yet afar off, form the least conception of what it is to stand on the brink of eternity. As for myself, I have had a serious sense of death before my eyes, from my early years, and for above the last fifty years, I may say it has continually been in my thoughts. But now that I stand at the very threshold, I find all my most . serious thoughts and meditations, as less than nothing,...
Стр. 222 - ... infants. The infirmary is full of sick and wounded. We have torn up all our rags and linen clothing to dress their sores; we have no more, and are now at our wits
Стр. 20 - ... touch every thing is ground to powder which possesses not the solidity of truth . — I therefore now lay my work at the feet of your holiness. I submit its contents implicitly to your decision, approving, condemning, advancing, or retracting, whatever shall be prescribed by the thunder of the apostolic see.
Стр. 245 - Nicole to assist him in a new work, when the latter observed, " We are now old, is it not time to rest ?"
Стр. 239 - Then, turning to her companions in the coach, she said, " My sisters, GOD has promised that all things shall work together for good to those who love GOD, hence they have reason to praise him, and to thank him, for all things, and at all times ; let us now then join together to say the ' Te Deum,'" which they accordingly immediately did.
Стр. 330 - ... Trappe is the Gregorian, or plain chant. JAMES THE SECOND'S VISIT TO LA TRAPPE, AMONGST the most frequent visitors of La Trappe, was the unfortunate James the Second. An account of his first visit may, perhaps, prove not unacceptable to the English reader. It is supplied in this note, instead of being inserted in the text, because it took place some years subsequent to M. Lancelot's tour. James the Second had heard of La Trappe in the days of his prosperity. After his misfortunes, he resolved...

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