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THE first of the following letters is so well adapted an introduction to the rest, that to trouble the reader with a long preface would be quite needless and impertinent. I will, therefore, detain him from entering upon the delightful and instructive relation which the following sheets present him with, little longer, than while I assure him that the narrative is quite genuine, and that the following letters were written to me at my request. Some verbal relations of the facts awakened my curiosity to see a more connected account of them, which the author very obligingly consented to, having, at that time, no intention of its being made public.-But the repeated solicitations of friends have at last prevailed; and, indeed, the publica

tion is the more needful, as several imperfect copies have been handed about, and there has been cause to think some surreptitious edition might steal through the press into the hands of the public.

I have, therefore, with consent of the author, now sent these letters abroad in their original form. They were written in haste, as letters of friendship, to gratify my curiosity; but the style, as well as the narrative itself, is so plain and easy, that corrections were thought needless. I can only add my best wishes, that the great truths they contain may prove as edifying, as the facts are striking and entertaining.



Vol. 1. Contains an authentic Narrative of some
remarkable and interesting Particulars
in the Life of the Author; together with
Forty-one Letters on Religious Subjects
-Twenty-six under the Title of Omicron,
and Fifteen under the Name of Vigil.
Vols. 2 and 3. Cardiphonia, or the Utterance
of the Heart, in the Course of a real

Vol. 4. Twenty-six Discourses, or Sermons;
Six of which as intended for the Pulpit,

and Twenty delivered in the Parish
Church of Olney.

Vol. 5. A Review of Ecclesiastical History.
Vol. 6. Olney Hymns, and a few Poems.

Vols. 7 and 8. Messiah.- Fifty Expository
Discourses on the Series of Scriptural

Passages which form the Subject of the
celebrated Oratorio of Handel.

Vol. 9. Small Tracts and Occasional Sermons.
Letters to a Wife.

Vol. 10.

Vols. 11 and 12. Letters, intended as a Sequel
to Cardiphonia; and Papers extracted,
according to Mr. Newton's direction,
from Periodical Publications, being his
Posthumous Works.

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