Mother Teresa Is not in Heaven and Hitler Is not in Hell

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Lulu Press, Inc, 26 янв. 2013 г.
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The title of the book is not a judgment on either person. It is a fact based on the scriptures in the Bible. Many of the Christian beliefs and practices have their origins in ancient and mid-evil pagan religious practices instituted when the Roman Empire made Christianity their official religion. This book looks at beliefs on the soul, the spirit, heaven and hell, the Devil, and life after death. It compares contemporary Christian belief with what is actually written in the Bible. You will be surprised what Christians say is true and what the Bible actually says!

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Title Page
CHAPTER ONE Science Verses Religion
CHAPTER TWO Christianitys False Doctrine on the Soul
CHAPTER THREE Hell A False Doctrine?
CHAPTER FOUR What Does the Bible Teach About Hell?
CHAPTER FIVE Who Is Satan That Serpent of Old ?
CHAPTER SIX Did God Create the Angel of Light
CHAPTER SEVEN Eternal Punishment of the Wicked
CHAPTER EIGHT Life After Death
CHAPTER NINE Christians False Doctrine on Heaven
CHAPTER TEN The Kingdom of God

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