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Lord's Day, the Christian Sabbath, 145, 146.
Lord's Prayer, why called so, 183.
Lord's Supper, why called so, 209. Why ordained, 208.

What outward sign, 210. What inward part, 210. Bene-
fits we receive, 210. How soul refreshed by, 211. Who
partake unworthily, 211. What required of those who come

to, 212. Dispositions requisite for, 212.
Love to God, tried by his law, 124. Required, 121, 128. Ne-

cessary for communicants, 212. Sign of faith, 212.
Lusts of the flesh, defined, 25. To be mortified, 25.

Man, involved in the fall of Adam, 3, 40. Fallen state proved,

4. Always described as a sinner, 4, 99. Exposed to punish-
ment here, and hereafter, 5. Natural state of, 40. Natural

inability to love God, 122.
Ministers, not to be self-appointed, 84. Our duty to them, 151.
Misery, degrees of, 109.
Murder, in what it consists, 155. Cases of exemption, 156.

Name of God, 137, 186. How to be hallowed, 187.

Parents, (see Children.)
Pomps and Vanity, defined, 25. To be renounced, 25.
Prayer, on forms of, 85, Promises of being heard, 134, 181, 199.

Reverence in, commanded, 139, What it is, 177. Heart to
be engaged in, 178. Divine help in, necessary, 179. What
disposition of mind necessary to, 179. Different kinds of,
180. Persons eminent for, 180. Frequency in, enforced,

181. Times for private, 195.
To be accompanied by exertion, 195. Why called Lord's

Prayer, 183. Division of, 183.
Presbyters, office of, 80.

Repent, promises to those who, 15.
Repentance, nature of, 13. Examples of, 13. Why neces-

sary for all, 14. The gift of God, 14. Means by which pro-

duced, 16. How evidenced, 213.
Resurrection, Proofs of, 105. Will be general, 107. Effected

by virtue of Christ, 107. Instances of, 107.
Righteous, portion of, 64, 108. Not equally glorified, 108.

Sabbath Day, meaning of, 143. What meant by hallowing it,

143. How to be kept holy, 145.
Sacraments, defined, 9, 204.
Saints, who are, 91. How distinguished, 91. When set apart,

92. Pattern, 92. Who makes them holy, 93. With whom

they hold communion, 93. Partakers of divine nature, 94.
Salvation, in what it consists, 28. Through Jesus Christ, 29,

99. Who invited to it, 28.
Saviour, types of, 98. (See Jesus and Christ.)
Servants, duty to masters, 153.
Sin, original, 13. What it is, 97, 101. Its wages, 98. God

only can pardon, 98. Assurance of forgiveness of, 100. Pro-

ceeds from the heart, 174. Prayer to be kept from, 201.
Sinners, all men such, 99, 175.
Sincerity, evidence of, 191.
Soul, state of, after death, 104. Injury to, forbidden, 157. Re-

freshed by Lord's Supper, 210.
Spirit, (see Holy Ghost.)
Swearing, wherein its sinfulness, 142.

Temptation, meaning of, 200. Why God permits, 201. When

said to be led into, 200.
Trinity, proofs of, 114. Relation of each person to us, 115.

Unbelief, consequence of, 19.
Vanity, of the world, to be renounced, 25.

Wicked, punishment of, 65, 109. Degrees of misery among,






THE PASTOR’S TESTIMONY. By Rev. JOHN A. CLARK, Rector of St. Andrew's Church, Philadelphia; author of “ A Walk about Zion,” “ The M'Ellen Family, &c. 4th edition, revised by the author. From the Rt. Rev. Alesander V. Griswold, D.D., Bishop of the Eastern


Having been informed that it is your purpose soon to publish a second edition of “The Pastor's Testimony,” by the Rev. John A. Clark, I avail myself of the occasion to express the satisfaction given me by the success of that useful work. It is, in my judgment, excellently calculated to give to young inquirers, and indeed to all readers, correct views of the religion or our blessed Redeemer; to lay such a foundation of the Christian character, as shall be a comfort to its professors, and an honour to the church; and to remedy an evil, often and too justly

complained of,—that of coming to Confirmation without the knowledge of Christ and the faith in him which his gospel requires. I recommend its careful perusal to all who desire to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Salem, April 24th, 1835.

ALEXANDER V. GRISWOLD, From the Rt. Rev. B. B. Smith, Bishop of the Diocese of Kentucky. Messrs. MARSHALL & Co.

Boston, May 2d, 1835. Gentlemen,- If I thought that any testimonial of mine would add weight to the sentiments imbodied in “The Pastor's Testimony,” or serve in any measure to give them currency, I should hasten to publish it throughout the country. I can hardly conceive of a work more exactly adapted to the wants of the church, or more happily fitted to give a satisfactory answer to the inquiries of the many who are looking with favour towards its primitive usages, but who yet not only need to be informed of their reasonableness and value, but also to have them exhibited in attractive forms, and brought home with effect upon their hearts and consciences. A more appropriate prayer could hardly be breathed for the church than that Confirmation may be understood, and felt, and practised by all con. cerned, as it is exhibited in this admirable volume ; which is the fervent supplication of

Your sincere friend,

B. B. SMITH. Bishop of the P. E. Church in the Diocese of Kentucky.

From the Rev. C. H. Alden, Principal of the Philadelphia High School

for Young Ladies. MessRS. MARSHALL & Co.

I have read “The Pastor's Testimony" with a conviction of its peculiar adaptation to the wants of the young members of the church. Scriptural in doctrine, clear in argument, and rich in illustration, it cannot fail, with His blessing without which there is no success, of being extensively use. ful. It will be read and admired, if not profited by, wherever it is known. I am glad to learn that a new edition is so soon called for.

Very respectfully, CHARLES HENRY ALDEN. Philadelphia, May 30, 1835. From Reo. James Milnor, D.D., Rector of St. George's Church,

New York. MessRS. MARSHALL & Co.

Gentlemen,-In answer to your request for an expression of my opinion in reference to the little work of my excellent friend, the Rev. John A. Clark, entitled, “The Pastor's Testimony," I have great pleasure in declaring my decided persuasion of its value and usefulness to inquirers and young Christians, and especially to candidates for the rite of Confirmation. In truth, it is well entitled to a place in every evangelical library, and calculated to profit every family into which it is received. Yours respectfully,

JAMES MILNOR. New York April 9, 1835.

From Rev. J. Johns, D.D., Rector of Christ's Church, Baltimore. MESSRS. MARSHALL & Co.

BALTIMORE, May 12, 1835. Gentlemen,-I have read with much satisfaction “The Pastor's Testimony,

" and have recommended it very cordially to congregation to which I minister. I hail it with pleasure as another valuable auxiliary in the important work of imparting to candidates for Confirmation suitable views of the nature of that apostolic rite, and of the experience and purpose implied in the solemn profession of religion which it forins. The sentiments and spirit of the work, I consider as entirely in keeping with “the order," &c. as set forth in our Book of Common Prayer. The illus. trations are striking and instructive. If we all, as pastors, bear like faithful and explicit testimony on this subject, the church will be rescued from much unjust reproach, and her members must enjoy more fully the bless. ing of those who duly engage in this interesting service. Very respectfully yours, &c.,

J. JOHNS. From Rev. J.P. K. Hensharo, D.D., Rector of St. Peter's Church,

Baltimore. Messrs. MARSHALL & Co.

BALTIMORE, May 12, 1835. I am much pleased to hear that you propose to publish a new and beau. tiful edition of "The Pastor's Testimony,” by the Rev. John A. Clark. It is a book which I have read with much satisfaction, and recommended to many of the people of my charge. The views it exhibits of the nature and obligations of the Confirmation vow, are the same which I have always advocated from the commencement of my ministry, and which, I am happy to find, are now very generally received in the church. The evangelical doctrines and holy precepts inculcated in the "Testimony" are admirably illustrated and enforced by affecting narratives of facts which have fallen under the notice of the author; and I sincerely wish that it may have an extensive circulation; it being a work, which, in my humble judgment, is well adapted to promote the salvation of souls and the high interests of "the truth as it is in Jesus." Yours, respectfully,


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