A Preface to Milton

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Scribner, 1972 - Всего страниц: 180
Designed as an introduction for the new reader of Milton, this volume offers guidance through the characteristic difficulties of his work and gathers into one volume material available elsewhere only from scattered sources. The book also places Milton in a context that comprehends the political, social, economic, cultural, and intellectual trends of his age. The first section gives a chronological guide to the historical background to the events of Milton's literary and personal life, a brief biography, and a survey of the scientific, political, religious and literary patterns of the age. The second section analyzes in detail representative passages from Milton's poetic works, taken in chronological order so that both the consistency and the accumulative nature of the poet's development are displayed. Finally there is a useful collection of appendices. -- From publisher's description.

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God calling Adam to life by Michelangelo
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