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Thence the cleansing Water flow'd,
Mingled, from Thy Side, with Blood:-
Sign, to all attesting eyes,

Of Thy finish'd Sacrifice.

HOLY JESU! grant us grace,
In that Sacrifice to place
All our trust for life renew'd,
Pardon'd sin and promis'd good. Amen.

BEFORE THE HOLY COMMUNION. Hymn 44, "Sinner, now, &c." (See page 48.)


Hymn 45, "When I survey, &c." (See page 49.)



O'ERWHELM'D in depths of woe,
Upon the tree of scorn,

Hangs the Redeemer of mankind,
With racking anguish torn!

See! how the nails those Hands

And Feet so tender rend!

See! down His Face, and o'er His Frame,
The sacred drops descend!


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Hark! with what awful cry, His Spirit takes its flight ;Earth hears aghast, and to its base Trembles with dire affright!

The rocks in sunder start; The seas their bounds disdain ; The tombs are burst; the mountains quake; The veil is rent in twain!

The sun withdraws his light;
The mid-day heav'ns grow pale;
The moon, the stars, the universe,
Their Maker's death bewail!

Sinner, art thou unmov'd ?-Of all that GOD hath made,Thou only, for whose sake alone, This mighty debt is paid?

O come, beneath the cross,
Thy heart in sorrow rend;
Before this mystery of love,
Thy stubborn spirit bend!

For thee and for thy sins,
Those dying wounds He bears;
Wash then each dear life-giving wound,
With thy repentant tears.

O JESU, LORD, to Thee

Our grateful vows we'll raise;

To Thee, Whose Blood our sin hath purg'd,
Be endless sougs of praise. Amen.

Easter Even.


After the Third Collect.

50 AND now Thy Soul, for ever blest,
Hath gone among the dead,
And, to his peaceful place of rest,
The dying thief hath led.

And all for us,-that when, ere long,
We shall resign our breath,
We may not fear to go among
The unseen shades of death.

In death's dark vale I soon must be,
But I will nothing fear;

Thy rod and staff will comfort me;-
Thou hast Thyself been there. Amen.

Note. This hymn might be used at a late service on the evening of Good Friday.


After the Third Collect,

51 ALL is o'er, the pain, the sorrow,
Human taunts and Satan's spite;
Death shall be despoil'd to-morrow
Of the prey he grasps to-night :-
But, His work of Love to seal,
CHRIST awhile must slumber still.

Fierce and deadly was the anguish
Which on yonder Cross He bore;
How did soul and body languish,
Till the toil of death was o'er:
But that toil so fierce and dread,
Bruis'd and crush'd the serpent's head.

Close and still the cell that holds Him,
While in brief repose He lies;
Deep the slumber that enfolds Him,
Veil'd awhile from mortal eyes;-

Slumber, such as needs must be,
After hard-won victory.

Through the night, in strains of sadness,
We'll prolong His obsequies;
Loftier strains of joy and gladness
From to-morrow's harps shall rise,-
"Death and Hell at length are slain,
CHRIST hath triumph'd,CHRIST doth reign."



Hymn 51, "All is o'er, &c." (See page 56 )


52 RESTING from His work to-day,
In the tomb the SAVIOUR lay,
Rob'd in chaste and peaceful shroud,
Hidden from the impious crowd,
In His rocky cell alone,
Guarded by the sealed stone.
Near the sepulchre was seen
Faithful Mary Magdalene :-
Rising early, resting late,
By the hallow'd spot to wait,
In the lonely garden-glade,
Where her buried LORD was laid.

So with Thee, till life shall end,
I would solemn vigil spend ;
Let me hew Thee, LORD, a shrine
In this stony heart of mine;
Where, in pure embalmed cell,
None but Thou may ever dwell!
Myrrh and spices will I bring,
True devotion's offering;

Close the door from sight and sound
Of the busy world around ;

And in patient watch remain,

Till my LORD appear again. Amen.

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