Write Fright: A Guide to Writing Scary Stories

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Good Year Books, 2000 - Всего страниц: 87
This is just like all the other how-to-write books - except scarier, and funnier, and more likely to make kids really want to write. Taken in sequence, 55 reproducible handouts guide each young writer through brainstorming and skill-building exercises in the vocabulary of fear, description of horror, dialog of dread, characterization of hero and villain, and plotting of suspense, eventually drawing one strong story out of each student. Grades 4-6. Suggested readings. Illustrated. Good Year Books. 87 pages.

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An Introduction to Horror Writing to Scare
Letting Your Imagination Flow Finding the Right Words
Putting the Pieces Together FearInducing Fundamentals
Styles of Suspense Story Starters
Dont Be Afraid to Change Rewriting Ideas
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