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1. Faith, S. Mar. xii. 22. Rom. i. 17.
II. Fear, Psal. cxlix. S. Luk. xii. s.
III. Love, Deut. vi. 5. S. Matt. xxii. 37, 38.
IV. Trust, i $. Pet. v. 7.
V. Prayer, S. Matt. vii. 7. i Theff. v. 17.
Vi. Joy, Phil. iv. 4.
VII. Thankfulness, 1 Thess. v. 18. Ephef. V. zo.
1. To the Father.
1. For our Creation, Gen. i. 27. Ifai. Ixiv. 8,

Act. xvii. 24, 25, 26.
2. For our Preservation, A&t. xvii. 28.
3. For all our temporal Blessings, A&t. xiv.17.
4. For those of a higher Nature, Ephef. i. 3,4.

and ii. 8.
5. For the Hope of Eternal Glory, i S. Pet,

i. 3, 4.

2. To the Son.

1. For Expiating our Sins, i S. 7oh. ii. 2.
2. For Interceding for our Souls, Rom. viii.

34. Heb. vii. 25.
3. To the Holy Ghost.
1. For Inditing the Scriptures, 2 Tim. iii.

16, 17.
2. For Helping our Infirmities, Rom. viii.

13, 26.
3. For Sanctifying our Souls, 2 Thef. ii. 13.

I S. Pet. i. 2.
4. For Securing to us a better State, Ephef.

i. 13. and iv. 30.

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This is my

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S. MATT. iii. 17.
beloved Son, in whom I am

well pleased.
HRIST is the Beloved, or Only Son of

He is called the Son of GOD;

1. Because conceived by the Holy Ghost, S.Luk.
i. 15. S. Matt. i. 20.

2. Because sanctified by the Father, and sent into the World, S. Joh. x. 36.

3. Because raised from the Dead, Act. xiii. 33. Rom. i. 4

4. Elpecially, because Begotten of the Father from all Eternity, Col. i. 15.

For which consider, 1. Christ had a real Being and Existence before he was born of the Virgin Mary, Gal. iv.4. S. Joh. vi. 33, 51. and xvi. 28. He was before John the Baptist, S. Joh. i. 15. Before Abraham,

i S. Job. viii. 5. Before the World, S. Joh. i. 1, 2, 3. Col. j. 15,16. Hebr. i. 2. 'O 28 FÅ Oeð úds, ó meg ala'. you gevindeis. S. Ignat. Ep. ad Ephes.

2. The Being which he had was truly Divine, the same which the Father had, so that he was really and truly GOD, Rom. ix. 5. Phil. ii. 6,7. 1 S. Joh. v. 20. S. 7oh. i. 1. and xx. 28.

The same was revealed in the Old Testament, Ifai. viji 14. and ix. 6.58 7121.

Hence his Blood which he shed as Man, is yet said to be the Blood of God, A&t. xx. 28.

3. This

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3. This his Divine Nature he received of the Father, S. Joh. v. 26. and vii. 29. He is called by the Council of Nice, Θεός εκ Θεϊ, φώς εκ φωτός, Θεός αληθινός εκ Θεε αληθινά.

Pater eft vita in femetipso, non à Filio : Filius vita in semetipfo, fed à Patre; S. August. Vitane genuit Pater vita, nec differt in aliquo effentia gigs nentis & geniti, cum fic ex Patre fit Filius, ut con. sempiterna non una quidem Persona, fed una fit Deitas. Sentent. Decerpt. ex Auguft. cccxxxv. And so to the same purpose, Id. C. Maximin. l. 1. & l. 3. C. 14. 6 de Incarnari Verbi, c. 8.

Neither did he receive any part, but the whole Divine Elence was communicated to him, fo as to be ókotor TW Talei, Col. ii 9.

4. This Communication of the Divine Essence was properly Generation, and therefore Christ most properly a Son, Hebr. i. 6. Inasmuch as τοποιήμενον εκ οκ ή έσίας τα σoιεν,ός όξι το δε γεννώμεrov én of duris irías aš gevy@vtos, S. Bafil. adv. Eunom. 1.4. ab init. And I. 2. p.738. having recited the

. first Verse of S. John's Gospel, he adds, this hiδίκ ύπαρξιν, την απαθή γέννησιν, το συμφυές τω Πατρί, το μεγαλείον τ φύσεως, πάνlα όν τοϊς ολίγοις ρήμασι συλλαβών.

Ιεσες Χειρός μόνΘ- ιδίως μός τω Θεώ γεγέννήθαι, λόγG αυτό υπάρχων, και πρωτότοκ, και δύναμης. fuft. Mart. Apol. 2. *Ω το μεγάλε Θεέ ! και το τελών παιδί. ! φώς έν

. . andTP, vej autie in uja. Clem. Alex. Pædag. b. 2, c. 5.

Henče he is called the Image of God, Hebr. i. 2, 3. and God's own Son, Rom. vi. 32. Not by Adoption, Gal. iv. 4, s. and the uovagluns, the Only Begotten of the Father, S. Job. i. 14. and

Hence therefore we may see the Reason of cvery Expression in my Text, urtered from Hea; yen by GOD Himself.

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jii. 16.

1. This


1. This, My Son. Because it is the Father that fpake, bý a Voice from Heaven, as our Saviour Ipake from thence to S. Paul, Aft. xxvi. 13, 14•

so here GOD the Father fpake, and own’d our Saviour for His Son.

2. My Beloved Son; because His Only Begot ten, S. Matt. xii. 18. and xvii. s.

3. In whom I am well pleased; in q súdównoda In, or through whom, I am well pleased with all the Sons of Men that repent and turn to me, Ephef. i. 6. S. Job. iv. 42.

And the Reason is, because this Son of GOD having in our Naturę undergone the Punishment of our Sins, we are hereby reconciled to GOD, Rom. v. 10. and so havę Peace with Him, Rom.

V. I.

Hence therefore we may observe two Things.

I, That this Jesus Christ, as he is the Son of GOD, must needs be the LORD too, S. Matt. xxviii. 6. S. Luk. ii. 11. S. Joh. iv. I. A£t. ix. 5,6, 10. 11. Hof. i. 7. where 7177'is rendered by the Targum 919 87902, by the Word of the Lord. For,

1. As the Son of GOD, he must needs be the Lord too, as his Father is ; 1717' the Being of Beings, for all things were made by him, S. Job.

2. Besides this his Dominion as the Son of GOD, he is Lord also, as the Son of Man. For as such he purchased this Power by his Death, Ephef. i. 20, 21, 22. Pbil. ii. 11. S. Matt, xxviii. 18.

II. It is also to be observed, That he is our Lord in a peculiar manner, S. Job. xx. 28. Phil. ii. 8. Far it is he that hath redeemed us with his own Blood, Tit. ii, 14. Rev. v. 9, 10,

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USE. Hence learn, 1. To adore and magnify the infinite Love of GOD in our Redemption, S. Job. iii. 16. 1 S. Joh. iv. 9, 10.

2. To put our whole Trust and Confidence in Him, for our Salvation, Hebr. vii. 25. For he being GOD, as well as Man, his Death could not but be a Propitiation for for all our Sins, 1 S. Joh,

a üi. 2. and be able to endue us with true Grace and Vertue, A&. iii. 26.

3. To worship and glorify CHRIST as GOD and LORD, S. Joh. v. 22, 23. Rev. xiii.

4. To call to mind, that CHRIST being our LORD, both by Creation and Redemption, we are to look upon ourselves as not our own, but His, 1 Cor. vi. 19, 20. Rom. xiv. 7, 8.

5. And lastly, To devote ourselves wholly to His Service, 2 Cor. x. 5. 2 Tim. ü. 19. 1. S. Pet. ii. 9, 10, 11, 12

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