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Ś MATT. iii. 16, 17 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went

up straightway out of the Water : and
lo, the Heavens were opened unto Him,
and he saw the Spirit of God descend-
ing like a Dove, and lighting upon
Him. And lo, á Voice from Heaven;

Saying, This is


beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.


ESUS being about thirty Years of Age, (S. Luk. iii. 23.) or twenty nine years, ten Months,(τε τριακστά έτος η ενσάρκα γεννήσεως,

τετίει x?? 'Ayurlies 'Alus d'esdevetn ved a cidãy NoeuBgrwy* xz1 "Eaanvas, ais n', &c. Epiphan. Heres. 51.9. 24.) on the 6th of the ides of November, or the 8th Day of that Month; so that he turned the Water to Wine, when just thirty Years of - Age. Is He came to be baptized, not because he wants ed it, for he had no Sin, but i. To sanctify Baptism to us. Atque ita non ille nécessitatem habuit



abluendi, fed per illum in aquis ablutionis noftra erat fanctificanda purgario. Hilar. Pictav. in S. Matt. Can. 2.

And so he was circumcised, S. Luk. ii. 21.

And so instituted Baptism instead of Circumcifion; as afterwards, the Lord's-Supper for the Passover, S. Matt. xxviii. 19. At. xxii. 16. S. Matt. xxvi. 26.

2. Because he was by this Means to be initiated into his Office, Ne homines gravarentur ad baptismum Domini venire, cum non gravaretur Dominus venire ad baptismum servi. See S. Auguft. Enchirid. ad Laureat. c. 49. De mirab. facr. Scriptura, 1. 3. c. 5. O in Psal. xc. Tom. 8. p. 696.

& John forbad him, S. Matt. iii. 14. But Jesus faid, he must not look at the Worthiness of the Person, but at the Command of God, v. 15.

John came between the Law and the Gospel, S. Joh. i. 25. And he notified our Saviour to the

. People, v. 29, 30. and particularly, in relation to the Holy Ghost's Descent upon him at his Baptism, v. 33

At which Baptism, we may observe, how all the Persons of the Blessed Trinity manifested their especial Presence. Voce Pater, Natus corpore, Fla

, men ave.

I. The Son is baptized. For, he was baptized, is not only to declare hiin to be the well-beloved Son, v. 17. but we are told also, that it was Jesus that came from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him, v. 13. that ordered it to be fo done, v. 15. and that was baptized, and went ap straightway out of the Water, v. 16.

II. The Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, descended upon our Lord, S. Gob. i. 32.

1. 206, as a Dove, 'Oux év cure, c'da' in de oro gisseãs. S. Chryfoft. in loci owadoreĝo dei S. Luk.

iii. 22.

2. As à Dove for its Innocence, Purity and Love. "Hueege to Sãoy xj ratacóv. S. Chryfoft. ibid.

3. Holy Ghost was visible under this Shape ; John saw it, S. Luk. iii. 22. S. 7oh. i. 34. or, at least, hovering over our Saviour, as a Dove hovers when it is lighting. Kai dvad uno sută donde τα ύδας, ως σεριφεραν το άγιον πνεύμα απιπιναι εα' αυτόν έγραψαν οι 'Ασύσολοι αυτά τότε τα Χριστ. 3uff. M. c. Tryph. p. 315.

4. The Heavens were opened to make way for this Sight, and to Mew they were now opened for Believers. 'Ayedór Ingar UTES or segui, in the Text. And S. Mark, de g$ouéves tos šogue'sy S. Mars i. 10.

5. The Spirit now descended and lighted on Jesus, S. Chryfoft. thinks, in the Sight, not of S. John only, but of the feros; Tās šx émissurer οι Ιεδαίοι, φησιν· δε και μόνG Ιωάννης δε το πνεύμα αν edo de:sseãs, in S. Jo. Hom. 17.

1. To demonstrate him to be the Messiabi S. Mar. i. 7,8. S. Job.i. 33.

2. To inaugurate him into his Office, S. Jobs Xx. 22.

3. To fulfil the Prophecy that had been long before concerning him, Ifa. xi. 1, 2. and xlii. i .

III. The Father spake, and audibly owned our Saviour for his Son; so says the Evangelist; Be

; hold a Voice from Heaven, &c. Thou art,

1. My Son, S. Luk. i. 15. Therefore, he that spake, was the Father. 2. My beloved Son, S. Matt. xii

. 18. and xvii. s. 3. In whom I am well pleased, 2 S. Pet. i. 17. even so that others too were accepted thro' him, Ezek. i. 6.

B 2


OBSERY. I. There are three Perfons in the one Godhead, or Divine Essence. 1. There are three Persons; as appears,

1. From the Old Testament, Gen i. 26. and jii. 22. 2 Sam. xxiii. 2. Psal. xxxiij. 6. Ifai. xlii

. 1. 2. From the New Testament, S. Luk. i. 35. 2 Cor. xüi. 14. S. 7oh. xiv. 26.

2. Every one of these is God. 'de'Adèu gle γονεν ως ας ημών των τριών η Θεότη στοάσεων, Anaftaf. Sinait, in Hexaem. 1. 12. p. 5.

1. The Father's being so, is not disputed, but Jeros, Turks and Hereticks, acknowledge it.

2. That the Son is so, see S. John i. 1. and XX. 28. Phil. ii. 6. I Tim. iii. 16. Att. xx. 28. S. Matt. i. 23. otherwise he could not be our Saviour.

3. And no less is the Holy Ghost God, S. Matt. xii. 31, 32. AEX. v. 4. I Cor. iii. 16.

3. All three Persons are yet but one God, Deut. vi. 4. 1 S. Joh. v.7. i Tim. ii. 5. S. Joh.



xvii. 3.

4. The Order of these three Persons.

1. The Father in the first place, so He.is mentioned here ; And to Him a Priority of Order is ascribed in all other places of Scripture, wheresoever the whole three Persons are spoken of.

2. The Son next. He is the only begotten of the Father, and therefore next after him; S. Job. iii. 16. Heb. i. 2, 6. is God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, as styled in the Creed, commonly callid the. Nicene ; In S. Bafil's Language, he is, 'A-70%wn xj evlagatós.

3. The Holy Ghost last, S. 7oh. xv. 26. This is plain, in that he is call'd the Spirit of God and of Christ, Rom. viii, 9. The Spirit of the Living ,


God, 2 Cor. iii. 3. And of Christ, Phil. i. 19. And of the Son, Gal. iv. 6.

5. Every one of these Persons is to be worshipped.

1. Because every one is God, as already observed.

2. Because this is the great Distinction between Christians and others, that we have a more explicit Notion and clearer Revelations of the Trinity ; to whom we are therefore to pay our Adoration accordingly.

OBSERV. II. All three Persons were present at Christ's Baptism. Because,

1. All are equally desirous of Man's Happiness, Ezek. xviii. 31. s. foh. v. 40. Ephef. iv. 30.

2. To Thew that we are to baptize in the Name of all three Persons; We having,

1. Christ's Example, at whose Baptism all three Persons were thus present, and in which they were thus concerned.

2. His positive Precept for it, S. Matt. xxviii. 19.

INFERENCES. 1. That all three Persons concur in especial Acts of Providence, Thus, Gen. i. 26. i S. Job, V. 7.

2. That Baptism is a Divine Institution, and so of necessary and indispensable Obligation, S. Job, iii. 5. A&t. iii. 19. S. Mar. xvi. 16. Rom.

3. That we have great Cause to bless God for OU i S. Pet. iii. 21. Ephef. ii. 12, 13, 1 Cor. vi. 11.

U SE That we carefully perform our several Duties to each of these Persons. Such as,

vi. 3.

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