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S. MATT. V. 44. But I say unto you, Love your Enemies. 1. WH

AT Enemies are the Objects of our

Love? Not the Common Enemy of Mankind, Satan. Non orandum eft pro Diabolis, quia Ecclefia novit eos extremo exitio d Deo devotos, a misericor. diâ exclusos. Aug.

But, 1. Such Men as hate us, S. Matt. V. 44. 2. As strive to wrong, or injure us, Luk.

3. Or that have wrong'd us already, Rom. xii. 17.

II. What Love is due unto them?
Of the Heart and Affections, Levit. xix. 17.


1. Forgiving their Injuries, S. Matt. xviii. 21, 22, 33. Luk. xvii. 4.

2. Not seeking Revenge, Rom. xii. 19.
3. Wishing them all real Good, Job xxxi. 30.
4. Praying for them, 1 Tim. ii. 1. S. Matr.

vi. 29.

V. 44.

1. That God would pardon their sin,

S. Luk. xxiii. 34. A&t. vii. 60.
2. Turn their Hearts to us.

3. Reconcile them to Himself.
5. Doing them all Good, Gal. vi. 10.

1. To their Souls, Levit. xix. 17.
2. Bodies, Prov. xxv. 21.

3. Estates, Exod. xxiii. 4, 5.

6. Blessing and Speaking well of them, Jam. iv. u. Rom. xii. 14.

III. Reason of this Duty, or why we are to love our Enemies.

1. They bear the Image of God, Gen. i. 26. S. Jam. iii. 9.

2. This is the great, the distinguishing Dutý which Christ commands and requires of his Disciples, S. Foh. xv. 12, 17. and xiii. 34. 35.

3. We must love all Men, Rom. xii. 18. and their Hating us should not make us lin, Rom. xii. 17

4. Nothing will hinder the right Performance of our Duty to much, as the Boiling of Hatred in our Breasts, S. Jam. i. 20.

5. No Dury is accepted, till we be reconcild, S. Matt. v. 23, 24.

6. He that hates Men, hates God, i Joh. it. 20. and our Love of Enemies will be a good Siga of our Love to God, i. S. Joh. iv. 12.

7. Love is the Fulfilling of the Law, Rom. xiii. 8, 9.

8. We must answer for our Hatred of others hereafter, S. Matt. xviii. 3.


Hence we may learn,

1. The Excellency of the Gospel above all other Laws, as being all for Peace, Rom. xii. 18.

2.' That there is nothing in this world that Men should hate but Sin only, Psal. xcvii. 10. ci. 3. cxix. 113

3. The Greatness of their Sin, who soon fall out with others, and will not be reconcil'd, S. Jam.

ii. 13.

And for Morives to enforce the Practite of this Duty, we may consider;

I. That

1. That God loved us when Enemies, Rom. v. 8, 10. i Job. iv, 11.

II 2. We cannot expect that God should pardon our Sins, unless we pardon others, S. Matt. vi. 14, 15.

3. Christ our Saviour hath set us an Example hereof, which we are indispensably bound to fol. low, S. Luk. xxiii. 34. Coloff. iii. 13. 4

This was also the Practice of the Saints, as of David, 1 Sam. xxvi. 21. 2 Sam. i. 23. ii. 5,6, and of the first Martyr, S. Stephen, Act. vii. 60.

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S. MATT. V. 48.
Be ye therefore perfect, as your Father

which is in Heaven is perfect.

HAT is the Meaning of these Words?

1. Negatively. 1. Not that we can be perfect from Sin: As appears,

1. From Scripture, Rom. iii. 9. V. 12. S. Jam. iii. 2. 1S. 7oh. i. 8. Psal. cxliii. 2.

2. From Reason.
1. We are all born in Sin, Pfal. li. s.

Epbef. ii. 3.
Μη διώαται άνθρωπο καθαρός ευρηθέναι από

ρύσε, μηδέ έαν μία ημέρα και η μήσεως αυ%.

Bafil. 2. In that our Graces are all imperfe&t.

Peccatum eft, vel cùm non eft charitas,

vel cùm minor eft quam debet. S. Aug. 3. From the Fathers.

Móvo gás avaudetoto ó nógc. Clem. Alex.
Nemo fine peccato, negare hoc Sacrilegum

eft. S. Ambros. 2. Nor that we can be equal to God in any thing. For all his Properties are,

1. Essential and Necessary, or of Himself, Jehovah.

2. Eternal, Exod. iii. 14. Vid. Serm. 1. in Vol. II. of this Author's Sermons. And therefore,

3. Independent.
4. Infinite, Psal

. cxlvii. 5.
5. Without Imperfection, Deut. xxxii. 4.
6. Without Composition,


Hence learn,

i. To abhor your felves, whọ in Comparisos of Him, are next to nothing, Fob xlii. 5,6.

2. To admire and reverence God, Rom. xi. 33.

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II. Positively.

1. That it is out Duty to be like unto God in his communicable Properties, i S. Pet. i. 15, 16:

1. In Knowledge, Colos. iii. io.

i. Of God's Nature, S. Joh. xvii. ža
2. His Word, s. Joh. v. 39. Colof. i. 9

Joshua i. 8. Psal. i. 2.
3. His Works, Job xxxvii. 14. S. Matt. vi.

28. Psal. viii. 3: 2. In Love,

1. To God, S. Matt. xxii. 37.

ż. To Men, S. Matt. V. 449 450 3. In Justice, Deut. xxxii. 4. In Mercy, Exod. xxxiv, 7. S. Luk. vi. 36. 1. By Forgiving those that injure aš,

S. Matt. vi. 14, 15. 2. Pitying their Adverfities, Hof. xi. 8.

ffa. Ixiii. g.
3. Relieving their Necessities, S. Matt. y.

5. In our Desires, Psal. lxxiii. 25.
6. In our Joys, Phil. iv. 4.

7. In our Aims and Intentions, Prov. xvi. 4. 2. That we should endeavour and labout after this Perfe£tion, Phil. iii. 12, 14. Hebr. vi. 1. And this we are obliged and bound to do, upon these two Accounts.

i. Because we were made in the image of God, Gen. i. 27. 2. It is oúr only Holiness: D 2


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