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3. Our own Guiltiness of it ; that Sin is not only sinful, but that we are so too, Job ix. 2, 3.

1. Originally; as the Guilt of Adam's Sin is imputed to us, Rom. v. 18, 19.

And as the Guilt of it is inherent in us, and we have a Fountain of Sin in our Hearts, which flows forth in our Lives, S. Jam. iii. 2. Prov. XX. 9.

2. Actually. As Sin acts us, so we have acted Sin. As Sin lives in us, so we have lived in Sin. Pfal. xiv. 3. Rom. iii. 23.

1. And so we must be convinced of all the Sorts of our Sins, against the First and Second Table, against the Law, and against the Gospel, against God's Justice and his Mercy, his Judgments and his Patience, openly and secretly, our own, and our other Mens Sins; our Sins of Ignorance and of Wilfulness, of our Hearts, our Tongues, and our Hands.

2. Of the numberless Number of our Sins, the manifold vain Thoughts that spring up in our Hearts, the idle and wicked Words that flow forth from our Mouths, and the sinful Actions that overflow our Lives, Job xiii. 23.

3. Of the several Aggravations of them. Their being,

1. Against the Light of Nature, Rom. i. 21. 2. Against the Law of God, 1 S. Job. iii. 4

3. Against the Gospel of Christ, S. Joh. iii. 19. 2 Tim. ii. 19.

4. Against the frequent Admonitions of the Wiri, Ija. xxviii. 10. Prov. i. 24, &c. Jer. vii. 25, 26, 27, 28.

5. Against the Love of God in sending our Saviour into the World to assume our Nature, and suffer and die for us, Rom. v. 8. Jude 4.

6. Against the Patience and Long-suffering of God, Eccl. viii. 11. Rom. ii. 4. Rev. ii. 21.


7. Against

7. Against the abundant Mercies of God, Ifa. i. 2. 2 Sam. xii. 7, 8, 9. and against his Judgments sent to awaken them out of their Sins, Isa. xxvi. 9. Hof. v. 15. Amos iv. 6, &c. Mic. vi. 9.

8. Against his Promises, S. Matt. xxiii. 37. 1 Sam. ii. 30. and against his Threatnings, Gen. ii. 17. and iii. 11.

9. Against our own Resolutions to the contrary, 2 S. Pet. ii. 22.

10. Against our Solemn Vows to God, Psal. lxi. 8. Ecclef. v. 4, 5.

11. Against the Checks of our own Consciences, Rom. ii. 15. and vii. 15.

12. Against the Motions of God's Spirit dire&ing to do otherwise, Ephef. iv. 30. Rev. iii. 20.

13. With frequent Repetitions of them, Jer. iv. 14. Fob xiii. 23. and xxii. s.

14. When Shameless and Daring, Jer. xiii. 27. and vi. 15. and viii. 12. Phil. iii. 19.

15. When they come to be delighted in, Jer. xi. 15. Ifa. lvi. 12.

II. Humiliation, Levit. xxvi. 40, 41, 42. Ezr. ix. 5,6,7. Dan. ix. 4, &c. Joel și. 12, 13. S. jam. iv. 8, 9, 10.

Which is to be, 1. Hearty, Foel ii. 13. Ifa. lvii. 15. Mal. ii. 2. 1 King. viii. 47, 48. and xxi. 27, 28, 29, Pfal. li. 6, 7. and lxvi. 18. 2. From right Motives; namely,

1. Because God is offended by Sin, Gen.xxxix. 9. S. Luk. xv. 21.

2. Because Christ died for it, Hebr. ix. 26, 28. Rom. iv. 25. 1 S. Joh. ii. 2. 1 S. Pet. iii. 18.

3. Because our Souls are defiled by it, S.Mar. vii. 15, 21, 22, 23. Tit. i. 15.

4. Because

4. Because it' enslaves us to Satan, 2 Tim. ii. 26.

5. Because it separates us from God, Ija. lix. 2.

6. Because it is the Cause of all Miferies, Psal. cvii. 17. Rom. V. 12.

The true Christian is not only forry for the Sting, but for the Shame of his Sins, Rom. vii. 24. 3. Adequated and fitted,

1. To the Number, Pfal. xxxviii. 4. and

2. To the Sizes of our Sins. Great Sins require great Repentance, great Provocations great Humiliation, Pfal. li.

4. Universal, Pfal.cxix. 6. and cxxxix. 23, 24.

1. For Omislions as well as Commissions ; these being,

1. Against God's Law, as well as they, 1 Thef.

xl. 12.

V. 22.

2. What we shall be judged for at the last Day, as well, yea rather than them, S. Matt. xxv. 10, 30, 41, &c.

It is a Sin to live without God, as well as against God, 2 Chron. XV. 3. Ephef. ii. 12.

2. For Secret and Hidden Sins, as well as those that are Open and Visible, Psal. xix. 12. Now our Secret Sins,

1. Are all known to, and observed by God, Psal. xc. 8. Gen. vi. s.

2. Will rack the Conscience, Psal. xxxviii.4.

3. Must be brought to Judgment against us, as well as others, Ecclef. xii. 14. Rom. ii. 16. S.Luk.

viii. 17

3. For those of our Heads as well as Hearts, S. Mar. xvi. 16. and Gal. v. 20. Heresies are reckoned amongst those Sins, which debar the Offender of an Entrance into Heaven:


4. For


4. For little, as well as greater Sins. These being all contrary,

1. To the Nature of God, Levit. xi. 44.
2. To the Law of God, i S.Joh. iii. 4.
3. Are Offences in bis Sight, I Thel. v. 22.
4. Deserve his Wrath, Rom. vi. 23.
S. Defile the Sopl, Tif. i. 15. 2 Cor. vii. 1.

6. Exclude out of Heaven, S. Matt. y. 19. Rev. xxi. 27.

7. Are unpardonable without Christ, Ezek. xviii. 4

8. Are avoided by the Saints of God, as well as great Ones, Psal. cxix. 113.

Nay, we are not only to be humbled for little Şins, as well as great Ones; but in some Sense more. Especially considering, that,

1. They are more frequently committed, Pfal. xix. 12.

2. With less Reluctancy, job xxxiv. 32.

3. We have been seldomer humbled for them. Great and daring Sins shock the Conscience, and make a Man ready to cry out with Hazael, 2 King: yiii. 13. And again, when committed, wound and grieve the Soul, like those, A{t. ix. 5. and ļike S. Peter, S. Mart. xxvi. 75. but little Sin's


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III. Confession of Sin.

i. To Almighty God, Ezra.x. 11. Levit. xxvi. 40, 42. Psal. xxxii. 5. This Confession is to bę,

1. Hearty and sincere, not with our Mouths only, bui with our Hearts and Souls. Our Hearts must be Unisons with our Tongues herein, Pfal. xxxiv. 18.

2. With Humiliation and Sorrow of Mind, Ezra x. 1, 6. Pfal. xxxiv. 18. S. Luk. xviii. 13.


To make Confession of Sin without Humiliation for it, is to commit Sin whilst we confess it, Ezr. ix. 5,6,7. 2 King. xxii. 19, 20. Nehem. i. 4,&c. Ezek. xvi. 63.

3. General, Levit. xviij. 21. Never a sin that is known to us, but must be acknowledged to God; Secret as well as Open, Pfal. xix. 12.

4. Particular. We must not only confess all Sins in general, but every Sin in particular, Pfal. li. 4.

5. With the Aggravations of it. The killing Aggravations are to be confessed wherewith our Sins are cloathed, as well as naked Sias, Dan. ix. 13. Lament. i. 20.

6. Loathing ourselves for it. Though Sin be sweet in Commission, it should be bitter in Confesion. What we confess to God, we are to Toath in ourselves, 1 King. viii

. 35. 2 Sam. xxiv. 10. Ezek. xx. 43. and xxxvi. 31.

7. With Prayer to God, Dar, ix. 4, 20.
1. For Pardon, Psal. li. 9. S. Luk. xviii.

13. Hof. v. 15.
2. For Victory over it, Pfal. li. 7, 10.
2. TO Men, 2 Sam. xii. 13. S. Luk. xv. 21.

1. When the Conscience is troubled with it. When any Şin lies heavy upon our Minds, we are to confess it to others, that we may be helped by their Prayers, S. Jam. y. 16. 1 Sam. XV. 30.

2. When the Soul is foiled by it. When we are like to be worsted by any Sin, we are to call in for Help from others, i S. Job. i. 8. Josh. vii. 20.

3. When God is eminently provoked, Air. xxii. 4. 1 Tim. i. 15.

IV. Conversion and Amendment, lfa. 1. 16, 17: 1 $. Per. iii. 11.

1. From

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