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II. Why should we take this Yoke upon us ?

1. We should take the Yoke of His Doctrine upon us ;

1. Because it is Divine, 2 Tim. iii. 16.
2. And therefore certain and true, S. Matt.
V. 18.

of His Commands ; because,
1. They are Righteous, Rom. vii. 12. Pfal.
cxix. 116.

Easy, S. Matt. xi. 30. 1 S. Joh.
v. 3. Vid. Vol. X. Serm. 2d of this

of His Cross.
1. Because He did, Phil. iii. 10.
2. Because it is profitable, Hebr. xii.. 10.
1. For the fubduing of Sin, Psal. cxix.

67, 71.

quickning of Grace.
2. evidencing God's Love to us, Hebr.
4. testifying our Love to Him.

5. raising in us Desires of Heaven. Now, to persuade you to take Christ's Yoke upon you;

1. Christ took your Yoke upon Him.

1. The Yoke of Obedience, Phil ii. 8.

of Punishment, 2 Cor. V. 21. 2. If you take not Christ's Yoke upon you ; you

must have the Devil's, S. Matt. vi. 24.
3. Christ's Yoke will free you from That of

4. It is the Badge of a Christian.
5. Take His Yoke on your shoulders now, and

He will set His Crown on your Head hereafter,
S. Matt, xi. 29: 2 Tim. iv. 8.


xii. 6,7


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S. MATT. xi. 29.

And learn of me.
CHR. From His Precepts.

HRIST's Disciples should learn of Him.
1. What to believe.
1. In the Trinity, S. Joh. xiv. 1. S. Matt.

xxviii. 19.
2. In His Incarnation, S. Fab. i. 4.

Satisfaction for the Sins of Men, 1 Tim. i. 15.

His Resurretion and aurs, i Cor.

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XV. I 2.


Interceffion, Hebr. viis 25.
2. What to do.

1. Repent, S. Matt. iv. 17.
2. Love our Enemies, S. Matt., V. 44.
3. To do unto others, as we would they

should do unto us, S. Matt. yii. 12. 4. To fear none but GOD, S. Matt. 7. 28.

3. How to pray, S. Matt

. vi. 9. S. Luk. xi. 2.

. 1. To seek GOD's Glory firit, Cor.

X. 31. 2. Spiritual Things before Temporal. 3. To desire but Food and Raiment con

venient, Prov. xxx. 8. I Tim. vi. 8. 4. To have a Sense of GOD's Greatness

and Mercy, when we come before

Him. 5. To praise Him for Mercies receiv'd.

[See the Exposition on S. Matt. vi. 9, 10, 11, c.]

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1. From


xvi. 24.]

1. From His Practice.
1. How to live, even like Him, so as to fol-

Loto Him in universal Goodness. [ See

this more largely explain’d upon S. Matt. 2. How to die

1. With Patience, Ifa. liii. 7.
2. Trust in GOD, S.Matt. xxvii:46.
3. Committing ourselves into His Hands,

S, Luk. xxiii. 46. II. Reasons of this Command, or why we are to learn of Christ:

1. He is our Master, S. Fob. xiii 13.

2. This was one End of His Conversing fo long amongst Men. UI. Arguments to enforce the Practice of it.

Consider, 1. What a Mercy it is, that He hath vouchsafed to teach us, S. Matt. xi, 25.

2. We may be certain, that what He said and did was good, and therefore most fit and necessary for us to do and follow, S. Joh. vii. 46.

3. The Disciples always follow'd Him, i Cor. xi. .

4. This is the only Mark of our being His Disciples.

5. Learn of Him, and live with Him.

Si Matt.

S. Matt. xi. 29. For I am meek and lowly in Heart.


HRIST's Disciples should be,

1. Meek.

2. Lowly.
1. Wherein does Meekness consist?

In the right ordering of the Passion of Anger ; that we be not angry,

I. Without a just Cause, S. Matt. v. 22.
2. Nor in a just Cause too angry, Gen.

xlix. 7.
3. Not too long, Ephef. iv. 26.
4. Nor to an ill Énd, Prov. xxi. 24.

5. Nor so as to utter Folly, Psal. cvi. 33. 2. Why should we be thus meek? 1. Consider the Nature of Anger, Prov. xxvii. 4.

the Effects of it. 1. It hinders all Good, S.Jam. i. 20. I Tim.

ii. 8. 2. It darkens the Understanding, Gen.

xxxiv, 25. 1 Sam. XXV. 13, 22. Ουδως μετ' οργής ασφαλώς βολεύεται. Μenand. 3. It confounds the Thoughts. An eft

quicquam fimilius infania quàm ira?


It stifles all Virtues, Justice, Mercy,
S. Jam. ii. 13. Meekness, Patience,

Hebr. x. 36. 5. Raises Strifes and Contentions. "3. Anger is giving way to Satan, Ephef.


iv. 27.

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4. The wise. Man advises not to make

Friendship with the Angry, Prov. xxii.

24. Whereas, Meekness 5. Is the Fruit of the Spirit, Gal. v. 22, 23. 6.

the Sign of Wisdom, S. Jam. iii. 13. 7. an Argument of Valour, Prov. xvi.32. 8. It allays Strife, Prov. xv. 1. 9. Brings a Blesing, S. Matt. v. 3. Pfal.

Xxxvii, 11. 10. God will teach the Meek, Pfal. xxv. 9.

and establish them, Psal. cxlvii. 6. and

fave them, Psal. cxlix. 4.
11. Our Saviour was so.
2. What is it to be lowly? This implies,
1. Humility towards GOD. Consisting,
1. In the Acknowledgment of our Imper-

fections in Respect of Him, Ifa. xl. 6.
Fob xlii. 6.

of our Sins and Guilt, Rom.
iü. 19. S. Luk. xviii. 11.
3. In Submission to His Judgments, 1 Sam.

iii. 18. Job i. 21.
4. Admiring His Ways, Rom. xi. 33, 34-
5. Reverence in His Prefence, Gen. xviii.

27. Ecclef. v. 1, 2, 3. Rev.iv. 10.
6. Thinking nothing too low for us to do
for Him, Phil. ii. 8. S. Joh. xiii. 14.

towards Men; as,
d. Not to think ourselves wiser, Prov.
xxvi. 12.

nor better than others, Phil.
ii. 3. Rom. xii. 10. 1 Tim. i. 15.
3. Not affect Honour and Preeminence,

S. Matt. xxii. 6, 7, 8.
4. Nor to carry ourselves beyond our



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