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With a good old fashion, when Christmas was come,
To call in all his old neighbours with bagpipe and drum,
With good cheer enough to furnish every old room,
And old liquor able to make a cat speak, and man dumb ;

Like an old courtier, &c.

With an old falconer, huntsmen, and a kennel of hounds,
That never hawk’d, nor hunted, but in his own grounds;
Who, like a wise man, kept himself within his own bounds,
And when he died, gave every child a thousand good pounds;

Like an old courtier, &c.'

But to his eldest son his house and lands he assign’d,
Charging him in his will to keep the old bountiful mind,
To be good to his old tenants, and to his neighbours be kind :
But in the ensuing ditty you shall hear how he was inclined;

Like a young courtier of the king's,
And the king's young courtier.

Like a flourishing young gallant, newly come to his land,
Who keeps a brace of painted madams at his command,
And takes up a thousand pounds upon his father's land,
And gets drunk in a tavern till he can neither go nor stand :

Like a young courtier, &c.

With a newfangled lady, that is dainty, nice, and spare,
Who never knew what belong’d to good housekeeping or care,
Who buys gaudy-colour'd fans to play with wanton air,
And seven or eight different dressings of other women's hair :

Like a young courtier, &c.

With a new-fashion'd hall, built where the old one stood,
Hung round with new pictures that do the poor no good,
With a fine marble chimney, wherein burns neither coal nor wool,
And a new smooth shovel board, whereon no victuals e'er stood :

Like a young courtier, &c.

With a new study, stuff'd full of pamphlets and plays,
And a new chaplain, that swears faster than he prays,
With a new buttery hatch, that opens once in four or five days,
And a new French cook, to devise fine kickshaws and toys :

Like a young courtier, &c.

With a new fashion, when Christmas is drawing on,
On a new journey to London straight we all must begone,
And leave none to keep house, but our new porter John,
Who relieves the poor with a thump on the back with a stone ;

Like a young courtier, &c.

With a new gentleman usher, whose carriage is complete,
With a new coachman, footmen, and pages to carry up the meat,
With a waiting gentlewoman, whose dressing is very neat,
Who, when her lady has dined, lets the servants not eat;

Like a young courtier, &c.

With new titles of honour, bought with his father's old gold,
For which sundry of his ancestors' old manors are sold ;
And this is the course most of our new gallants hold,
Which makes that good housekeeping is now grown so cold

Among the young courtiers of the king,
Or the king's young courtiers.




WHEN this old cap was new,

'Tis since two hundred years ; No malice then we knew,

But all things plenty were : All friendship now decays

(Believe me this is true); Which was not in those days,

When this old cap was new.

The nobles of our land

Were much delighted then,

To have at their command

A crew of lusty men,
Who by their coats were known,

Of tawny, red, or blue,
With crests on their sleeves shown,

When this old cap was new.

Now pride hath banish'd all,

Unto our land's reproach, When he whose means is small

Maintains both horse and coach :

Instead of a hundred men,

The coach allows but two; This was not thought on then,

When this old cap was new.

Good hospitality

Was cherish'd then of many ; Now poor men starve and die,

And are not help'd by any : For charity waxeth cold,

And love is found in few ; This was not in time of old,

When this old cap was new.

Where'er you travelld then,

You might meet on the way Brave knights and gentlemen,

Clad in their country grey ; That courteous would appear,

And kindly welcome you ; No Puritans then were,

When this old cap was new.

Our ladies in those days

In civil habit went; Broad cloth was then worth praise,

And gave the best content : French fashions then were scorn'd ;

Fond fangles then none knew; Then modesty women adorn'd,

When this old cap was new.

A man might then behold,

At Christmas, in each hall,

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