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4. “ On thee, my gracious God, I call, What canst thou profit by my

fall? Shall silence songs of glory raise?

Or shall the dust declare thy praise? 5 O, hear me, Lord of mercy, hear,

And be my Savior strong and near,
Rebuke my fever, ease' my pain,

Restore me, Lord, to health again.” 6 Thus did my soul awhile bemoan,

And sooth'd her sorrows with a groad; The 'Alınighty heard my praying breath

And snatch'd me from the jaws of death. 7 No more the raging fever burns,

My mourning God to dancing turns;
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,

And ease and gladness gird me round. 8 'Tis to this end, eternal King,

My glory shall thy goodness sing,
And I'll che sovreign hand adore,
That did my life to health restore.

PSALM 31. Part 1. C. M.

Deliverance from death.
I IN thee, my God, I put my trust,

Nor am I brought to shame;
When fainting life draws near the dust,

I triumph in thy name."
3 O, God my Fortress, God my Rock,

My soul in safety keep;
O lead me, Shepherd of the flock,

Among thy chosen sheep. 4. To thee my spirit I commit,

Eternal God of truth,
Oft hast thou sav'd me from the pit,

And oft renew'd my youth.

4 In trouble thou hast known my soul,

When bordering on the grave; Now let thine hand my pains control,

My life in kindness save. 5 My days are spent in silent grief,

Mine eyes consume with pain; And will the Lord afford relief?

Or must I seek in vain?,
6 Reproach and slander wound mine ears,

The sons of blood and strife
On either side excite my fears,

And think to take my life.
7 My times, O God, are in thine hand,
Thou dost


And must their bold devices stand?

Must I become their prey?
8 Away this dark desponding gloom,

That does my mind surcharge;*
The Lord will sure reverse my doom,

And set my feet at large.
9 Command, O God, chy face to shine,

And heaven within me make,
O, cheer my soul with light divine,
For God, my Savior's sake.

PSALM 31. Part 2. C. M.

Deliverance from slander. | MY soul rejoices in thy name,

My God, mine heavenly trust,
Thou hast preserv'd my face from shame,

Mine honor from the dust.
2 " My life is spent with grief, I cried,

My songs are turn'd to groans,

* To surcharge, to overburden.

in store;

My strength decays, mine eyes are dried,

And sorrow wastes my bones.” 3 Among mine enemies my name

A proverb vile was grown,
While to my neighbors I became

Forgotten or unknown.
4 On either side reproach and fear

Beset my soul around,
I to the throne of grace drew near,

And speedy rescue found. 5 How great the wonders God has wrought,

How great his grace
The lying tongue to shame is brought,

And made to speak no more.
6 The saints shall in his presence hide,

In vain their foes assail,
The strife of tongues, the lips of pride,

Shall ne'er by lies prevail.
✓ I said, but ah! I spake in haste,

I'm banish'd from my King,
My soul shall ne'er his mercy taste,

Nor I his glory sing.
8 0, love the Lord, all ye his saints,

Who heard my weeping voice;
He'll bend his ear to your complaints,
And make your hearts' rejoice.

PSALM 32. S. M.

Forgiveness on confession, 1 BLEST are the godly seed,

Whose sins are cover'd o'er; Divinely blest the men indeed,

Who God offend no more. 2 The Lord imputes no sin

To whom he grace imparts,

Nor guilt nor guile is found within

Their unsuspicious hearts. 3 When I proud silence kept,

Nor would my sins unfold,
My guilty eyes for anguish wept,

And all my bones grew old. 4 The Lord's almighty hand

Opprest me night and day;
My moisture, like a parched land

In summer, dri'd away. 5 Then I confest my guilt,

When I could scarce endure,
The blood of Christ for sinners spilt,

I found a speedy cure.
6 Come, sinners, lay your crimes

Before the Savior's throne; Our help, in dark distressing times,

Is found in God alone. 7 Redeem'd and sav'd by grace,

My faith in Christ is strong; Immanuel is my dwelling place, My Savior is my song.

PSALM 32. C. M.

The pardoned sinner. 1 HOW happy must the sinner be,

Whose guilt is cover'd o'er; For ever blest indeed is he,

Who God offends no more. 2 He flies the 'enticing ways of sin,

And acts a faithful part, Nor guilt nor guile is found within

His unsuspicious heart. 3 His spirit hates deceit and lies,

He makes the Lord his fear;


Amid a tempting world he tries

To keep his conscience clear. 4. While I mine inward guilt supprést,

I could no comfort find; Thy wrath, O God, disturb'd my rest,

And rack d'my torturd mind.
5 Then I besought thy power to save,

To thee my sins reveald;
My pard'ning God my sins forgave,

His blood my pardon seald.
6 For this shall all the godly pray,

While mercy may be found; And sinners haste without delay,

To hear the gospel sound.
When sorrows like a foaming flood;

O'er guilty nations roll,
I'll haste to Jesus, plead his blood,
And thus secure my soul

PSALM 32. Part 1. L. M.

Christ our righteousness. 1 BLEST is the man, for ever blest,

Whose guilty soul is cover'd o'er, And in his Savior's raiment drest,

The stain of sin appears no more. 2 Blest is the man, whom God forgives,

And will no more impute his sin,
For ever blest in God he lives,

The joys of heaven on earth begin. 3 From guile his heart and lips are free,

His humble faith, his holy fear,
With deep repentance well agree,

And join to prove his love sincere. 4 He keeps his garments white and clean,

Or if a spot of guilt remain,

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