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PSALM 23. Part 1. L M,

God our Shepherd. 1 THE Lord, my Shepherd, knows his sheep,

And will for all their wants provide;
He doth my soul in safety keep,

And is mine everlasting guide. 2.In verdeni* fields my pasture grows,

Beneath the cooling shade I rest,
There living water gently flows,

And all my nourishment is blest. 3 When Satan by some bold attack,

Hlas turn'd mine erring feet astray,
He brings the helpless wand'rer back,

And guides me lest I lose the way. 4 Yea, should I walk the gloomy vale,

If Christ, my Lord, my life, appear,
Not death with horrors grim and pale

Can fill my joyful soul with fear. 5 I know his voice; lis gentle look

Bespeaks the kind forgiving God,
He guides me safe, his friendly crook

Directs my way beneath his rod. 6 My table God has richly spread,

Before my foes I daily sup,
His joyful oil anoints mine head,

His generous wine o’erflows my cup. 7. Jesus, who snatch'd me first from hell,

Shall me from grace to glory raise;
I shall with God for ever dwell,
And in his temple sing his praise.

PSALM 23. Part 2. L. M.

Christ the good Shepherd. 1 THE Lord of heaven my Shepherd is, I shall not want, if I be his,

Verdant, green.

He will my soul in safety keep,

Among the thousands of his sheep. 2 He brings me where his flock is seen,

To feed on pastures fresh and green;
He leads me near the water side,

Where living streams in silence glide. 3 If once my feet mistake his way

(And sheep, alas! are prone to stray,) His cheering staff, his chastening rod,

Restore and bring me back to God. 4 Yea, should I death's dark valley tread,

Nor death nor danger would I dread,
I'd take my comfort from above,

And die rejoicing in his love.
5 My murmuring foes with envy fret,

For God has well my table set;
With oil he makes my face to shine,

My cup o'erflows with generous wine. 6 I'm sure, from sweet experience past,

That God will own my soul at last;
Within his house I hope to 'abide
And like a child at home reside.

PSALM 73. C. M.

The Lord will provide. | MY Shepherd is the Lord most high,

In whom the sheep confide;
I shall not want; for Christ is nigh,

My Guardian and my Guide. 2 In pastures green, o'er flowery meads,

Beside the purling* brook,
Me, like a sheep, my Shepherd leads

With heaven's mysterious crook, 3 When I his holy way misiake

He doh my soul restore,

* Purling, flowing with a gentie nvise.

And leads me for his mercy's sake

That I may stray no more. 4 Yea, should I walk through shades of death,

His presence is my stay;
A word of God's supporting breath

Drives all my fears away.
5 Before my murmuring foes I sup,

My board is richly spread,
His generous wine o'erflows my cup,

His oil anoints mine head.
6 His goodness shall my days attend,

His mercy guard me well;
Within his house and near my friend

I would for ever dwell.
7 There would I find a settled rest

(While others go and come) No more a stranger or a guest,

But like a child at home.

PSALM 23. S. M.

The bounty of Providence. 1 THE Lord my Shepherd is,

I shall be well supplied;
If God vouchsafe* to call me his,

No good shall be denied.
3 Where heavenly pastures grow

He makes his sheep to lie,
There living streams in silence flow,

Sweet streams that never die. 3 If e'er I turn astray

He doth my soul reclaim,
And leads me, lest I lose the way,

For his most holy name.

To vouchsafe, to condescend.

4 If God afford his aid,

I cannot yield to fear;
Not death shall make my soul afraid,

If Christ, my life, appear. 5 Invidious* foes repine,

To see my table spread;
My cup o'erflows with generous wine,

His oil anoints mine head.
6 Redeem'd from death and hell,

His love shall me pursue,
I shall with God for ever dwell,
For all his words are true.

PSALM 24. C. M.

Dwelling with God. 1 THIS earth, and all this earth contains,

Belongs, () God, to thee; And while the 'establish'd world remains,

It rests on thy decree.
2 Thou hast on earth a dwelling found

For tribes of different blood;
Here hast thou fixt the solid ground,

And there the swelling flood.
3 But who, my God, shall see thy face

On yon celestial hill?
The man who humbly trusts thy grace,

But works thy righteous will.
4. His hands are clean, his heart is pure,

Inspird with heavenly love;
This man shall find the blessing sure

And dwell with God above.
5 Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates,

Your pearly leaves unfold;

* Invidious, enyiovs.

The King of glory, lo! he waits!

Let all his saints behold.
6 The King of glory! who can tell

The wonders of his might!
He rules the nations; but to dwell
With saints is his delight.

PSALM 24. L. M.

The residence of the saints.
1 THIS earth, O God, is thine, with all

Who dwell on this terrestrial ball;
Thy right to rule us is divine,

The fullness of the world is thine.
2 The world, O God, by thee was made,

The building on the sea was laid,
And given to men, a chosen race,

To be their transient dwelling place.
3 But who, my God, with Christ shall rise

To fairer worlds in yonder skies?
Who shall perform thy sovreign will,

And dwell for ever on thine hill?
À The man whom pride can ne'er allure,

Whose hands are clean, whose heart is pure,
Who ne'er has sworn by God in vain,

This man shall heaven at last attain. 5 These are the blest of human kind,

Who seek thy face, and favor find;
They shall enjoy the blissful sight,

And dwell in everlasting light.
6 Rejoice, ye shining worlds on high,

Behold the King of glory nigh!
Who can this King of glory be?

The Lord omnipotent is he.
7 Ye heavenly gates, your leaves display,

To make the Lord, the Savior, way,

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