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We greatly will rejoice in thee

For thou hast made thy people free. 2 Before we seek, the blessings sent

Does of our numerous wants prevent,
Our heavenly King will ne'er withhold

The choicest gifts of grace or gold. 3 'Twas in a time of arduous* strife,

To God we pray'd to grant us life,
The life we sought was freely giv'n

And all our foes were homeward driv'n. 4 The Lord with strong and mighty hand,

Appear’d to save our injurd land,
His heart our righteous cause approv'd

And in his strength we stood unmov'd. 5 Fierce as a burning furnace glows

And all its rage and redness shows,
His vengeance on invaders beat,

And flam'd with more destructive heat. 6 Jesus, our sovreign King, abhors

Oppressive laws and bloody wars,
His hand shall soon destroy their seed,

Who triumph in the lawless deed. 7 His bow is drawn, his strings are tight,

His arrows well prepard for flight,
With dreadful aim against his face,

Who loves to 'oppress the human race. 8 Almighty Lord, exalt thy name,

With liberty the world inflame;
So shall the church thy glory sing,
And praise thy power, eternal King.

PSALM 21. Part 2. L. M.

Christ exalted to the kingdom. I DAVID rejoic'd in God his strength, Rais'd to the throne by special grace;

* Arduous, difficult

But Christ, bis Son, is born at length,

A King o'er all the human race. 2 Jehovah rais'd his kingdom high,

And gave the world to his command; The gospel brought his glory nigh

And spread his name o’er every land. 3 High seated on the 'eternal hills,

For saints our Intercessor prays;
The Father grants whate'er he wills,

And crowns his life with endless days. 4 Honor and majesty divine,

In Christ the hosts of heaven behold; On earth his royal glories shine,

And far surpass the purest gold. 5 Made heir to heaven's eternal crown,

His Father's hand shall find out those, And in his anger tread them down,

Who dare his royal Son to 'oppose. 6 As burning ovens rage

with heat, Fan'd by the wind, and i'ed with coals, So shall his vengeance on them beat,

His wrath devour their guilty souls. 7 The 'unchanging God has thus decreed,

(And who shall make his purpose vain) To root from earth the serpent's seed,

And bind the dragon in his chain. 8 The dreadful bow of death is bent

With arrows trembling on the string, To disappoint their curst intent,

Who treason plot against their King. 9 0, Lord, exalt thy wond'rous name,

Thy throne o'er all thy rivals raise,
So shall thy foes be fillid with shame,

And loyal subjects shout thy praise.

PSALM 22. Part 1. C. M.

The complaint of Christ. 1 MY God, my God, why should I be

An outcast from thy throne, Why has


God forsaken me
And left me thus alone.
2 I tell thee my complaints by day,

But meet with no relief;
By night to thee for help I pray,

But darkness adds to grief.
3 Our fathers made thy name their trust,

Nor were expos’d to shame; But I'm despis'd, and low in dust

The wicked tread my name.
4. With shaking heads they pass me by,

And laugh my soul to scorn;
In vain he trusts in God, they cry,

His hope has prov'd forlorn.
5 O, God, who first inspired my breath,

And caus'd my lungs to heave, Behold me now condem'd to death,

And ne'er thy servant leave.
6 Beset with rav’ning beasts around

I feel my strength relax,
I'm pour'd like water on the ground,

Mine heart dissolves like wax.
7 From earth and hell my sorrows meet,

My foes their victim bind,
They nail my hands, they pierce my feet,

And vex my sorrowing mind.
8 With cruel spear they touch mine heart,

The soldiers spare me not,
Among them, they my garments part,

My vesture take by lot.

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9 0, Lord, my strength, thine help afford,

From dogs thy darling save,
My soul deliver from the sword,

Or raise me from the grave, 10 If it consist with thy decree,

Withhold this bitter cup;
But I resign myself to thee
And drink the sorrows up.

PSALM 22. Part 2. C. M.

Public thanksgiving i 1 I WILL declare


Among my kindred race,
Amid the church will I proclaim

The wonders of his grace.
2 Come ye, who fear my God, and say

How gracious is our Lord,
He never turn'd the poor away

Nor once his prayer abhord.
3 The meek shall eat. With plenty fed

The praise lo God they give;
And all who seek the living bread,

In Christ shall ever live.
5 The race of man from distant parts

Shall call his grace to mind,
Shall turn to God with willing hearts

And peace and pardon find. 5 The kingdom now to Christ belongs,

He rules by God's decree;
Ye nations, hail him in your songs,

Ye princes, how the knee.
7 A-numerous offspring must arise

From one victorious deed,
They shail be precious in his eyes
And counter for his seed.

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7 The saints his righteousness shall show

And worship God the Son;
A people yet unborn shall know
The wonders God has done.

PSALM 22. L. M.
Christ's sufferings and exaltation,
| NOW let our mournful songs record

The dying sorrows of our Lord,
When on the cross liis soul complain'd

And blood his sacred temples stain'd. 2 The Jews behold him thus forlorn

And shake their heads and laugh in scorn, • He rescued others from the grave,

Now let him try himself to save.
3 This is the man did once pretend,

God was his father, God his friend;
If in this sufferer God delight,

Why has he cast him from his sighı?” 4. O, savage people! cruel priests!

How they stood round like raging beasts;
Like lions gaping to devour

When God had left him in their power.
5 They wound his head, his hands, his feet,

'Till streams of blood each other meet, And ridicule the dying pangs

In which the loving Savior hangs.
6 With careful hands, but cruel hearts,

His garments they divide in parts,
And sporting on the mournful spot

His seamless vesture take by lot.
7 But God, his Father, heard his cry,

Rais'd from the dead he reigns on high;
As King the nations hail him now,
And in his presence princes bow.


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