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2 Jesus, how absolute he reigns!

Let every mortal bend the knee,
Speak of his love in heavenly strains,

Who suffer'd on the accursed tree. 3 He reigns in everlasting day,

How bright the face of Jesus is;
Fly thro the world, () sun, and say,

“ My face is dark compar'd with his.” 4 Awake, ye tempests, rage and lower,

With awful strength and fury fly,
Your strength is weakness to his power,

Who sends you roaring thro the sky, 5 Ye clouds and winds and waves conspire,

And high as heaven your voices raise;
Vapor and hail and snow and fire,

Resound discordant notes of praise. 6 Ye monsters, grown to dreadful size,

To praise your Maker's name engage,
For while his vengence fires your eyes,

His power restrains your glowing rage. 7 Mountains and trees and fruitful vines,

Begin your songs of glory now;
Ye forests, wave your stately pines,

And in bis awful presence bow.
8 Ye birds, his praise must be your theme,

Who well for music form'd your notes, His praise, whom impious men blaspheme,

Must warble sweetly thro your throats. 9 Mortals, can you restrain the tongue,

When nature all around you sin ,s?
O! for a shout trom old and young,

From humble swains and lofty kings. 10 To Jesus songs of glory raise,

The praise belongs to God alone;

Loud as his thunder shout his praise,

And sound it high to reach his throne. 11 Jehovah Jesus, chant it 'round,

With all the powers of charming voice, Let every sinner catch the sound,

And every saint in God rejoice. 12 Speak of the wonders of that love,

Which Gabriel plays on every chord;
Let all below and all above,
Sing alleluas to the Lord.

PSALM 148. S. M.

Universal praise. 1 LET every creature try

To praise the 'eternal King;
Let heaven and earth and sea and sky,

In general concert sing.
2 Begin, ye heavenly throngs,

Who stand around his seat,
Let Gabriel lead the joyful songs,

And Raphael keep the beat. 3 Ye sons of human race,

Join with the virgin band,
And next to cherubs claim the place,

Where all your choirs must stand. 4 Thou sun, with golden beams,

Assist the silver moon,
Thy Maker's brightness on thee streams,

"Tis God creates thy noon. 5 From God thy being came,

Thy parent is divine,
He form'd thy light of living flame,

And thou for God must shine. 6 Thou moon, with palcr rays,

Join with the king of day,

Ye starry lights, ye milky ways,

Your twinkling eyes display. 7 Ye vapors, when ye rise,

Or fall in showers, or snow,
Ye thunders murm'ring 'round the skies,

His power and glory show. 8 Wind, hail, and flaming fire,

To praise the Lord agree,
When all in dreadful storms conspire,

Fulfilling his decree.
9 By things in heaven above

His honors are exprest;
But saints, who taste his saving love,
Should sing his praises best.

PAUSE FIRST. 10 Ye monsters of the deep,

Your Maker's glory spout,
Rouse from your liquid beds of sleep,

And lash the waves, about. 11 Ye lions of the wood,

His sovreign word obey;
Praise ye the Lord, the just, the good,

Who fills your mouths with prey.
12 Let every tamer beast

Adore his sacred name;
And while on grassy food you feast,

Praise him, who made you tame. -13 Ye birds of warbling note,

With mirth and song sublime, Frequent the groves, and there devote

To God your sacred time. 14 Ye reptiles mean of birth,

Your tongues his praise should hiss, hile basking in your hours of mirth, You feel the sunny bliss.

15 Insects the least of all

To God your voices raise,
Nor think your little tongues too small

To sing your Maker's praise. 16 By tongues of every race,

His honors are exprest,
But saints, who know his heavenly grace,
Should learn to praise him best.

PAUSE SECOND. 17 Ye rocks of solid form,

That storms can never shock,
While you sustain the raging storm,

Adore the living Rock.
18 Ye mountains, and ye hills,

Attempt the pleasing strains, Break forth with songs in purling* rills,

And murmur thro the plains. 19 Ye cedars tall and fair,

Ye shrubs and fruitful trees, Catch from the hills the vividt air,

And rustle with the brecze. 20 Monarchs of wide command,

Praise ye the sovreign King; Judges, adore the potent hand

from whence your honors spring. 21 Let vigorous youth engage

To sound bis praises high; While growing babes and withering age

Their feebler voices try. 22 United zeal be shown,

His wond'rous fame to raise;
God is the Lord, his name alone
Deserves our endless praise.

* Purling, gently flowing.
i hvid, lively, quick, spritely.

23 Let nature join with art,

And all pronounce him blest;
But saints who dwell so near his heart,
Should sing his praises best.
PSALM 149. Part 1. C. M.

All saints. 1 PRAISE ye the Lord. Let Greek and Jew

Join in the assembled throng;
Your hearis be glad, your songs be new,

And Jesus be your song.
2. Let youth his sacred praise advance,

And in their God rejoice;
Let virgins praise him in the dance,

With cheerful heart and voice.
3. The Lord takes pleasure in the just,

: Whom sinners treat with scorn;
The meek, who lie despis'd in dust,

Salvation shall ado: n.
4 Saints should be joyful in their King,

When on a dying bed;
And like the saints in glory sing,

For God shall raise the dead.
5 Ye saints, the hour is near at hand,

Rejoice with one accord;
We shall with Christ in glory stand,

ye the sovreign Lord.
PSALM 149. Part 2. C. M.

The invitation.
1 THE judgment trumpet sounds aloud,

The Judge himself is nigh;
Behold him on the flying cloud,
,, Descending from on high.
2 The Lord will on oppressors frown,

And show the saints his love;

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