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7 0, teach me, Lord, to do thy will,

And guide my feet to Zion's pill;
Let the good spirit of thy love

Conduct me to thy courts above.
8 Then shall my soul no more complain,

The tempter then shall rage in vain;
And flesh that was my foe before,
Shall never vex my spirit more.

PSALM 144. Part 1. C. M. Assistance and victory in the spiritual warfare, 1 I BLESS the God of boundless might,

My helmet and my shield,
Who forms me for the heavenly fight,

And leads me to the field,
2 God is my fortress, God my tower,

On him my soul relies;
I'll triumph in his conquering power,

Should hell against me rise.
3 Iu vain mine envious foes begin

Their unprovok'd attack,
For Jesus saves my soul from sin,

And drives the tempter back. 4 A friend and helper so divine,

My feeble faith can raise;
He makes the glorious victory mine,
And his shall be the praise. !

PSALM 144. Part 2. C. M.
Aprayer for the destruction and conversion of

God's enemies.
I LORD, what is man, rebellious man,

Of guilt and weakness made,
His longest days on earth a span,

His life a flying 'shade!

2 Shall such a worm lift up his head,

And like a mountain stand?
Shall he display no signs of dread

When God is near at hand?
3 Arrest unconscious sinners now,

Who thus thy wrath provoke,
The heavens with all thy glory bow,

And make the hills to smoke.
4 Cast forth thy lightnings, and employ

Thine all consuming cloud;
Shoot out thine arrows, and destroy

The 'opressive and the proud. 5 O send thy spirit frorn above,

To work a glorious change;
Convert them into sons of love,

From children base and strange. 6 So will we join to bless our King,

For grace divinely free,
And every harp, and every string,

Shall sound a note for thee.

PSALM 144. Part 3. C. M.

The happy nation.
1 HAPPY the land where gospel truth

Its heavenly light displays,
While reverend age and blooming youth

Perceive its golden rays. 2 There God his choicest blessing grants,

A pure and pleasing air;
The sons appear like thrifty plants,

In strength and beauty fair.
3 Like corner stones, a living row

Of virtuous daughters stand,
And polish'd like a palace show

The splendor of the land.

4 The garners overflow with grain,

And earth abounds with store, Along the street no tongues complain,

For heart can wish no more. 5 The Rocks of sheep have large increase

The beasts of craft. are strong;
No sons of plunder break the peace,

Nor do their neighbors wrong. 6 Jehovah is their only rest,

The saints are ever his; That nation is livinely blest, Whose king Jebovah is.

PSALM 145. L. M.

The greatness of God.
I I'LL magpisy my God and King,

His grace and greatness will I sing;
His praise shall well my tongue employ,

And fill iny cheerful soul with joy. 2 I'll bless the Lord; each morning ray

Shall hear some grateful note away,
And every setting sun prolong

The praise and triumph of the song.
3 Great is the Lord; in power supreme,

His goodness flows an endless stream;
His love is swift, his anger slow,

But dreadful to the stubborn foe. 4. Great is the Lord; let race to race

Declare the wonders of his grace;
His works with sovreign glory shine,

And show his majesty divine.
5 Let distant times and nations raise

The long succession of his praise;
And unborn ages yet arise,
To shout his glory to the skies.

6 But who can speak his glorious deeds,

His greatness language far exceeds;
Nor can the nobler powers of thought
Conceive the wonders God has wrought.

PSALM 145. Part 1. C. M.

The goodness of God.
| LONG as I live I 'il bless his name,

Who rules the world in love;
My work and joy shall be the same

In the bright world above.
2. I'll send my grateful songs away

To his celestial seat;
Perpetual praise from day to day

Shall fill the long repeat.
3 Great is the Lord in power and grace,

But who can speak his deeds?
His love to man's rebellious race,

Our language far exceeds!
4 His goodness cheers the world below,

In God the saints rejoice;
In mercy swift, in anger slow,

How gracious is his voice!
5 Fathers shall well instruct the youth,

And high his honors raise;
Ages to come proclaim his truth,

And far resound his praise.
6 His glorious deeds of ancient date,

hall thro the world be known; And every kingdom, every state,

The King of nations own.
7 The worlds are manag'd' by his hands,

He made and rules them all,
And his eternal kingdom stands,

When tottering empires fall.

PSALM 145. Part 2. C. M.

Providence and grace. | THE sweet remembrance of thy grace,

My God, my sovreign King, Let every realm and every race,

In hymns triumphant sing.
2 God reigns on high, bul ne'er confines

His goodness to the skies;
O’er all the world his bounty shines,

And every want supplies.
3 With longing eyes the creatures wait

On God for daily food;
His liberal hand in every strait,

Relieves the famish'd brood.
4 The Lord is good; he lov'd us all;

In works of mercy swift;
He gave us ransom at the fall,

And Jesus was the gift!
Let every creature, every tribe,

Exalt their Maker's name;
But saints who most his love imbibe, *
Should most his love proclaim.

PSALM 145. Part 3. C. M.

God's mercy to sufferers.
| LET every tongue thy goodness speak,

Thou sóvreign Lord of all;
Thy strength'ning hands uphold the weak,

And raise the poor that fall.
2 When sorrow bows the spirit down,

And virtue lies distrest,
Beneath some proud oppressor's frown,

Thou giv'st the mourners rest.

* To embibe, to drink in.

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