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3 I know thy judgments, Lord, are right,

Thy ways are just when understood,
The law of love is thy delight,

Afflictions only work our good. 4 Thy mercies are divinely free,

Thou canst repenting souls forgive;
Now let thy mercy come to me,

And let the mourning sinner live.
5 The proud have most perversely dealt,

And injur'd me without a cause;
But since thy chastening rod I felt,

I love and keep thy sacred laws.
6 Draw nigh, ye humble souls, draw nigh,
Who make the Lord


fear and trust, For God has heard my plaintive sigh,

And rais'd me sorrowing from the dust. Mine heart is in his statutes sound,

I'm not asham'd before his face, Reproach shall ne'er my soul confound, For all my hope is sovreign grace.

PSALM 119. Part 11. C. M.

Importunity and faith. 1 ATTEND, O God, to my complaints,

And let my prayer prevail; My soul for thy salvation faints.

Mine eyes with sorrow fail. 2 How numerous are my days of grief,

How pressing are my woes; Make haste, O Lord, to my relief,

And save me from my foes. 3 The proud have laid a thousand snares,

And made their party strong, Oppos'd to God the sinner dares To do his followers wrong.

4 Yet thy commands are just and true;

All heaven thy ways approve;
Thou wilt my foes and fears subdue,

And all my guilt remove.
5 Thy precepts, Lord, I ne'er forsook,

When foes around me stood;
I sought direction from thy book,

And found thy counsels good.
6 Now let thy word with life divine,

Revive my drooping heart,
My soul to thy commands incline,
And quicken every part.

PSALM 119. Part 12. C. M.

God perfect, man not so. 1 FOR ever, Lord, thy word abides,

And earth securely stands,
The heavens o'er which thy power presides,

Are settled by thine hands.
2 The laws of nature, fixt and sure,

With steady course proceed;
They must for ages yet endure,

For thou hast so decreed.
3 The sun and stars thy word obey,

And show thy power and skill;
Thy faithful servants, Lord, are they,

And must perform thy will.
4 Had not thy law been my delight,

When darkness o'er me spread,
I had been plung'd in endless night,

Had perish'd with the dead.
5 I feel thy love in every thought,

A pure and quickening flame;
O, save me, Lord, for I have sought
Salvation in thy name.

6 I've seen an end of what we call,

The pefect and the just,
How short the powers of nature fall,

How fraii is sinful dust.
7 In vain we strive to keep the law,

And pass the Savior by,
The holy spirit too must draw
Or man will ne'er comply
PSALM 119. Part 13. C. M.

True wisdom. 10, HOW I love the holy law,

'Tis daily my delight,
And thence my meditations draw

Divine advice by night.
2 Its precepts make me truly wise,

I profit by the rod,
In vain such wisdom men despise,

For saints are taught of God.
3 Let ancients* heaven and earth survey,

And all the seas explore;
The saints are wiser far than they,

For God has taught them more.
4 Not all my teachers could make known

A lesson so divine;
But Christ the path of life has shown,

His righteousness is mine.
5 To know the truth, to keep the heart,

Is knowledge well refin'd,
None but the spirit can impart

Such wisdom to the mind.
6 When God reclaim'd my wand'ring feet,

I sought his ways in haste;
0, then I found his promise sweet,

Like honey to my taste. • Ancients, natural men old and wise, unregenerate philosophers.

7 I would his precepts understand,

And learn to know my soul;
When shall I gain that self command,
That would my thoughts control?

PSALM 119. Part 14. C. M. Direction and comfort from the word. I THY word, O God, is all my light,

To mark my doubtful way,
The sacred lamp directs me right

And shines as bright as day.
2 I will perform what once I swore,

To keep thine holy law;
And while thy judgments I deplore,

My spirit stands in awe.
3 By sore afflictions much opprest,

I need thy quickening powers,
The word of truth on which I rest,

Shall cheer my darkest hours. 4 Accept my thanks, eternal King,

For all thy favors shown,
'Tis all the tribute I can bring,

To make thy goodness known. 5 I chuse the Savior for my party

I count the world but dross,
'Tis the rejoicing of mine heart,

To hover round the cross,
6 My soul is fill’d with strong desires

Thy statutes to fulfill,
And thus, till mortal life expires,
Would I perform thy will.

PSALM 119. Part 15. L. M.

Vain thoughts complained of., 1 I LOVE thy law, my dearest Lord,

And would my wand'ring mind control,

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But thoughts atrocious* and abhorr'd,

Rise and preplex my troubled soul. 2 God is my shield and hiding place,

When Satan throws his fiery darts,
Mine hope is in the word of grace,

What heavenly joy his word imparts 3 Away from me, ye sons of strife,

Nor touch me with your bloody hands, I love my Savior more than life,

And must obey his just commands.
4 His words of promise will uphold

A feeble conquerer in his name,
He makes my trembling spirit bold,

* Nor puts a living hope to shame.
5 His foot shall tread the wicked down,

As on the serpent first he trod;
Satan, the serpent, dreads his frown,

And trembles at the 'incarnate God.
6 The men who spurn a Savior's cross,

And in the cause of Satan join,
His hand shall put away like dross,

When sever'd from the golden coin. :7 My trembling flesh and spirit fear

The judgments of that awful day,
When Christ in glory shall appear,
And drive the wicked far away.

PSALM 119. Part 16. L. M. The wickedness of man complained of., "I LORD, I have truth and justice done,

I yet to truth and justice cleave;
Forsake me not, thou mightiest one,

Nor me to mine oppressors leave.
2 Be thou my surety, thou my God,
Nor let the proud afflict me sore,
• Atrocious, very wicked.

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