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or The poor in God shall find a friend,

He saves the humble souls;
In vain their powerful foes contend,

For God their rage controls.
& Now will I join the joyful throngs

That triumph o'er the proud; I'll bless my Savior in my songs, And sing his praise aloud.

PSALM 109. L. M. Love to enemies from the example of Christ. 1 JEHOVAH loves our sinful race,

His love in Christ shall be my theme, For thousands spurn his offer'd grace,

And daring infidels blaspheme. 2 When in the form of mortal man,

Jesus to save us sinners came, Slander in torrents o'er him ran,

And lies defil'd his sacred name. 3 With words of hatred, not applause,

The sons of earth beset him 'round, Became his foes without a cause,

But Christ in fervent prayer was found. 4 'T'was pity brought him from above,

But when in sinners' place he stood, They show'd him enmity for love,

And render'd evil for his good. 5 They nail'd him to the 'accursed tree,

But when his murderers pierc'd him thro, “ Forgive them, O my God, said he,

Father, they know not what they do." 6 Lord, shall thy bright example shine,

Like heavenly light before the blind;
O for a soul akin to thine,

To friends and foes divinely kind.

7 Now I mine envious toes forgive,

From me let malice far be driven; So shall my soul for ever live, And know her numerous sins forgiven.

PSALM 110. Part 1. L. M. Christ exalted and sinners converted, | JEHOVAH thus addrest my Lord,

“ At my right hand come take thy seat, 'Till all thy foes accurst, abhorr’d,

Became a footstool at thy feet. 2 The rod of strength from Zion goes,

The word of truth that mercy sends, Rule thou, my Son, amid thy foes,

Convert thine enemies to friends. 3 'Tis thine to give the power to will,

Thy spirit forms the soul anew, And grace descends from Zion's bill

Soft as the drops of giorning dew. 4. Yes, I have sworn nor can repent,

A priest for ever thou shalt be, As in thine order once I sent,

Melchisedeck the type of thee.
5 Great is thy power, almighty God,

Then what can feeble rebels do;
The kings, who dare thy dreadful rod,

Shall feel thy vengeance strike them thro. 6 The sword that from thy mouth proceeds,

Shall fill the world with millions slain; Victorious in triumphant deeds,

Thousands of thousands fill thy train. 7 As conquerers stoop to drink the stream,

And then pursue their glorious way;

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So thou beneath the sultry gleam*
Shalt in the brook thy thirst allay.”

PSALM 110. Part 2. L. M.,
The kingdom and priesthood of Christ.
1 THE 'eternal Father gave command,

And thus to God the Son he swore; “Thy priesthood shall for ever stand,

And change from hand to hand no more. 2 Aaron, and all his sons must die,

But everlasting life is thine,
To save for ever those, who fly

For refuge from the wrath divine. . 3, Melchisedeck was made by me

An holy priest and monarch both; And in his order thou shalt be

A King and Priest by solemn oath." 4 Jesus our King ascends his throne,

The word of power from Zion goes! Jesus our Priest has blood alone,

Effectual to subdue his foes. 5 His hand shall strike proud monarchs thro,

Who dare against the Lord to rise, Then what can feeble sinners do,

Who God's almighty Son despise. 8 The heads o'er many countries plac'd,

Expire beneath the fatal wound, Dethron'd, unburied, and disgrac'd,

Their lifeless bodies strew the ground.. 7 To do what Jesus undertook,

Not thirst can long detain the Son, He stoops to drink the purling brook,

But stops not till the cause is won.

* Gleam, sudden luster, dazel of arms.

PSALM 110. Part 3. L. M.

The conversion of the Gentiles.
i THUS God the 'eternal Father spake

To Christ the Son; ascend and sit
At my right hand, till I shall make

Repenting foes to thee submit.
2. From Zion shall thy word proceed,

Thy word the scepter in thine hand,
Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed,

And bow their wills to thy command, 4 That day shall show thy royal state,

When sinners feel the power of grace, And thousands croud thy temple gate

To see the beauties of thy face. 4. O blessed power! O glorious day!

When God creates our souls anew,
And converts, who his grace obey,

Exceed the drops of morning dew. 5 Dear Savior, let thy power and truth

Convert our souls, subdue our sins,
Till from the morning of thy youth,
The brighter day of heaven begins.

PSALM 110. C. M.

The success of the gospel.
1 JESUS our King, ascend thy throne,

And near thy Father sit;
From Zion shall thy power be known,

And stubborn foes submit.
2 What tho thy followers now be few,

Thy saints shall yet surpass
The numerous drops of morning dew,

Or countless spires of grass.
3 The Lord hath sworn with lifted hand,

Nor changes what he swore;

66 Thy priesthood shall for ever stand,

When Aaron's is no more.
4. Melchizedeck was made by me

A king by solemn oath;
And in his order thou shalt be

A Priest and Monarch both." 5 Jesus our Priest for ever lives,

To plead for us above; Jesus our King for ever gives

The blessings of his love.
6 God shall exalt his glorious head,

And his high throne maintain,
Shall strike the powers and princes dead,
Who dare to 'oppose his reign.

PSALM 111. Part 1. C. M.

The wisdom of God in his works. 1 SONGS of immortal praise belong

To God the 'eternal King,
Join, O my soul, the 'assembled throng,

And thy Creator sing. 2 How great the works his hand has wrought!

How glorious in our sight!
And men in every age have sought

His wonders with delight.
3 Creation shows his skillful hand,

The stars around us shine;
How fast the works of nature stand,


4 But when his love our race redeem'd,

And sav'd the world from hell,
The God of grace in wisdom seem'd

His works of power to 'excell!
5 Nature and time and earth and skies,

His heavenly skill proclaim;

And prove

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