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Judgment and truth for ever stand,

Like heaven establish’d by his hand. 2 Thus to his Son the Father spoke,

“ My promise I can ne'er revoke,
Art thou my Son? then I 'll fulfill

The counsels of my sovreign will. 3 In thee shall dying sinners live,

Pardon and peace are thine to give,
I have in righteousness decreed,

In thee to bless thy numerous seed.
4 Art thou my Prophet? thou shalt show,

My sovreign will to men below;
Art thou my King? thy royal throne

Shall stand eternal like mine owII.
5 My word is pledg'd and shall not fail,

My mercy shall thro thee prevail,
And heaven and earth shall fall before,

I violate the word I swore.
6 There's none of all my sons above,

So much my likeness or my love,
Compar'd with thee not heaven is fair,

Then what can earth with thee compare? 7 David, my servant, whom I chose

To feed my flock, to crush my foes,
And set the tribes of Israel free,

Was buț a feeble type of thee.”
8 Now let the saints rejoice and tell,

How Jesus sav'd the world from hell,
Angels his heavenly wonders sing,
And heaven and earth adore their King.

PSALM 89. Part 2. L. M.

Mortality and hope. 1 REMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state,

How frail is life, how short the date;

Where is the man who draws his breath,

Safe from disease, secure from death? 2 To thee, my God, we thus complain,

" Why hast thou made mankind in vain;' Must death for ever live and rage,

And with a stroke consume an age. 3 Is this thy kindness to the just,

To send thy children to the dust?
Alas, can no prescription* save,

A dying sufferer from the grave!"
4 Our faith forbids the murmuring sigh,

And sees the resurrection nigh,
The grave his prisoners must restore,

And saints shall rise to die no more.
5 That glorious hour, that dreadful day,

Wipes the reproach of saints away,
Makes every word of promise clear,

Confirms our faith, and calms our fear 6 Blest be the Lord, for ever blest,

Who died to give his people rest;
But rose from death triumphant then,
That saints might live with God: Amen.

PSALM 89. Part 1. C. M.

The faithfulness of God.
I MY never ceasing songs shall show,

Thy mercies, Lord, are sure,
And make succeeding ages know,

How firm thy words endure. 2 Thy first born Son the covenant sealid,

As first thy counsel will’d;
And what the prophets long reveald,

Thou hast in time fulfill'd.

* Prescription, medical receipt, cure,

3 How long by David's royal seed,

Was Judah's scepter sway'd; Till David's Son came down to bleed,

And greater grace display'd.
4 Jesus, thy throne shall ever stand,

And earth in vain despise,
The saints enthron'd at thy right hand

Shall high in glory rise. 5 Lord God of hosts, thy wondrous ways

Are sung by saints above,
And saints on earth in feebler lays,
Adore thy wond'rous love.

PSALM 89. Part 2. C. M.

Reverential worship. 1 WITH reverence let the saints appear,

Let all the 'assembly bow,
Great is the Lord, and let his fear

Fall on the people now. 2 How terrible Jehovah is,

What man or angel dare,
To ’oppose a creature arm to his,

Or with the Lord compare.
3 His word controls the stormy lake,

And the more boisterous deep,
At his command the billows 'wake,

At his command they sleep.
4 He guides the passions of the soul,

When men in war engage,
Rahab is under his control,

He governs all its rage. 5 Heaven, earth and sea to God belong,

His word created all,
He saves the weak, subdues the strong,

And makes the proud to fall.

6 The distant poles, the north and south,

Were fashion'd by his hands,
They take their orders from his mouth,

And move as he commands.
7 Tabor and Hermon know his voice,

The mountains fear his frown, Now in his name the hills rejoice,

Anon he casts them down.
8 What wonders has his justice done,

How glorious is his grace!
His truth and mercy join'd in one,
Invite us near his face.
PSALM 89. Part 3. C. M.

A blessed gospel. | BLEST are the men, who hear and know,

The gospel's joyful sound,
Peace shall attend their race below,

And light their steps surround.
2 The Lord shall fill their foes with shame,

And frustrate all their wiles,
The saints victorious in his name,

Shall triumph in his smiles.
3 What tho the saints appear forlorn,

The children of the dust;
Yet Israel's God exalts their horn,

And well rewards the just.
4 To save the church Jehovah deigns

His arm the victory gives;
Israel, thy King for ever reigns,
Thy God for ever lives.

PSALM 89. Part 4. C. M.

Christ's mediatorial kingdom. 1 IN vision thus the Lord declar'd,

Ye sinners, seek mine aid,

Jesus,your Savior stands prepar’d,

On him your help is laid.
2 Behold the man, whom God appoints

To save the world from hell,
His head my sacred oil anoints,

My hands support him well.
3 I give him David's royal crown,

And he shall reign your King,
My rod shall beat his rivals down,

My grace new subjects bring.
4. What tho his foes with impious scorn,

Deride the man they hate,

shall exalt his horn, And power defend his state. 5 O'er heaven I 'll give him high command,

And spread his kingdom wide,
While in my name o'er sea and land,

He shall in triumph ride.
6 Me for his Father he shall own,

And call the Lord his Rock,
By him my mercy shall be shown,

And he shall feed my flock.
7 My first born Son array'd in grace,

Shall sit enthron'd above,
Beneath him angels know their place,

And monarchs seek his love.
8 My covenant stands for ever fast,

My promises are strong;
Firm as the heavens his throne shall last,
His seed endure as long.

PSALM 89. Part. 5. C. M.
The covenant of grace unchangeable.
1 THE eternal Father has decreed,
And thus his promise runs,

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