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7 Jesus, whom heaven and earth adore,
Has led the


gone before; Our wand'ring feet no more shall stray, But mark his steps and keep the way.

PSALM 86. C. M.

Effectual prayer.
1 BOW down, O Lord, a list’ning ear,

For at thy feet I bow,
Preserve my soul from every fear,

And hear thy servant now.
2 Do thou my sorrowing heart rejoice

And set my spirit free,
To heaven I raise my suppliant voice,

I put my trust in thee.
3 The Lord is kind when sinners call,

He doth their sins forgive; Low at his feet they humbly fall,

Low at his feet they live.
4 Oft has he heard my prayer before,

And sent the heavenly gift;
I did in haste his aid implore,

And his relief was swift.
5 Encourag'd by his favors past,

By mercies freely shown,
I'll seek his aid while troubles last,

And make his wonders known. 6 Should sorrow darken all my sky

I'll set mine heart at rest,
The Lord will hear my humble cry,
And make my sorrows blest.

PSALM 86. L. M.

God greater than princes. I AMONG the powers of high command,

No power, O Lord, can stay thy hand,

They neither rule by right divine,

Nor are their ways and works like thine. 2 The nations thou hast made shall know

Thy sovreign right to rule below;
Thy power shall all thy foes o’erwhelm,

And bring new subjects to thy realm: :3 Great is the Lord, his power alone

Supports. the splendor of his throne;
He reigns the sovreign King of kings,

His arm alone. does wond'rous things., 4. Teach us, O Lord, thy perfect way,

And guide us lest we turn astray;
Unite our hearts to fear thy name,

Encrease our faith, our love inflame. 5 Awake, my soul, tune every chord

To praise my Savior and my Lord,
His love pursu'd me when I fell,

And sav'd me from the brink of hell. 6 The proud in power attempt in vain

To bind the conscience in their chain;
But thought is free, no power can bind

volitions* of the mind. 7 The Lord my Savior strong and near,

For my salvation will appear;
If God be nigh, no tyrant's rod

Can shake. my confidence in God. - 8 Show me some token, Lord, from thee,

And let my foes, who hate me, see,
Thou canst the powers of earth control,
And speak in comfort to my soul.

PSALM 87. Part 1. L. M.

The church immoveable. 1 THE church, O God, shall ever stand, The bulwark of our native land, * Volition, the act of willing.

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Establish'd on the 'eternal Rock,

Its solid base endures the shock.
2 The church below, and church above,

Are built on God's unchanging love;
No power the building can derange,

For God the builder cannot change. 3 Outrageous foes in vain combine,

No plots the church can undermine,
United powers may cease to 'assail,

The gates of hell shall ne'er prevail. 4 Consuming fire, corroding* time!

Destroy the works of stone and lime;
But Zion stands, this Pyramidt

Shall fire and time defiance bid.
5 Almighty God, thy vengeful frown

Has thrown extensive empires down;
Yet stands thy church, the growing pile

Is favor'd with thy cheering smile.
6 Should storms destroy this mighty speck,

And earth itself become a wreck;
The church is safe, for God performs

His word of truth amid the storms. 7 Rejoice, ye saints, for Zion's wall

Shall rise when kings and kingdoms fall;
Above this earth the church shall rise,
And stand the wonder of the skies.

PSALM 87. Part 2. L. M.
The church the birth place of saints,
1 THE Lord's foundation never moves,

Thy tents, O Jaco's, God approves,
But loves the gates of Zion more
Than all his dwellings known before.
• Corroding, eating, wasting.
† Pyramid,

a solid pile, a durable pillar of a peculiar form.

2 His grace accepts the worship now,

When houses at his footstool bow;.
But makes a more delightful stay,

Where churches meet to praise and pray. 3 What glories were describ'd of old,

What wonders are of Zion told,
Thou city of our God below,

Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know. 4 Egypt and Tyre and Greek and Jew,

Shall there begin their lives anew;
Angels and men shall join to sing,

The hill where living waters spring. 5 No more shall Zion seem forlorn,

In her shall thousands yet be born;
The Lord most high the Prince of Peace,

Will bless her gates with large increase. 6 This man, who plays the tuneful lyre,

Was born the first, they say, at Tyre;
But Zion's friends, with joy, aver, *

He's born a second time in her.
7 When God makes up his last account

Of natives in his holy mount,
His heaven-born saints shall rise and stand
As citizens at God's right hand,

PSALM 88. As the 113.

L088 of friends and relatives.
1 O GOD of my salvation hear,
In mercy now incline thine ear,

From day to night my cries ascend,
My soul with heavy grief opprest,
With pain and sorrow fills my breast,
My wasting life draws near an end.

* To aver, to declare, to affirm,

2 I seem as one whom men commit
A lifeless prisoner to the pit,

DevoidTM of strength and power to save,
Among the lonely tombs I tread,
To pay my visits to the dead,

And hold converse with every grave. 3 Thine hand, O God, has laid me low, The waves of sorrow o'er me flow,

In darkness and the dismal deep;
Lover and friend are far away
Sent to the darksome house of clay,

While I survive alone to weep.
4 Wilt thou, my God, neglect my call?
Ah! who shall profit by my fall,

When death dissolves my mortal frame?
Shall dust and darkness sing thy praise,
Or shall the dead in concert raise,

A living song to bless thy name?
5 Unknown, forgotten, and forlorn,
I cry to thee before tis morn,
Wilt thou, my God, forsake my

Thy terrors multiply my woes,
Thy wrath in surges o'er me goes,

The tempest roars, the billows roll.
6 Tho time and grief my strength con sume,
Yet will the Lord my soul illume,

For happier days await his saints;
A few more setting suns shall see
My joyful soul return to thee,
Then cease, my soul, these sad complaints.

PSALM 89. Part 1. L. M.

The covenant made with Christ.
FOR ever shall my song record,
The truth and judgment of the Lord;

Deyoid, destitute

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