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*3 The trying hour of my complaint

Has proy'd my Father kind;
And in my name shall every

A sure acceptance find.

PSALM 69 Part 2. C. M.
The passion and exaltation of Christ.
I NOW lét us sing the sacred flood,

And near the cross begin,
When Jesus pour'd'out all his blood,

To save a world from sin.
2 Behold he sinks beneath our guilt

As in a wat’ry grave;
The Rock on which the church is built,

Receives the whelming wave. 3 « O, save me, Lord, Immanuel cries,

O, hear my voice to day,
For lo, the friend of sinners dies,

And groans his life away! 4 I look for pity, but in vain,

My kindred are my grief,
Deriding foes insult my pain,

But grant me no relief.
5 He doth, say some, Elias call,

But we shall answer first,
Then mingling vinegar with gall,

They mock my raging thirst.
6 The Lord beheld my dying woes,

And made my soul his care,
His wrath, like fire, consum'd his foes,

Their table prov'd a snare.
Raisd by his power above their aim,

My frown unchurch'd the Jews;
At my command the twelve proclaim,

To Gentiles glorious news.'

PSALM 69. Part 3. C. M.

The obedience and death of Christ.
1 FATHER, I sing thy wond'rous grace,
I bless


Who bought salvation for our race,

And bore the sinner's shame.
2 His deep distress has rais’d us high,

He groan'd beneath thy rod,
To bring a world of rebels nigh,

And make them friends with God.
3 His dying groans, his bleeding wounds,

Shall please the Father more
Than harp or trumpet's solemn sounds,

Or offerings made before.
4 This shall his humble followers see,

And set their hearts at rest,
They by his death draw near to thee,

And live for ever blest.
5 Let heaven and all the hosts above,

To God their voices raise;
While lands and seas adore his love,

And join to sing his praise. 6 Zion is thine, almighty King,

Thy seed shall croud her gates, Thy spirit new additions bring, For thine own Israel waits.

PSALM 69. Part 1. L. M. Christ's passion, and sinner's salvation. 1 DEEP in our hearts let us record

The deeper sorrows of our Lord;
Behold the rising billows roll

To drown in death his holy soul.
2 In long complaints he spends his breath,

While hosts of hell and sons of death,

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Conspire with rage and power malign,

* To murder with a curst design. 3 Yet, gracious God, while Jesus bleeds,

A blessing from the curse proceeds;
He meekly bears thy dreadful rod,

To reconcile the world to God. 4 What Jesus never took away,

He gave thy righteous law that day,
His sufferings made thy justice known,

And paid for follies not his own. 5 0, for his sake our guilt forgive,

And let the mourning sinner live;
The Lord will hear us in his name,
Nor shall our hope be turn’d to shame.

PSALM 69. Part 2. L. M.

Christ's sufferings and zeal.
I ETERNAL God, 'iwas for our sake,

Thou didst thy son an offering make,
How was the heart of Jesus pain’d,

What loads of guilt thy son sustain'd. 2 The Jews, his brethren and his kin,

Abuse the man, who checks their sin;
While in their gates he sits forlorn,

They deem him as an alien born.
3 Zeal for his Father's injur'd name,

Consum'd him like an eating flame;
Reproaches at his father thrown,

The Son endur'd as if his own. 4 My Father's house, said he, was made

A place for worship, not for trade;
But avarice tempts the sons of men

To make his house a robber's dien!
5 Alone he stands at Pilate's bar,
His following friends have fled afar;

* Malign, malicious, ill disposed.

And while his foes by lies grow strong,

The timid judge maintains the wrong. 6 They smite him with a stubborn reed,

And make his sacred temples bleed,
A purple robe in haste they bring,

And with a smile proclaim him King.
7 Now they condemn the man they hate,

And lead him forth without the gate;
Anon they nail him to the tree,

There hangs the man who dies for me! 8 Lo! from the tomb the conquerer goes,

Triumphing o'er his vanquish'd foes;
The power that rais'd him from the dead,
Shall far his glorious kingdom spread.

PSALM 70. C. M.

Calumny deprecated.
I IN haste, O God, attend my call,

And hear when I complain;
O, let thy speed prevent my fall,

Thy strength my soul sustain.
2 When foes insidious wound my name,

Or dare my life to attack,
Then let thine hand with lasting shame,

Turn the pursuers back.
3 “Come on, say they, for we'll pursue,

And ne'er give up the chase;"
Almighty God, their power subdue,

And all their pride abase. 4 Then shall the saints in cheerful throngs,

Rejoice with one accord;
I 'll join with them in lofty songs,

To magnify the Lord.
5 How much I need thine heavenly aid,

Be thou my strength and stay;

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And when my soul is most afraid,
O Lord, make no delay.

PSALM 70. L. M.

The traduced Christian.
I MAKE haste, O God, make haste to save,

Behold my foes around me rave,
While each with keen invention tries

To blast my name with artful lies. 2 « Come on, we'll have revenge, they say,

We'll take his character away,
And while with lies we him pursue,

We'll make the world believe them true.” 3 O, turn them backward, Lord, with shame,

Who thus asperse* mine injur'd name,
I well deserve thine angry stroke,

But never did their rage provoke. 4. Insulting foes in vain revile,

For God and conscience sweetly smile;
And while they curse without a cause,

The virtuous give me their applause. 5 The joyful saints around the throne,

Shall magnify the Lord alone;
For God who knows their inmost thought

Has all my foes to nothing brought.
6 How much, o God, I need thine aid,

My soul is on thy mercy staid;
Make hast to help thy feeble saint,
And make no tarrying lest I faipt.

PSALM 71. Part 1. C. M.

The aged christian. 1 IN thee, my God, I put my trust, I plead thy power to save;

* To asperse, to slender, to yildfs.

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