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2 Why should this wall so long divide

Between my God and me?
O may the blood from Jesus' side

My great atonement be.
3 No blood of goats nor heifers slain,

For sin could e'er atone;
The death of Christ shall long remain

Sufficient and alone...
4 0, let me hear thy pard'ning voice,

Reveal thy smiling face, Then shall my thankful tongue rejoice,

And tell the world thy grace.
5 Thy grace, O God, is free as air,

Inhal'd* with every breath; ,
No more, ye sons of men, despair,

But fly the second death.
6 A soul with conscious guilt opprest,

In Jesus finds relief;
He gives the weary sinner rest,
And joy succeeds to grief.

PSALM 52. C. M.

The informer characterized.
I WHY boasts the vile insidious man?

His baseness who can tell?
In mischief, lo, he lays his plan

Deep as the gulf of hell. 2 His tongue a razor sharp and keen,

Delights to wound the heart, He works in darkness, but unseen

Performs the 'accuser's part. 3 Behold, he fills his mouth with lies,

Or falsely tells the truth,

* Inhaled, drawn in, breath taken in.

While o'er the world the scandal fies

To ruin virtuous youth. 4 Deceit his conversation tips,

He gives his tongue no rest; Devouring words hang on his lips,

And malice fires his breast.
5 But God in vengeance shall destroy,

And drive him from his face;
No more shall he the church annoy,

Nor find on earth a place.
6 This is the man, the saints shall say,

Who made not God his strength, And God has chas'd him far away,

His end has come at length. 7 The church, like some green olive tree,

Shall flourish long in bloom; Her sons the 'oppressor's end shall see,

And triumph in his doom.
8 Now let the saints in danger sing,

And make the Lord their tower,
The 'Almighty reigns, exalt your King,
And tell the world his power.

PSALM 52. L. M.

The tyrant destroyed. | WHY should the haughty tyrant boast,

And dare to 'invade the peaceful coast,
While blood defiles his cruel hand,

And desolation wastes the land?
2 The captive's groan be joys to hear,

Tis music to his harden'd ear,
The widow's loss, the sufferer's-sigh,

Do but advance his pleasures high. 3 Triumphant in the deeds of wrong

He thinks to make his kingdorn strong,

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With pride his awful power proclaims,

And at Jehovah's scepter aims.
4 Ye chosen angels, keep your charge,

Defend the saints, the church enlarge,
Pour out your vials, O ye seven,

Charg'd with the liquid fire of heaven. 5 God shall destroy the bloody rače,

And root the tyrant from his place,
The righteous freed their hopes recall,

And hail the proud oppressor’s fall.
6 Swift from the height of glory thrown,

He falls promiscuous and unknown,
Or signaliz'd by brutal crimes

His name descends to future times. y “ There lies the man, the church shall sing,

Who dar'd to fight with Christ our King, And vainly deem'd with envious joy,

His arm almighty to destroy."
8 The church redeem'd, the nations free,

Shall flourish like an olive tree;
The saints who saw our mournful days,
Shall tune their songs and join our lays.

PSALM 53. Part 1, C. M.

The folly of sinners. 1 THE fool within himself replies,

And whispers to his soul, “ There is no God above the skies,

And who shall me control?” 2 God from his heavenly throne look'd down,

To view the world below,
To find the man who fear'd his frown,

And did his justice know.
3 He saw that men had turn'd aside,

And lov'd the way to hell,

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While envy, malive, power, and pride,

Within their bosoms swell.
4 How void of heavenly grace are they,

Who saints beneath them tread,
Who make the saints of Christ their prey,

And eat his poor like bread!
5 My God shall on their glory stamp,

And send a dread reverse,
Shall fill with shame their guilty camp,

And all their hosts disperse. 6 Afraid to see the judge appear,

In vain to heaven they cry,
And trembling where there is no fear,

From their own shadows fly. 7 Jesus, reveal thy glorious name,

And all thy foes destroy;
Fill every guilty soul with shame,

saint with joy.
8 O for salvation from our King,

For nations long opprest;
Now make the hearts of captives sing,
Now give thy people rest.

PSALM 53. Part 2. C. M.

Deliverance from persecution. | ARE all the foes of Zion fools,

Who thus destroy her saints?
Do they not know her Savior rules,

And pities her complaints?
2 They shall be seiz'd with sad surprise,

For God's avenging arm,
Scatters the bones of them that rise

To do his children harm.
3 In vain the sons of Satan boast

Of armies in array:

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When God has once despis’d-their host,

They fall an easy prey.
4 O, for a word from Zion's King,

Her captives to restore!
Jacob with all the tribes shall sing,

And Judah weep no more.

PSALM 54. C. M.

God our deliverer. | BEHOLD us, Lord, expos'd to harni,

And hear our cries at length,
Save us by thine almighty arm,

And judge us by thy strength.
2 Strangers and foes beset us round,

Oppressive, proud, and strong,
They cast thy temples to the ground,

And triumph in the wrong.
3 Yet thy forgiving grace we trust,

And on thy strength rely;
Thine arm shall crush our foes to dust,

Thine ear attend our cry.
4 The mighty God our helper is,

In vain oppressors scoff;
He treats our enemies as his,

In truth he cuts them off.
5 Thy glory, Lord, shall be mine aim,

My tongue shall freely sing;
Thy name is good, and I 'll proclaim
The honors of

my King
6 Let all our souls to God aspire,

Who say'd us from our woes; Our eyes have seen our hearts' desire,

When God destroy'd our foes.

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