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In council why did kings engage

To slay the Lord of life?
2 This man shall ne'er become our Lord,

His foes rebellious say;
Then slight his grace with one accord

And cast his laws away.
3 The Lord, who sits above the skies,

Beholds what sinners do;
His awful word like lightning flies

And strikes their spirits thro.
4 “ Behold the man you dar'd to kill,

Has risen and left the dead; His throne is fixt on Zion's lill,

The crown is on his head. 5 I will declare the sure decree

And own him for my son; This day have I begotten thee,

O thou, most Holy One. 6 Ask me, my Son, and then enjoy

The utmost heathen lands; Thy rod of iron shall destroy

The rebel who withstands."
7 Be wise, ye haughty princes, now,

No more with Jesus vie;
Low in his royal presence bow,

For if he frown ye die.
8 Salute the Son with kind embrace;

If once his wrath inflame,
How blest are they, who trust his grace
And own the Savior's name.

PSALM 2. L. M.
Christ reigning over his enemies,
| WHY did the heathen nations rage?
What had the friend of sinners done?

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That Jew and Gentile both engage

To slay the Lord's anointed one. 2 His foes, combin'd in council, say,

" We'll ne'er submit to Jesus' crown; Come, let us cast his laws away,

And tread the man of sorrows down." 3 The Lord, who high in glory reigns,

Derides the words with which they speak; All heaven a bursting laughter feigns,

At rage so strong and power so weak! 4 Now shall he speak and vex them sore,

A word from God, the proud confounds, Loud as his awful thunders roar,

His voice of indignation sounds. 5“ I will maintain his royal throne,

On Zion's everlasting hill;
Rais'd from the dead he reigns alone,

And bows the nations to his will. 6 Jesus shall reign from pole to pole,

Thro distant circles draw his line; Ask me, my Son, and take the whole,

The world's remotest parts are thine. 7 Thy foes shall know that Christ is God,

When they shall see thy lightning flash; For thou shalt break them with thy rod,

And down to hell the wicked dash.” 8 Be wise, ye haughty princes, now,

Ye judges, hear his heavenly voice, Low at the throne of Jesus bow,

And with a trembling fear rejoice. 9 His offer'd grace no more despise,

Salute the son with kind embrace; If once his wrath the least arise,

Blest are the men who trust his grace.

PSALM 3. C. M.

Temptations overcome.
1 HOW fast, O Lord, my foes increase,

What cruel things they say,
When wilt thou grant my soul release,

And drive them far away?
2 Insidious* troublers with a scoff

Deride thy chast'ning rod;
The Lord, say they, has cast him off,

He has no help in God.
3 When Satan fills my soul with fear-

By fierce temptation driven, To me my growing sins appear,

Too great to be forgiven.
4 But thou my glory, thou iny shield,

The 'uplifter of mine head,
Shalt bring me conquerer from the field

And on the tempter tread. 5 Arise, O Lord, lift up

And my deliverer stand,
Till all my foes, who seek my harm,
Confess thy powerful hand.

PSALM 3. Part 2. C. M.

The force of prayer.
1 I PRAY’D, and Jesus heard my voice

From Zion's holy hill,
He bid my sorrowing soul rejoice,

And did his word fulfill.
2 I laid me down-for sweet repose

I felt mine eyes incline; Awhile I slept, and then arose, Sustain'd by power divine.

Insidious, treacherous, diligent lo entrap..

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3 No more shall terrors make me 'afraid,

Tbro grace I can endure;
If God afford his powerful aid,

My faith remains secure.
4 Arise, O Lord, to save the meek,

My soul in anguish cried;
Almighty God, thy grace I seek,

Nor can I be denied.
5 The Lord arose, and with a stroke

Dispers'd the 'ungodly band;
The teeth of wicked men he broke,

And not a foe could stand.
6 Salvation to the Lord belongs,

He gives the sufferers rest, He turns our sorrows into songs And makes his people blest.

PSALM 4. L. M.

A prayer for audience.
1 O GOD my refuge, God my rest,

Before thy throne of grace I fall;
Thou hast enlarg'd me when distrest,

Have mercy now and hear my call. 2 Ye sons of men, in vain you try

To turn my glorying into shame; How long will scoffers love to lie,

And fools reproach my Savior's name? 3 Know that the Lord has set apart

His saints, who humbly serve him here; He knows the man of upright heart,

And gives him grace to persevere. 4 Let daring sinners stand in awe,

And such amazing grace adore; Commune with couscience, read the law,

Believe, repent, and sin no more.

5 When saints have wrought, with willing hands,

Whate'er the law enjoins as just, Their hope of heaven in Jesus stands,

In God, and not in man, they trust. 6 How many vain immortals say,

Who will bestow us any gift? 'Tis not for earthly things I pray,

Bui, Lord, thy light upon me lift. 7 Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice At grace

and favor so divine, Nor will I change my happy choice

For all their corn and all their wine. 8 At peace with God, I laid me down

And nature took refreshing rest; But who can sleep, and bear his frown Like embers burning in his breast?

PSALM 4. C. M.

Evening devotion.
I LORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray,

To thee my cries I send;
I fear before thee all the day,

Nor would I dare to 'offend.
2 And while I rest my weary head,

From cases and business free, 'Tis sweet conversing on my bed,

With mine own heart and thee. 3 This evening sacrifice I bring,

And offer what is just;
But soyreign grace, eternal king,

Is all my hope and trust.
4 I'll lay me down in peace and sleep,

Nor fear the powers of hell;
Thou, Lord, wilt all my slumbers keep,

With thee I safely dwell.

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