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PSALM 45. Part 2. L. M.

The mystical marriage.
1 THE King of saints, how fair his face,

Adori'd with majesty and grace!
He comes with blessings from above,

And wins the nations to his love.
2 At his right hand our eyes behold,

The Queen array'd in purest gold;
The world admires her heavenly dress,

Her lobes of joy and righteousness. 3 Immertal Queen, his offer take,

For Jaim thy father's house forsake,
And let thy faithful heart withstand

His i ivals in thy native land.
4 Thin e eyes are like celestial fires,

The King thy beauty much desires;
And since he deigns thy love to woo,

He rmust be lov'd and worship'd too.
5 O, happy hour, when thou shalt rise,

To h is fair palace in the skies,
And all thy sons (a numerous train)

Each like a prince in glory reign.
6 Let e ndless honors crown his head,

Let every age his glory spread;
And saints in cheerful songs rehearse,
His sodinding praise in flowing verse.

PSALM 46. Part 1. L. M.

The assurance of hope. | GOLY is the refuge of his saints,

When storms of wrath the nations rend, Ere i ve can offer our complaints.

Be hold him present to defend. 2 Let i nountains from their seats be hurl'd

Down to the deep with crashing noise,

Convulsions shake this solid world,

And every planet lose its poise. 3 Loud let the troubled ocean roar,

In sacred peace our souls abide, While every nation, every shore,

Trembles and dreads the swelling tde. 4 There is a stream of gentle flow,

That springs from heaven's eternal tource, And wat’ring well the church below,

Around the world preserves its couse. 5 Thy word, that stream, is richly stor',

And well supplies the fainting flock; Sweet peace the promises afford,

And flow like water from a l'ock. 6 The Lord will for his church engage,

And prove a refuge strong and sure, Tho kings combine and nations rage, Yet shall his temple stand secure.

PSALM 46. Part 2. L. M.

God fights for his Church. I LET Zion in her King rejoice,

When tyrants rage and kingdoms rie, He speaks, and at his mighty voice,

The nations melt, the tumult dies. 2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought,

And Jacob's God is yet our aid;
Come, see the wonders God has wrought,

Come, sing his foes in ruin laid. 3 The Lord of hosts our 'refuge is,

He for his church his power employs He knows his saints, he calls them his,

But earth's destroyers God destroys, 4 From sea to sea along the shores,

He makes the noise of war to cease;

When from on high his thunder roars,

He frowns the trembling world to peace. 5 He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear,

The chariot burns with heavenly flame,
Let earth in silent wonder hear,

And tremble at his dreadful name.
6,6 Thus saith the Lord, let tyrants know

My power can set the nations free,
My name shall be renown'd below,

And earth shall my salvation see.” 7 O Lord of hosts, almighty King,

While we so near thy presence dwell,
Our faith shall sit secure and sing,
Nor fear the powers of earth and hell.

PSALM 46. As the 113.

The Lord our refuge.
i GOD is our refuge in distress,
A present help when dangers press,

In him undaunted we'll confide,
Should earth be from its center tost
And mountains in the sea be lost,

Torn piece-meal by the rolling tide.
% Let troubled ocean roar aloud,
And thunder burst from every cloud,

While blazing comets fill the sky;
Tho signs in heaven and earth appear,
Yet faith shall never yield to fear,

For God your Savior reigns on high. . _3 There is a stream of gentle flow,

That waters well the church below,

Meand'ring* thro these desart lands,
It rises near the throne of God,
But struck by Moses' lifted rod,

It ran along the 'Arabian sands. * Meandering, flowing in different courses as a river.

4 Thy word, that stream, is richly stor'd, And does to fainting souls afford

A cooling draft to quench the thirst; While marching on for Jordan's brink, We haste to Christ, our Rock, and drink,

And in his promise taste him first. 5 In vain the powers of earth engage, And dare against the church to rage,

The church shall stand when empire falls; In vain his strength the champion boasts, Our refuge is the Lord of hosts,

o Zion, who can raze thy walls? 6 Be still, adoring earth, be still, Submissive to the 'Eternal will,

Let war and all its horrors cease;
If once the 'Almighty bend his bow,
He 'll lay the thrones of tyrants low,
And reign himself the Prince of Peace.

PSALM 47. L. M.

Ascension. | LET all the people clap their hands,

And shout to God with lofty voice, Jesus is King o'er all the lands,

In him let all the lands rejoice. 2 His name most dreadful sounds on high,

Angelic hosts their King avow, Behold he brings his glory nigh,

And sinners in his presence bow. 3 He shall our rebel race subdue,

What power and grace in Jesus meet, The world shall know his word is true,

And nations worship at his feet. & Of old, Jehovah lov'd the Jews,

And chose the place where they should dwell;.

But sent the Greeks the gospel news,

And made the Gentile church to 'excell. 5 Behold him rising from the ground,

See him ascending in the cloud,
God has gone up with trumpet's sound,

And angels shout his praise aloud. 6 Mortals, to him your voices raise,

Let earth assist the heavenly throng, Let pure devotion sing his praise,

And understanding guide the song. 7 Exalt his name in lofty strains,

The God of Abraham wears the shield, O’er all the world the Savior reigns, To Christ the hearts of rebels yield.

PSALM 47. C. M.

Spiritual worship.
I 0, FOR a shout of sacred joy,

To God the sovreign King;
Let every land its tongues employ,

And hymns of triumph sing. 2 Jesus our God ascends on high,

His heavenly guards around, Attend him rising thro the sky,

With trumpet's joyful sound. 3 While angels sing the Savior's praise,

Let mortals learn their strains, Let earth in songs his honor raise,

O’er earth and heaven he reigns. 4 Sing praise to God, ye saints above,

Sing praise, ye saints below,
With understanding shout his love,

With joy his wonders show.

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